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Jason Bean
I'm a blink of understanding in a web of confusion
I'm a blink of understanding in a web of confusion

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Dear website, your site is loaded with good, helpful content and information... rendered absolutely useless because of the over-proliferation of advertisements! Bye.

My #MarchMadness bracket is perfect in Midwest and South, let's hope that at least continues all the way through! Only 1 off in the East.

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Sometimes there's just nothing like a good burger! #nomnomnom

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Great article talking about the psychological impact of color in design and e-commerce decisions.

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Any of my friends homebrewers?

Man! I really need to figure out how to get my busted laptop replaced ASAP!

Use the code 1635D on Takl and receive 10% off a job! Takl it today!

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A very nicely done tribute to Carrie Fisher #rip #theprincessleia #leia #StarWars

It would be nice if #FileZilla could have custom buttons on toolbar to jump to specific directory pairs quickly #FTP #filemgmt #wishlist

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Some of you may remember when the group Shai released this song back in '92. This is right up there with their performance. Odd how Pentatonix continues to be able to do that repeatedly with multiple songs. #music #video #acapella #pentatonix #90smusic
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