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RPG Thought of the Day: Clan Houses

On the island of Penang in Malaysia, you can find some existing -- some still operating -- clan houses from the ethnic Chinese population that lived there. 

Picture a city block of brownstones, with the backs of the buildings facing the public street and the entries on the inside of the ring of houses. There's one defensible gate. At the center of the block is a shrine or temple, and some other shared buildings occupy the other inner spaces. The place is where a clan live their daily lives, and highly secure. 

Apply that concept to dwarves, and you can make it happen in three dimensions: a spherical warren of mined-out spaces that defines the private, defensible space shared by members of the same clan living in a single dwarven community. 

Apply it to a spacefaring game, and entire ships could be clan houses, or whole fleets. 

This could be especially effective if specific clans always used the same layout. Enemies could memorize it, and allies could know how best to help in an emergency.

What would you do/have you done in your campaigns with this kind of structure? How did it work out? Did your players even notice?
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Damn that's pretty clever. XD
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Jason Brick

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My friend +Zach Wagner does some amazing work. 
Sometimes (often) it feels that's exactly where I live...

-Testing out the new (maybe) cam:  Samsung NX Mini.  
--Small lenses!
--Faster AF (and FAR more accurate) than my RX100 III, by a decent margin
--Lenses impressively sharp for the size
--Dynamic range really decent for a small(er) sensor (seems about on par with RX100 III)
--Easy to use (personal view; I love the Samsung menu systems/interface, and the Mini is no different)
--Responsive touch screen
-- Much faster to save files to a fast micro SD card than I thought it would be (a bunch of reviews had me worried... lesson to reviewers: use a fast memory card- technically I shouldn't even have to mention this...)
--VERY good battery life for its class
--Can adapt APS-C Samsung lenses (though most of them will almost completely defeat the purpose of the camera...)
--Solid flip screen (though doesn't angle down; only up, which is mostly the way I use this type of screen anyway)
--Files show a surprising amount of detail, even considering the RAW issue (see 'Bad')

--Micro SD card kinda annoying.  Not the end of the world at all, just kinda annoying
--AF is decently fast, but not wicked fast.  Suffers in low light too.  But again, blows doors on my RX100 III, pretty much in all lighting conditions (and has yet to fail focus, which the RX does ALL.  THE.  TIME.)
--Screen not the highest res.  Still looks good, just not fantastic.  But hey... it's cheap!
--Lens line extremely limited, and who knows if Samsung will continue to support the mount (would be nice if they did), though again, you CAN adapt lenses...
--9mm prime is only f3.5.  What gives, Samsung?  Not even f2.8 to differentiate it from the zoom??  Sure it's small, and that's great, but I think f2.8 could have been squeezed in there at the same size or barely larger.  And why not an 8mm, or even a 7mm...?
--9-27mm zoom not collapseable ENOUGH.  Yes, it's collapseable, but I think this thing could have been smaller.  When I look at my RX100 III and what happens to its 24-70mm(equiv) f1.8-2.8 lens when not in use, I think, yeah, you could have made it smaller.  Yes, I understand the physics are different for interchangeable lenses, but still.
--RAW files show noise reduction.  This is probably the biggest negative for me.  If you SAY it's a raw file, it should BE a raw file.  Meaning, no software hocus pocus.  Just give me the damned file so I can mess with it!  Leave it alone!  I'm talking to you too, Sony...

I've yet to decide if this little camera is going to replace my RX or not.  I love the RX for a lot of reasons, and some of them are reasons with which the Mini cannot compete.  But the Mini also has game in places where the RX falls short.  We'll see what happens after a week or so of use.
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Much appreciated Jason. I'm not sure amazing is the word... But much appreciated. I've enjoyed perusing your posts/discussions, btw. You seem to be keeping busy. I'll get back to writing someday myself. But not today. ;) Cheers man!
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Jason Brick

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Jason Brick

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Spent some hours at a few art and history museums this weekend. 

Do you think people who don't play RPGs have less fun at places like that?
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Jason Brick

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You could play it safe and be a REMF.  Survival roll 2+ (assuming you eat the cafeteria food).  But no, you want to be an Imperial Commando, so you take the risks and possibly pay the price.

Character generation is the start of play in Traveller.
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Jason Brick

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Marketing Question for Folks Who Bought Random Encounters

Book 2 came out recently. Book One is selling steadily -- 2 or 3 copies a day -- but book 2 sold a few copies on release day and not much more. 

If anyone out there has bought one or both, is there anything I should be aware of? Did folks buy Book One because they like what I post here, then decide that it sucks and so won't buy Book Two? 

Feedback appreciated.
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Jason Brick

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Not 100% on topic, but too funny not to share with my friends here. 
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too soon, but still funny.
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We have a BEER! Cyanide & Hoppiness IPA launching during San Diego Comic Con! by Derek Miller | 2015.06.22. WE HAVE A C&H BEER!! Our friends at Flat Tail Brewing have finished brewing ... Read full post · Shots All Around! by | 2015.06.04. Arrrrrgghhhh matey's! Tis gettin' hot out there and what ...
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Jason Brick

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RPG Thought of the Day: The Great Mosque of X'ian

What you're looking at there is a real-life thing, the Great Mosque of X'ian, built in China in the 8th century AD. It's remarkable for a few things. 

1: It's built entirely in the Chinese architectural style, even though Mosques generally include Arabian architecture with very specific religious symbolism. 

2: It was built oriented toward Mecca, rather than oriented toward the Emperor's Palace...which was required of all public buildings constructed at the time. 

3: It survived the Cultural Revolution intact, despite how enthusiastically the country was purging itself of religion during that period. 

So many hooks for adventures, whether they be side quests or a whole campaign set around it. 

What would you do with such a location in your campaign? 
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Perfect! Then yes, it would make a perfect chapterhouse for an organization of Witch Hunters. I'm sure there are already historical reasons for everything else unique about the place. Great find!
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Jason Brick

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+Alexander Skrabut, I've always been a bigger fan of the crotchbat.  Nothing inspires mewling terror like a good crotchbat.
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Whoever's in charge of Cornelius 9 is obviously a movie geek who can't believe his/her good fortune. Friendly, rarely crowded, and always has something going on for the big premiers. "I don't always go to the movies, but when I do I go to Cornelius 9."
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Unreliable and poor customer service. They would frequently miss their weekly pickups and I had to fight for weeks to get some kind of discount because they didn't do the job I paid them for. They only gave in when another pickup got skipped during the series of phone calls -- and after that, my contact dodged my calls for another week. When I moved my business out of their service area, cancelling that account was a pleasure.
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