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Runner. Connoisseur. Secret Agent.

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Luke doesn't have any kids with Leah. She's his SISTER... remember?
#StarWarsTrailer   #Spoiler   #Speculation  

Star Wars was always about family. Always.

There were stunning visuals, amazing sound effects and two droids that we followed through six amazing films, but there was always one central family.

The new trailer makes it clear we are obviously watching the next seed of that family. "You have it." [The Force]

Taking bets on who JJ would put at the son/daughter to carry on the legacy of the Force is obvious. You don't have to think too hard about this one, it's the one carrying a melee weapon.

So while you get very excited about the original cast coming back, remember that this is just the first of three movies and that the story will be about the children of Luke and Leah. It will be about a conflict between these two, within the family and how that ripples out to the society they live in.

Star Wars was and is one family.

Hello, there... old friend.

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