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At least once a week, I post something people in this community feel the need to tell me "goes too far."

And this may be the foulest, most hilariously offensive thing I have ever seen.

You have been warned. The preview photo is one of the tamer ones.
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A little ditty to start your day, sung to the tune of the Winnie the Pooh song. Sing along now...

Winnie the Poof.
Winnie the Poof.
Mincing little faggot all stuffed with fluff.
He's Winnie the Poof 
Winnie the Poof
He'll fuck you in your hairy derriere

A donkey named Eeyore packs his shit
And Kanga, and little Roo
There's Rabbit
And Piglet
And Old Owl
Buttfucking old Winnie the Poof

(Feel free to contribute your own verses below)
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LMFAO you sick bastard
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Jason Brick

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I just bought a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta (think the equivalent of SFO to PDX) for $30.

In the States, I can't get an airport shuttle for $30.
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Jason Brick

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We're only a few days from the close of Q1 2015. 

How close to 1/4 toward your goals for this year are you? What kind of eleventh-hour push would be necessary to make you happy?
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My goal this year was to write something every day, even if it's only a few sentences. I've done that, so I'm already happy.

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Jason Brick

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This is my family and myself on the top of a (small) mountain in a jungle on the Malay peninsula in the middle of a work week. 

I get to do awesome stuff like this because of the Writer Super Power (TM) of location and time independence. If I'm willing to work hard today, I get to do whatever the hell I want tomorrow. 

This is why I love writing for a living. 

What do you love about writing for a living?
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Jason Brick

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RPG Thought of the Day: Adventure Idea

The PCs are on a cruise ship. This could be a luxury spaceliner, the Titanic, a Pharoah's pleasure barge, whatever. You could expand the concept and stick it on the Orient Express or a Dirigible. 

They aren't security or military They're PCs, so they ain't regular folks, but they have no authority and no official power...and probably no weapons (at least to start).

At one point they discover that something horrible has happened at their next port of call. They know it. They know the people in charge of the vessel know it. 

But the captain's not changing course. He's heading straight toward the danger.

What do the PCs do?

How would you skin this adventure for your current campaign? What genre or setting would you want to see it set in?
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I could see this working in many genres, but knowing our group they'd manage to sink the boat. This would be very tricky to run and make it believable. 
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Jason Brick

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Playing an artificer in a recent game, I had an epiphany and added Planar Bubble to the spells used for crafting extra-dimensional spaces. 
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Jason Brick

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Here's a little blog post I wrote about the problems with being reasonable. 

What do you think of reasonableness? What's the one reasonable thing that stands in your way?
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I work in home health, its my job description to try and be reasonable with the most unreasonable people ever.
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Whoever's in charge of Cornelius 9 is obviously a movie geek who can't believe his/her good fortune. Friendly, rarely crowded, and always has something going on for the big premiers. "I don't always go to the movies, but when I do I go to Cornelius 9."
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Unreliable and poor customer service. They would frequently miss their weekly pickups and I had to fight for weeks to get some kind of discount because they didn't do the job I paid them for. They only gave in when another pickup got skipped during the series of phone calls -- and after that, my contact dodged my calls for another week. When I moved my business out of their service area, cancelling that account was a pleasure.
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