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The Wildrose Party of Alberta is a socially regressive, bigoted party that seeks to send Alberta back into the Dark Ages. We need to all get out and vote on April 23 to ensure that this party does not get elected and safeguard the future of Alberta. If this party is elected, especially with a majority, we will begin to witness the slow erosion of all that our society has worked over the last century.

The truth of this Party must be shown.

Danielle Smith says she is pro-choice and pro-gay rights:

Yet Danielle Smith and the Wildrose party would implement conscience rights:

Conscience rights open the door for discrimination based on a marriage commissioners' or health care practitioners' religious or moral views.

And some of her views are a little alarming...

On abortion: “…abortions are a horrific practice… Any politician who challenges the status quo gets pilloried by the media, abortion-rights groups and opposing politicians…the taxpayer should not be on the hook to pay for it.” Windsor Star, December 4, 2000

On university behaviour codes: “It is perfectly reasonable [to] expect its students to refrain from practices that are biblically condemned, and sign a pledge not to get drunk, swear, harass, lie, cheat, steal, have an abortion, practise the occult, or engage in sexual sins such as premarital sex, adultery, homosexual behaviour and viewing of pornography.” Calgary Herald May 21, 2001

On two-tier health care: “Bring it on.” Calgary Herald, June 1, 2003

On queue jumping: “We already do have this two-tier system, so why not allow people to pay for private services?” Global TV, June 1, 2003

On democracy: “Democracy is pure theatre.” Calgary Herald, August 3, 2003

On the courts: “The courts are out of control [because they have been] striking down the abortion law, the change in the traditional definition of marriage, the legalization of swingers’ clubs.” Calgary Herald January 14, 2006

On overriding Charter rights: “There are ways around the [notwithstanding] clause.” Calgary Herald January 14, 2006

Danielle Smith recently played down the issue of conscience rights by stating that it would be hard to pass:

She never actually stated that she disagreed with the notion of conscience rights, just provided a pleasing answer to those doubting her.

Her apparent disregard for the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is alarming. In an article from 2000, Smith said:

"Yet when the courts struck down the Criminal Code sections that dealt with abortion in 1988, they never said, “And ye shall never pass laws on this matter again."

This is clear indication that the Wildrose party does not respect the jurisdiction of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

When asked about abortion, Danielle Smith said they would not legislate, yet a letter from the Wildrose Chief Administrative Officer Jeff Trynch was sent stating they would like to initiate a referendum in regards to the issue of de-listing abortion.

Danielle Smith has since denounced the Chief Administrative Officer's letter but never outright denied his claims and said a referendum would be difficult, not that they would drop the issue.

Wildrose want to repeal parts of the Alberta Human Rights Act:

3(1) No person shall publish, issue or display or cause to be published, issued or displayed before the public any statement, publication, notice, sign, symbol, emblem or other representation that
(a) indicates discrimination or an intention to discriminate against a person or a class of persons, or
(b) is likely to expose a person or a class of persons to hatred or contempt because of the race, religious beliefs, colour, gender, physical disability, mental disability, age, ancestry, place of origin, marital status, source of income, family status or sexual orientation of that person or class of persons.
(2) Nothing in this section shall be deemed to interfere with the free expression of opinion on any subject.

Repealing section three of the Alberta Human Rights act allows for government sanctioned public discrimination based on race, sex, religion, and sexual orientation etc… Wildrose wants to take it a step further and remove the Alberta Human Rights commission, replacing it with a provincial government elected judicial body. Wildrose will also change the policy regarding complaints (it is free for the plaintiff right now) so that a complainant will have to pay some of the costs associated with a claim to this court. Those who do not have the money to pay the associated costs to have the court hear their case will be silenced. On the Wildrose Rose platform they state that they will make the standards stricter for determining who receives financial aid and/or translators to plead their case. This policy allows for the Wildrose party to indirectly control which cases will be heard. Danielle Smith is a supports Bill C-304 currently up for debate in Parliament that would see the Hate Speech section of the Human Rights Act be repealed.

Wildrose members have bigoted views...

Ron Leech:
Calgary-Greenway Wildrose candidate and evangelical pastor Ron Leech penned an article in the Calgary Herald in 2004 which argued “to affirm homosexuality is to distort the image of God, to insult the nature and being of God.”

John Carpay - Calgary Loughheed
Carpay penned an op-ed in the National Post in 1994 that criticized Ralph Klein for not invoking the non-withstanding clause to block the supreme court block the Supreme Court decision forcing Alberta to include protection of homosexuals from discrimination.

The Wildrose Party accused other parties of corruption when it is rampant among their ranks:

Edmonton Castle-Downs Candidate John Oplanich has offered $25000 in University Scholarships and a chance to win a TV if he is elected.

Danielle Smith has promised to give $300/per Albertan every year we end up in a surplus starting 2015. Don't fall for this vote buying tactic.

Danielle Smith paid $40,000 to Rob Anderson and Heather Forsyth to cross the floor. Both Rob Anderson and Heather Forsyth were elected in 2008 to their constituencies. The Wildrose party is bribing those who they know will get elected in a bid for power.

Are these the people we want representing us?

The Wildrose is an anti-federalist Party that pit liberals vs conservatives and east vs west. They are campaigning on issues that date back to the Trudeau years and NEP. Any criticism that Danielle Smith receives she casts off as liberal fear-mongering and eastern bias.

Danielle Smith was a speaker and congress co-chair at the Calgary Congress in 2006. This group advocates changes to the balance of power between Ottawa and the Provinces. One of the specific areas of discussion was how the "provinces should be fully responsible for their own internal social and economic future". Take note of the words ‘fully’ and ‘social,’ which explains the lack of respect this party has for the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Canada as a whole. One of the resolutions this group spoke on was that "effective counterbalances should be established to prevent the Courts from centralizing powers and expanding the meaning of Charter rights".

Link Byfeld, Wildrose member for Barrhead-Morriville-Westlock, is the founder of the Citizens Centre for Democracy who held this congress. Byfield has also run into trouble with the Alberta Human Rights commission under section 2 of the Alberta Human Rights Act for publishing an Anti-Semitic remark in the magazine, Alberta Report.

The Alberta Human Rights commission ruled that the article "indicated discrimination or an intention to discriminate against Jewish people because of the religious beliefs of that person." In response to one of the rulings, Link Byfield wrote a nasty, absolutely disgusting response to the outcome of the case:

"No one may now publicly offend the feelings of those whom you decide to see as "vulnerable": Natives, single moms, gays, drag queens, wiccans, immigrants, nerds, feminists, Muslim extremists, abortionists, overly emotional teachers, violent black rap singers, incompetent soldierettes, the overweight, anorexics, drug addicts, welfare recipients and vagrants, victims of transsexual mutilation...but rather than making us all guess, perhaps you could send us a list of stereotypical victims whose feelings may never be hurt."

More here:

People are starting to criticize the Wildrose platform and policies, to which Danielle Smith has reacted to by calling the Globe and Mail part of the "elites.” Any dissent about her party is always combated with allegations of liberal/eastern bias. (Yahoo News, April 5, 2012.)
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