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Playing My Conservative Card

So today I got called a "liberal" who needs to research the other side.

So let me tell you a little about my upbringing and my knowledge, as a "liberal" of the other side.

I was raised in a conservative household. My family taught me it was OK to ask questions, for which I am forever greatfull and I hold no grudge or ill will towards them. Though we now differ politically, they don't have the hatred for this new "side" I'm on that many from similar backgrounds have. So, what was that background?

I'm Mennonite. More specifically, I'm conservative mennonite. I attended a church filled with largely "nondenominational" folks who came from an independent church that largely drew from a deeply baptist background.

I had people at my old church who moved to rural, upstate NY because they were convinced that the USA would crumble in the year 2000. Yes really.

I was one of the only people at my church not homeschooled. My parents received constant flack for this. As far as theology went,think super strong conservative (tell them they'll burn in hell!) but without most of the militaristic proclivities you see in some of the more vocal branches of conservative evangelicals.

In 1995, the Mennonite church came out with a new confession of faith. In it, they made the mistake of not using the words "inerrant and infallible" when referring to the Bible. For this terrible thing (and for not being extra tough on Homosexuality.. banning it wasn't strong enough) my church withdrew from the conference and founded our own.

When I graduated from my mostly white, lower-middle class high school, I went to Indiana Wesleyan University. To attend IWU, I had to sign a student contract saying that I would not listen to offensive music, watch movies above a PG13 rating (and only then with guidance), refuse alcohol, even at home when I was 21, and agree never to dance. Yes. Really.

My school is one of the more conservative in the nation, and if you read their list of former speakers, it's the "who's who" of bigots. This year they had Mike Pence speak at graduation. We were on the shortlist of schools to have a visit from the "Equality Ride" LGBTQ rights group because of the outspoken position the school, and the people we supported, held on the issue. I remember sermons from Exodus International at Chapel quite clearly.

I attended the business school and fell in love with Economics. My school is staunchly in the "Austrian" school. The one that is all free market all the time, gold standard currency, and keynes being satan.

For extracurriculars, I helped create the Libertarian party for our college. I registered AS a libertarian, campaigned for them on elections, and voted for them. I was never a "libertarian anarchist" but I (shamefully) used to think that they made a couple of good points.

Then I graduated. In April of 2008. You know, when the economy went to shit. I worked in a high commission job and rocked it until I was fired by my boss for making more money than he did and making sales that made myself and my employees the most money, even if it didn't mean he got the best bonuses.

I worked in deep, rural, PA (Pennsyltucky) where I had multiple customers refer to Person's of color as "Coons" until my boss and I kicked them from the store.

So no, you don't get to tell me that I don't know what the "conservative" side was. And if someone tries that fucking argument again, I'm going to point them to this, because I'm fucking tired of justifying myself to assholes who tell me that I don't know what I'm talking about when I give them link after link of hard data, and they respond with "well I think this" and then some bullshit about reports not being accurate while providing none of their own.

You have my conservative card. Where the fuck is yours?
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A few days ago, noted neo-conservative Max Boot wrote an op-ed piece in the Washington Post called This Conservative Would take Obama Back in a Nanosecond. Boot seems to be following the lead of many Republicans/conservatives who are disgusted with the Orange Shitgibbon and his cabal. Now, I could go into the fact that it was Republicans - from the time civil rights legislation was signed into law - who created the very monster they now fear, but that's another post for another time.

Everything was fine about Boot's piece - his disagreements with Obama on foreign and domestic policy sounded perfectly typical for conservatives. Then I read this sentence: "I fumed that he was too professorial and too indecisive. I was left cold by his arrogance and his cult of personality."

My blood pressure shot up and I literally started cussing out my tablet screen. If Max Boot had been in front of me right then and there, I would have given him the kind of verbal tongue lashing that does not result in an orgasm.

Calling an Ivy League educated Black man "arrogant" is white supremacy on steroids. Who could be more arrogant than Herr Orange Gropenfuhrer? Yet, this kind of language is typical of white conservatives (though liberals can be just as racially fuckwitted on this score too).

The real problem that Boot and others had with Obama had zilch to do with his supposed "arrogance" and everything to do with his lack of "proper deference" to white people. In short, Barack Obama didn't just operate as someone comparable to white people, but in some ways was their superior. Obama held eyes with white people, talked to them like a peer, and of course sat in the Oval Office as if to the manor born.

White people like Boot hated that, so they called him "arrogant".

As a college educated Black woman, I never found Obama to be arrogant. An egghead, definitely, but hell the man had been a professor so that sort of demeanor didn't surprise me. I expected it, and frankly welcomed it as a counterbalance to the conventional (and racist) narrative of Black people being "anti-" intellectual". Sure there were a few times I wished he'd open up a can of whoop ass on racist conservatives - especially the teabaggers. But I also realized that perhaps Obama's personality wasn't geared for that sort of confrontation, and that's okay. However, when Obama did throw shade, it was subtle but deadly and if you knew how to read body language, it was obvious when he hit his intended targets.

Obama bothered people like Boot because he was everything they'd been taught could never exist in Black people: intelligent, articulate, thoughtful, quiet. He was a man comfortable operating in white spaces and not shying away from them. He commanded respect through his intellectual acumen, not his fists or bling. He could converse with world leaders one day, then hang out with Beyonce and Jay-Z the next, and it was natural.

White conservatives really didn't know what to do about that, having spent nearly fifty years vilifing the Black community as "pathological" in order to cash in on white resentment, so they decided he was "arrogant". Had Obama been properly deferential to white supremacy, more shuck and jive, perhaps there would have been a tad less vitriol aimed at him.

And it's not just Obama. White conservatives loved calling the former Secretary of State Condeleezza Rice "Condi". That used to make me grit my teeth in rage. Not Dr. Rice, or Secretary Rice - but "Condi". Both Dick Morris and Sean Ham-Hannity were especially egregious with this kind of white paternalism. Never mind Dr. Rice remains the poster child for overachiever, despite the fact that I totally disagreed with her politics.

But wait, I can hear some conservative say, what about Ben Carson? He's a famous pediatric neurosurgeon and he's Black. Yes, and ironically his anti-science beliefs make him palatable to conservative white norms. He's properly deferential in doing what conservatives want him to do. He's not going to rock the boat anytime on policy.

White conservatives love to talk about the lack of respect for education in the Black community, yet when confronted with educated Black people, are quickly inclined to "put them in their place". They fear educated Black people for one reason: an educated Black person puts paid to the lie that Black people are 'inferior'. And having grown up with such a lie, it's difficult for them to reconcile it with someone like Obama. Instead of letting go of the lie or just admitting their own racism however, they'd rather claim it was Obama's "arrogance".

Yes, I too am educated. Call me arrogant. I'll wear it like a badge of honor and fuck your feelings.
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At the Camden aquarium today. By far my favorite shot from there.
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So this camera is pretty good y'all

Pixel 2 XL
5 Photos - View album
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I had to write something about Verrit so no one else had to. This is a Terrible idea and needs to die.
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I had to unenroll my device due to a memory issue that made my phone almost unusable for a daily driver. I couldn't pin point it exactly, but I did notice that the phone had some.funky ways to deal with memory management:

-maps/gps seemed to go in and out of functionality. It would randomly take forever to lock on a location or acknowledge turns. Several times when I was driving listening to music and navigating, maps would stop.

-Play music would randomly show up in status bar after I dismissed app from multi tasking. Music would remain paused, but app would not stay closed and appear in status bar. Music also always would boot up after a reboot, even if I had not used app between reboots.

-audio drivers in general didn't seem to fare well here. Music would frequently skip and stutter, especially if the screen was off or app in background. With a YouTube vid, it seemed like app was trying to change video orientation, even with screen off, causing image to stutter. This happened with just speaker audio and wired headset. Bluetooth headset was almost unusuable if I moved at all.

Stock Nexus 6p, locked bootloader. TMobile network

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This is a pretty excellent question.

When elected, you're supposed to represent the people who voted for you. But, by that metric, why is it just accepted that you can accept donations from out of district businesses or even people? Why are they supporting you financially if not because they think you'll benefit them?

After citizens united, we know that money equals speech, but what does that mean for who you need to represent?
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Republicans will tattooโ€‹ this moral monstrosity on their foreheads and the American people will hold them accountable.
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The president of the united States wants to shut down the government because he can't stand people working together.

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