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Two (brief) short story reviews for you today:

First, some backstory - this past weekend, my youngest son split his head open while attempting a back-flip into the pool, so I of course left in a hurry and left behind the book that I was reading. While waiting in the emergency room, I started browsing short stories on my phone. (My son's injury was minor, though he did end up with 5 stitches. He was totally fine, sitting in my lap with his head on my shoulder.) The joy of reading a book on my phone is the ability to read one-handed (using the volume buttons to flip the pages).

So, I first decided on +David Kummer​'s Beautiful Tears. (If you are not familiar with Kummer, he is a teenage writer with quite a few stories to his name already.)

This is a well-written story that kept me engaged throughout. Kummer definitely has talent. He reminds me of a young Brandon Ford.

Still with time to spare, I next chose +Kayla Krantz​'s Stained. This too is well-written story. (I do not even remember downloading it, but I am glad that I did.)

Both of these stories are available for free on Kindle and are worth the read. Especially if you find yourself in need of a quick story like I did!

[No disrespect is meant to either author with me putting both reviews together. I just felt like they were both worth mentioning, and there isn't really much more to say.]
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I just bought this (741 pgs!) sci-fi anthology for only $0.99 cents - sounds great too!
So I may just have a brand new short story in this collection. . .

It's called "In the Clutch".(Full disclosure, it's SF, but not tied to the Halcyone Space universe.)

Any one of my reader peeps interested in an absolutely mammoth anthology of science fiction tales in return for posting an honest review on the 'zon, etc?

Give me a shout out here and I'll get you the file.

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$0.99 cents sale alert (for a great book)!
Starting NOW, for a limited time, you can snag Book 1 of The Tale of Eaglefriend for just $0.99, and dive into an Epic Fantasy world of eagle-riding knights, bloodthirsty beasts, and a ruthless tyrant.

Follow young Morlen on his first thrilling adventure as he gains the loyalty of a giant bird of prey that no man could tame, and fly with him in a showdown against ghoulish armies and a dragon of stone.

(One week from today, it will be featured on BookBub, the mother of all book advertising sites that often catapults Epic Fantasy titles to #1 Bestseller status in that category on Amazon.)

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This is for any "deathcore/doom metal" fans out there. (Disclaimer: Not my genre of music!)

My oldest son is the bassist in the band, and he asked me for my opinion on their new album (released this past Saturday). Rather than review the album, I have decided to just post the message I sent my son.

"My thoughts:

Overall, not too bad. (I've heard worse)

The mixing/mastering is well done. The instruments are clean sounding with good rhythm. (Though I do have to say that I heard your bass mostly on Triage, as opposed to some of the other songs.)

As for the vocals - ugh! Paul is extremely difficult to decipher (in all honesty, it sounds like he is vomiting). I have heard my share of death metal bands, some as bad as Paul, but most are at least understandable! Azzam's vocals are considerably better, in my opinion (especially in Triage).

Some suggestions:

1. Include lyrics!!
2. I have said it before; I highly suggest changing the band name's font.
3. I would state your name as Ian A. (the A. adds a little mystery) ;-)

I was disappointed that there is not a title track. That said, here are the songs I liked, in order of favorite to least-favorite:

Birds of Prey
Lazzaretto Poveglia (meaning??)

All in all, not a CD that I would pop in to cruise around town, but again, that's just me!

Best of luck with the album distribution!"

Well, those are my thoughts. I figure posting it on here may help (?) if you happen to like them. (I am not on Facebook or any other social media, so this here is the best that I can do.)

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An above-average Full Moon Picture.

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A dagger forged from a wrench.

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An odd post from me...

Today was "Local Authors Day" at my local Barnes & Noble, so I went in hopes of discovering a new author. Imagine my surprise when I got there, and the parking lot was jammed full. After circling around, I had to park in the farthest spot possible.

By this point, my hope was raised (there must be some good local talent that I must not be aware of!)

Upon entering the store, I was immediately asked by an employee if I was there to see Crusoe. (Who?) I said no, but who is Crusoe? "Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund." I said, "sorry, I have never heard of him."

Rather than posting this absurd little video, I should have video taped the crowd in Barnes & Noble. The line literally wrapped around the entire perimeter of the store (and this is not a small store!) - easily several hundred people were in line, (with a picture book of Crusoe) to get their pictures taken and the book signed (paw print, I am assuming?) by the dog. It was crazy!

The poor local authors that were there (perhaps a half-dozen?) Every author's table-setups were empty. It seems that everyone was in the store to see the two dachshunds only. Alas, none of the authors there sparked my interest. I felt bad for them, all being shown up by a pair of dogs.

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+Crystal Lake Publishing​ is giving away three free books - looking for reviews!
Free for one more day!

In an effort to get at least 20 reviews for every Crystal Lake title, we’re offering these eBooks for free. Grab one, read it, and leave a review if you feel it deserves one.

Samurai and Other Stories by William Meikle:
Horror 201: The Silver Scream Vol.2:
Children of the Grave:

And in case you didn't know, this one is always free:

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+Tom B​, I believe you were the one that recommended this one (many moons ago). What surprised me, right off the bat, is that David Lynch directed this one (from Eraserhead; Blue Velvet; Lost Highway to this - wow!)

While it moved along at the pace of a riding lawnmower, it was still an enjoyable recommendation - thanks!

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Not only did +Iain Rob Wright​ nail the commentary, he made me laugh out loud as well. 👍
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