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Jason Bayton
Mobile, Web & Information Technologist.
Mobile, Web & Information Technologist.

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As someone who deals with mobile devices in the enterprise on a daily basis, I often encounter customers looking to purchase iPhones/iPads for their employees. Most of the time customers will have, or are looking to have an EMM (Enterprise Mobility…

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Interested in joining the Google+ beta?

Use the code CHEERS and provide my profile URL ( when you fill out the form below.
Become a Beta Tester for Google+

If you’re a user who’s as passionate for Google+ as we are, apply to become a beta tester for our product. We’re looking for people who want to test out new features, as well as discuss with our product team and fellow beta testers how to make Google+ the place to share your interests. Want to know what it takes?

Here’s what we’re looking for:
● Active poster on Google+
● Motivated to learn more about Google+ and contribute to product discussion
● Eagerness to provide high level feedback on our product

If you’re interested in applying, fill out the application form. Thanks!

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The 2-in-1 market has been heating up tremendously over the last few years with contenders such as Microsoft, HP, Asus, Lenovo and many, many more all turning out impressive devices that challenge the traditional laptop-tablet divide. Although ceasing…

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Introducing +Nextcloud GmbH demo servers

All 3 currently supported versions of Nextcloud running in LXD containers utilising snapshots and hourly rebuilds for evaluation and comparison.

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10/10 for effort, 5 different backup methods isn't terrible.

But this is why disaster recovery tests exist; backups don't always work.

I can not imagine being in that situation right now.
GitLABS basically just drive over a cliff.

Sysadmin ran rm -rf and turns out their backups don't work.

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I believe this originates from Conan, but this is the most I've seen in one video. Worth a chuckle!

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Try +Ubuntu​ core on LXD before taking the plunge on your SBC :)

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America first.
Because he doesn't think things through or because he knows exactly what would happen with this EO?

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Introducing nightmode on - for midnight geekery without the eye strain :)

The theme will automatically switch in the evening and back in the morning, but the manual override will remember your preference forever more.

Feedback welcome!

I learned a little jquery and CSS transitions to make this happen, and now I'll see where else I can use it to improve the theme going forward.
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LXD 2.8 has been released!

Other than the usual accumulation of bugfixes, this release also includes the initial work on the new Go client library, improved exec handling, several improvements to LXD managed networks and some extra information is now reported in our client.

We've also started using +Weblate for our translations, making it easier for everyone to translate the LXD client!

The LXD snap is already available in the candidate channel. Ubuntu deb packages will be available shortly.

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