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Jason Berry

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+Whiskey, Ink, & Lace has created a new beard oil scent!
(a spinoff from 'The Cowboy' which I just ordered yesterday)
This one too sounds like a must try!
You guys, I'm incredibly excited about this one....The Ranger is now available!

It's a leathery, smoky campfire scent. It's all on my hands right now, and I feel like I'm back camping in the Sierras in Northern California. When I need to go to my happy place from now on, I'm just going to pull out these beard oils and sit there sniffing them for a while. Jeez, it's good.

Scent: sweet, dark, freshly tanned leather, smoky campfire in the mountains, terpenic, piney, and warm, and about as manly as it get.
Scent Strength: strong
Therapeutic Essential Oil Benefits: detoxifying, calming, anti-inflammatory
Key Benefits: Great for those who suffer from acne or irritated skin. Some of the essential oils are said to help with wrinkles and aged skin, so although leather-scented, it'll help your skin look less leathery.

Head on over to grab it here:

#beardoil   #leather   #mensgrooming   #beard   #beardlife   #chucknorris   #beardgang  
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Jason Berry

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It is time for a new grill...
I have had both charcoal and gas, in the past, and there are advantages (and disadvantages) to both.
Not sure which to get, this time around.
I am considering getting this one, as it solves my dilemma
(both charcoal & gas, together)
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My sentiments exactly! ;-)
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Jason Berry

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In case you haven't checked +Whiskey, Ink, & Lace out yet, you really should!
I just ordered yet more stuff!
[Great Products!]
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Jason Berry

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My wife & I have been watching the show 'Bones', on DVD, and we are really enjoying it. It is a superbly written show with a great cast of characters!

So, I figured that I would read one of the books that the show is based upon.
(Me, being me, I had to start with the 1st book)

For those unfamiliar with the author, Kathy Reichs, she is a forensic anthropologist who wrote this book, and the television show 'Bones' is based upon her life, through the fictional character in this series of books.

I was very disappointed in the book. I guess that I have become so enamored with the character (superbly acted by Emily Deschanel) that I just couldn't connect with her, in the book.
They must get better, as there are well over a dozen books in.the series, however I am going to just stick with the show (which is currently in its 9th Season, by the way)
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Jason Berry

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I loved this book, when I read it back in the early 90's, and I loved this film!
I regret not having watched it in the theater.
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Mother's Day is right around the corner!
10% off all skin-care products, today & tomorrow, including a just announced new lotion...
(I placed my order!)
Nothing is certain but death and taxes! So we're having a sale!

Taxes are super stressful. The past week has trashed my skin because of all the stress, and I'm sure there are many in the same boat as me. So for TODAY and TOMORROW ONLY, you can get ALL skin care products under the skin-care category on the site for 10% off! This includes the brand new Sweet Dreams Lotion!!

Check out the skin care products here:
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Jason Berry

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Thank you +Rare Comic Books for the recommendation.
Good flick! :-)
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+Rare Comic Books
To be sure, I don't mean that Christine was bad in any way. It is very enjoyable 1980s cheese. While I can't specifically recall anything about the book (memory error), I'm sure it had more depth than the film.
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Jason Berry

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I just received my 'Herbal Calming Cream' from +Whiskey, Ink, & Lace (for my severely dry hands)

Can't wait to try it out tonight!
(Based on an earlier post from 'WIL' it seems like I am going to want it to soak into my hands, overnight, for ultimate results; which makes sense, since I am a frequent handwasher)
Whiskey, Ink, & Lace's profile photoStephen Farda's profile photoJason Berry's profile photo
Not yet +Stephen Farda
I plan to though!
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Jason Berry

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I happened across +Whiskey, Ink, & Lace earlier this week, and today I just ordered the "Herbal Calming Cream" in hopes that it will help heal/comfort my extremely dry/cracked ("alligator" as my wife calls them) hands.

Today's pic was just taken, and today is not that bad of a day for them!

I have tried tons of other creams, lotions, etc, so I am crossing my fingers on the "Calming Cream".

Stay tuned, and I will let you know how it works...
Whiskey, Ink, & Lace's profile photoJason Berry's profile photo
I am sorry to say that my search must continue. :(
I have used the Herbal Calming Cream for a week solid now, and while it seems to work, momentarily, my hands are really no different than they were before. My hands are so dry, that they seem to suck the moisture right out of the cream, and yet they still remain dry shortly afterwards...
The good news is that I haven't received any new "cracks or splits" since I have been using the cream, so that is something!
(again, I have literally tried dozens of different products, and nothing seems to help, in the long run)
I will continue to apply the rest of the HCC jar that I have, and we will see if anything changes.
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Jason Berry

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Not sure what all the hoopla is about, over this film.
It was good. I enjoyed it. I thought the tie-ins to 'Tangled' were pretty cool, however I think that 'Tangled' is actually the better film!
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