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Jason Bouwmeester

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My Collections, Ordered With Descriptions

Phew! So right now Collections don't have a spot for descriptions, nor ordering alphabetically. Here's a Collection of all my Collections ordered from A-Z with a short description of each one.

If you're still unfamiliar with Collections and how they work, you can check out my overview/tutorial on +TECHAERIS

h/t +Gerwin Sturm for the idea, if you want to mirror this all you have to do is create a new Collection and then share each Collection to the new one and voila! Afterwards, you can share the new Collection to your PUBLIC circles and pin it on your profile for easy access.

TIP: uncheck the "People that have you in circles automatically follow this Collection" while you are filling it with other Collections. Once you're done, re-enable this (should prevent a flood of shared Collection posts in their streams).
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Jason Bouwmeester

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Oh hai there Illidan! Reward pack from spectating quest in Hearthstone.
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Jason Bouwmeester

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Good. Should be a law everywhere. Hope we get something similar up here soon as well.

h/t +Kimberly Chapman 
In excellent news of the day, California SB277 has just been signed into law: all non-medical exemptions for school vaccination requirements are now gone. California has several hubs of people who have been refusing critical vaccinations based largely on rumors that They're Bad For You, and has had serious outbreaks of diseases like measles and pertussis as a result. 

No more. The personal and religious exemptions (basically, the "I don't wanna" exemptions) have been eliminated.

I'm incredibly happy to see the state legislature move so quickly on an issue that put thousands of lives across the state at risk. 
Ending months of speculation, Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday signed into law Senate Bill 277, which requires almost all California schoolchildren to be fully vaccinated in order to attend public or private school, regardless of their parents' personal or religious beliefs. California now joins only two other states -- Mississippi and West Virginia -- that permit only medical exemptions as legitimate reasons to sidestep vaccinations.
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Jason Bouwmeester

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A Cambridge, Ont., neighbourhood was abuzz as about 50,000 bees and 45 kilograms of honey were ripped from inside the walls of a house.
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Too bad they removed the bees; that's free honey for life right there.
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Jason Bouwmeester

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Paul Feig Teases New Uniforms For Upcoming Ghostbusters Reboot

A few hours ago, Paul Feig released an image of the new outfits for his forthcoming Ghostbusters reboot via Twitter.
#Ghostbusters   #PaulFeig   #Movies  
A few hours ago, Paul Feig released an image of the new outfits for his forthcoming Ghostbusters reboot via Twitter.
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Jason Bouwmeester

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Coming soon: Pictures of Pluto

At 3 billion miles away, and at about two-thirds the size of our moon, there's never been really good pictures of Pluto taken before.

#Pluto   #Space   #Science   #NewHorizons  
At 3 billion miles away, and at about two-thirds the size of our moon, there's never been really good pictures of Pluto taken before.
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Jason Bouwmeester

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So yummy +Alex Hernandez​! 
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Ew....... 😷😂
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Jason Bouwmeester

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Pretty epic shot...

h/t +Jason Elliott 
I DID IT!!! I can't believe it! Here is a photo I just took of the International Space Station passing across the nearly full moon tonight over Byron Bay, NSW! You can see the solar arrays nice and clearly. Super happy about this!  ‪Canon DSLR at prime focus with Celestron 9.25 for equavlent 2300mm telephoto at f10, Shutter 1/1650s / ISO 800  #‎astrophotography‬
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That's no moon?
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Jason Bouwmeester

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Oh wow indeed!
This surreal long-exposure photography of glowworms was captured by new media artist Joseph Michael. The Auckland, New Zealand, photographer took these pictures in 30 million-year-old limestone formations on North Island.
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Amazing. 😊
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Jason Bouwmeester

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Canadian S6/S6 edge owners rejoice!
Just over a month after it was released in the U.S., the Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition for the Galaxy S6 is available for preorder in Canada and will ship in July.
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Jason Bouwmeester

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h/t +Mark Traphagen 
BIG NEWS -> Google Removes Brand’s Google+ Posts from Knowledge Panel
One of the perks for brands who were also active on Google+ is that their most recent post on Google+ would also be featured in the knowledge panel for their brand or company, whenever it was triggered in a regular Google search result.  Not any longer.  Google has removed all Google+ posts from being displayed …
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+Rabid Rotty
Funny you should say that... Four months ago my wife's brother who's a stone Mason... Needed to buy an new pick up and just bought one two months ago! I never knew you had hooks up! 
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Jason Bouwmeester

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Meanwhile in Edmonton...

Yes, you'd think they'd learn by now.
“Heading to the high level bridge? Stay left! #yegtraffic”
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Looking forward to interacting and meeting new people here on Google+.
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It's better to use the pickup in store option. Went to go get an item that the website said they had 5 of. Once I arrived at the store, the spot where the item was displayed was empty, checked the in store kiosk and it still said they had 5. Asked an associate, she looked at the spot where it was supposed to be and simply replied that they must be out of stock. I went home and on a whim I purchased it using the in store pickup option. Less than 2 hours later I had an email saying my item was ready to pickup, went back to the store and sure enough it was waiting for me at Customer Service.
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If you can find what you're looking for, Canadian Tire generally has great prices. The main issue is customer service, trying to find anyone help you find something is a bit of a challenge. Spoke to three different associates but they were all too busy or said they'd be right back never to return. When we finally found one who was free, he seemed a bit annoyed that we were requesting assistance. We were picking up a lawnmower and the only box out was opened and their kiosks said they had 40+ in stock so I asked for a sealed box and the associate responded that all the boxes were open. I made him get one anyways and sure enough it was still factory sealed.
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Great food, decent prices. Servers are quick and friendly. Place is usually very busy though so not much time to relax after your meal.
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Decent food, service, and prices, large portions. Definitely try the Bird's Nest.
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59 reviews
Decent food, good value. Gluten free items, fast friendly service.
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Fantastic food, great service. Nice and fast and very affordable. Great tasting node bowls and the ginger beef was delicious.
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Quick service, tasty breakfast. Friendly staff.
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