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A contender for Best Book of the Year!

"Brown bags littered the gutters like the corpses of squashed rats. The air fluttered with the launching of a dozen different burger wrappers that danced in and out of traffic like kamikaze birds."

The above are just random sentences from the book. You can pretty much open the book to any random page, and find other sentences just as superbly written.

I am not really sure why this book is classified as Fantasy. (because of the magic?) I found it to be more in the vein of a crime/noir/pulp novel, so if you enjoy any of those, then you will definitely enjoy this book!

This book is a page-turner in every sense of the word. It is difficult to put down and will keep you reading late into the night. I am so glad that this is the first in a series. The next book cannot come fast enough! Thank you, +Jason Ridler​​​, for sharing James Brimstone with us!

+Rick Wayne​, I kept thinking of you while reading this story. I think that it will be right up your alley!

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This actually looks really good!

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A couple of weeks ago, someone on G+ posted a poll asking who is your favorite synthetic from the Alien franchise. Without even thinking, I immediately responded with Bishop (Lance Henricksen from Alien/Aliens). In fact, I had to choose "Other" and list him in the comments, as he wasn't even a choice!

Now that I have seen Covenant, I am leaning more towards David (Michael Fassbender).


I love that David has been tinkering with the Alien genomes. Considering what he did, stranded on the planet, for 10 years, I can't wait to see what he does during the 7 years left on the Covenant. . .

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If you have never read The Rising (or Brian Keene for that matter), this is a great deal/book! (The first, of several, book that I read by Keene)
THE RISING - 99 Cents

The uncut, Author’s Preferred Edition of THE RISING in just .99 cents on Kindle and Nook for a limited time. Published in 2003, THE RISING is considered by many fans to be a seminal work of modern horror. Critics and academia cite it as inspiring the…

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Dark Designs: Tales of Mad Science Review

Genre - Horror/Anthology Collection
Year Published - 2017
Published by ShadowWork Publishing
Length - 330 (digital) pages
Written by Multiple Authors

Rating: 4 Skulls

Plot Summary:
Twilight Zone. The Outer Limits. Fringe.

Science without limits. Madness without end.

All proceeds from the purchase of this ebook will be donated to Doctors Without Borders.

This is a warning. What you are about to read violates the boundaries of imagination, in a world where science breeds and breathes without restraint. A world very much like our own.

Within these shadowy corridors you will discover characters seeking retribution, understanding, power, a second chance at life—human stories of undiscovered species, government secrets, the horrors of parenthood, adolescence and bullying, envisioned through a warped lens of megalomania, suffering, and blind hubris. Curious inventors dabble with portals to alternate worlds, overzealous scientists and precocious children toy with living beings, offer medical marvels, and pick away at the thin veil of reality.

You can run. You can look away. But don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Witness our Dark Designs.

As stated in the summary, this is a "Charity Anthology" - with all of the proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders. This is a good book with a great cause, so purchase your copy now (currently only $4).

This book is edited by both +Thomas S Flowers​​ and +Duncan Ralston​​, both of whom not only contribute their own stories, they also both offer their personal thoughts on the "mad science" genre.

This book was immediately a must-read for me, not only because of the genre, but also because it includes stories from +Thomas S Flowers​​, +Chad Lutzke​​, and +Ken Preston​​ (three authors who I totally enjoy!).

Rather than break down every individual story (of which there are 16 total), I am just going to tell you my favorites:

The stand-out story, for me, in this collection is, without a doubt, +T. N. Kaylor​​'s Death Ray Potato Bake. This story is worth the $4 alone! (I definitely plan on reading more of Kaylor's work!)

Other superb stories were +Jeffery X Martin​​'s Underneath the Foam, +Chad Lutzke​​'s Discerning the Adversary (which is the shortest story in this collection), +Ken Preston​​'s Looking After the Parents, and +Thomas S Flowers​​' The Ascension of Henry Porter.

Other enjoyable stories were Daniel Marc Chant's How They Met Themselves, +Chad Clark​​'s Through the Slip, G. H. Finn's The Hidden War on Terror, and +Duncan Ralston​​'s The Burden.

The other stories are good as well - there isn't a bad one in the bunch - the above we're just my favorites.

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My interest is definitely peaked!

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Free Book(s) Alert!
I made a thing. Share the thing!

The first two installments are free through the end of summer, and the next two are 99 cents. After that, I'm going to try something different.

"A unique brand of justice, morality, and heroism."
"Gripping, immersive, entertaining."
Amazon: 4.7 Stars
Goodreads: 4.3 Stars

An enigmatic mastermind recruits four people with extraordinary abilities and offers them everything they want in exchange for the impossible. But after they uncover a plot to hack the human race, they're not sure which side they're on -- only that not all of them will survive.

THE MINUS FACTION is a super-powered speculative thriller in seven novella-length episodes.

In Episode One . . .

Beaten. Burned. Broken.

Capt. John Regent returns a paraplegic after escaping months of captivity and torture -- except no one knows who took him or what he disclosed.

When a government agent comes for answers, she discovers John's fantastical secret and sets him at war with his own country. But the veteran in the wheelchair has one last mission, and he'll fight off the powers-that-be long enough to save the life of a troubled soldier -- even if it costs John his own.

"Keeps you guessing, keeps you surprised."

In Episode Two . . .

Xana Jace keeps her head down, which isn't easy when you stand seven feet eight inches tall. She works the night shift and stays out of trouble, striving only to be reunited with her son.

But she's running out of time. The strange disease that compels her body to grow also threatens to choke her heart.

When a masked gangster terrorizes the small community that shelters her, Xana is left with a terrible choice and just twenty-four hours to discover the truth that everything she believes is a lie.

"A brutally honest sci-fi thriller."

You can also get the full set for free on my website. Just sign up for the new release mailing list:

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Yes, I am a fan of Dude Wipes. If you know me, then you know that I am a little bit of a neat freak, especially when it comes to cleanliness! Well, they finally came out with pre-packaged (individual-sized) pouches that easily fit into your wallet/pocket. I am happy! These (multipurpose) wipes are great! I will give you a perfect example (I really could have used one of these on Friday).

One of the "snacks" that I like to take into a movie theater are those Smucker's (uncrusted) Peanut Butter & Honey sandwiches. (I know this is wrong, but I justify it by buying my kids movie theater gift cards so that they can buy their own popcorn, etc if they want to...) Anyhow, while my youngest son and I were watching Spiderman, I took a bite out of one of my sandwiches and, in the complete darkness, I felt a plop of honey fall right onto my stomach. I then carefully felt where it was, of course getting my fingers sticky in the process. I asked my son for a napkin, and he had not grabbed any. (If you know me, you also know that I will not get up and leave a movie once it has started.) So, what I am saying is that I really could have used a Dude Wipe!

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So when posting pictures from my sunflower adventure (see prior post), I realized that I never posted a picture of the cake that my wife made for our youngest son's birthday (back in May)!

It's a two-tier yellow cake with chocolate icing surrounded by kit-kats (my son loves kit-kats!) with M&M's on top. ☺
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Today, the family and I discovered 70+(!) acres of sunflowers, just a couple of miles from our local nature center. I have attached some pictures taken, (some modified with an editor, just to be cool), and the very last picture is actually the very starting point of the Tennessee River (which I thought was pretty neat!). You can't really tell in the picture, but that is where two forks are converging, forming the mouth of the Tennessee River.
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