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Jason Boog hung out.
Jason Boog was in a video call
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Running experimental writing chat, stop by and say hello!
Sorry my connection was so bad. It's usually really easy. I'll ping you next time I run one.
please do! Great to meet you.
I just posted on my stream that you are doing a hangout and encouraged folks to drop by. Hopefully some of them will be able to drop in.
Nice to meet you, Jason! Hope to hangout with you (and others) more often in the future. It is usually pretty easy, if your Internet connection isn't too flaky. Certainly easier than Skype or any other multi-point video chat I've ever used.
Thanks to everybody who stopped by, really fun playing with this new tool. Keep me posted on your future hangouts.
Finally got it to work but sorry I missed the fun. Hope to join in another time.
Aw, next time. I did my first hangout today. Pretty neat. Does yours stick to a schedule?
I just wanted to see how it works--met a nice group of people. I'm going to make a directory of writers looking to hangout on Google+ I'll add you to the list.
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