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I am not a huge comedy fan, but this movie had me laughing out loud for the majority of its run time. Be Warned however - there is an overwhelming amount of harsh language - a TON of it!! You can't say that I didn't warn you.

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Eleven Authors writing One Short Story. . .
Interesting concept. Did it work? Read on.

Genre - Horror/Short Story
Year Published - 2017
Length - 11 (digital) pages
Written by Multiple Authors (see summary)

Rating: 4 Skulls

Plot Summary:
Franklin E. Wales originally challenged the authors at Lycan Valley Press to create a multi-authored werewolf short story during October of 2016. The idea was to compose a readable short story with the world's longest byline of co-authors.

Frank threw down the gauntlet and eleven of LVP's finest rose to the challenge. From all the research Frank did, he believes eleven authors coming together for one tale is the world's record.

Featuring work by Kala Godin, Stuart Conover, Jacki Wildman Wales, Nickolas Furr, H.R. Boldwood, Catrin Rutland, Martin Reaves, Roy C. Booth, Jo-Anne Russell, Wesley R. Irvin, and Cynthia Booth...

Simply put, this one is a must read, due to the circumstances behind it. (If you skipped the summary, that will fill you in)

The rules were that each author could write no more than a paragraph; each author must keep continuity with what came before, and each author had to wait a minimum of 24 hours before continuing the story.

I was pleasantly surprised at how well this concept worked. The authors could not have been aware of where the story was going, and yet it flowed smoothly and wrapped itself up well.

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This is a short "experimental" film that my daughter had to make for one of her final projects in school. I think that it turned out well (it was all, 100%, her)

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I just pre-ordered my copy. Not only does it sound like a great anthology, the money goes towards a good cause!
Hello there! I’m Duncan, and I wanted to give some information on my upcoming horror anthology, Trapped Within, which is released through my label, EyeCue Productions, on both Kindle and dead tree version, on 30th June 2017. All proceeds are going to the…

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The alien lifeform in this movie tremendously helps it to rise above the story's mediocrity. (If the same effects/sound team were to work on it, I wouldn't mind seeing a sequel to this one.)

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Looking forward to the release of this book, this summer!

Some character quotes that capture the excitement of the first part of EAGLE BREAKER as we get closer to its publication:

“Go and ensure that the fallen are truly dead,” she commanded. “Don’t let their cadaverous appearances disarm you; that’s how they look even on their best days. Thrust your spears between every ribcage, and salvage every arrow from them that you can. We can’t afford any waste here. And gather no horns from them. You’ll claim your trophies from those you bring down in the heat of close combat, just as all Eaglemasters have done.” —Lady Valeine, Chapter 1

“You are reborn this day, Roftome the Pyrnaq,” she said. “Leave mercy in the grave henceforth, and let us together reap the fruits that are ours for the taking.” —Sydrenna, Ch. 2

"If they can take him and leave no trace, they can take all. I won’t give them that satisfaction, or have them rally their forces in defense. I will go alone, with stealth, and let them keep their guard down. I will be the enemy that they never see coming.” —Morlen, Ch. 3

“Young Lion, so pure of heart. Prancing from one victory to the next without knowing compromise, without ever having to break the code by which you live. How painful it must be to realize you can’t have everything you want without help from the other side. And we all need help. Even a dreadful predator who has stalked this world nearly a thousand years. Together, perhaps, we may both find what we seek.” —Hironthel, Ch. 4

"Truly, fighting a thousand ferotaurs on the ground isn’t nearly as daunting as the prospect of fatherhood. All the greatest challenges in my life have been ones that I could overcome with my spear and sword. I’m liable to hand the child a weapon when he reaches up to be held.” —King Verald, Ch. 5

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A warning for those who may be curious.
This movie is not for the faint of heart. If violence disturbs you, even in the slightest, stay far away from this movie! (It is essentially a 70-minute blood bath)

I have been a fan of James Gunn (who wrote this movie) since his Troma days, so I pretty much see everything that he writes/produces/directs .

The film is directed by Greg McLean (who also directed Wolf Creek) so this pairing was perfect.

Still, it was a bit much, even for me!
If you can stomach through it though, the ending​ is great!

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A fantastic film! Everything that I heard about it is true. Superbly shot with great acting. Loved it!

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I am not sure how this charity anthology slipped by me, but I just corrected it! +Ken Preston​ (author of the Joe Coffin series) is the one who brought it to my attention. (He has a story in this collection all about mad scientists! that he says is "the nastiest, most unpleasant story that he has ever had the misfortune to have snake it's way through his head.") So, of course, I immediately bought it!

Did I mention that the collection (over 300 pgs of tales of mad science!) is only $1?

Did I mention that all of the proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders?

Did I mention that the book is edited by +Thomas S Flowers​ and also includes a story by +Chad Lutzke​?

Sounds like a win-win case scenario to me!

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Definitely an interesting theory!
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