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I thought I had video recording using the 'function' button on the controller, however some testing I just did indicates that it is not working. I have SD card in the camera and the wire attached from camera to drone. I can record using the app and the videos show up on the SD card, but I'm just wondering if anyone has definite steps for using the function button on the remote. Is it true that fps is slightly better when using the function button? Do you also need to connect to the wifi? Should you not? Is there any indication from any lights that recording has started? Is there a setting on the controller to make function work correctly?

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I have this Raspberry Pi that I’ve written briefly about on my other site: It controls the lights in my living room based on a few inputs: the position of the sun the weather if the room is occupied #3 is new and I…

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The fertilizing period is done, and since I was out of town last week, we waited one extra week and got our plants and planted them on Saturday (4/18). Sometime over a week ago, I got a couple soaker hoses and then re-arranged the bales so there wouldn’t…

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Went outside today to fertilize the bales and took a few pictures of some flowers (looked like bluebonnets but I don’t think they are, they appear to be on onion/garlic stalk-type-things) and a snail under a tree.  By the way, I measured the temperature…

Post has attachment This is neither a conservative nor a liberal movement, it’s a non-profit that is trying to pass local Anti-Corruption Acts to keep bribery and big money out of government. Watch the videos, I think it’s a good…

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Holly and I are going to try a straw bale garden this year.  Neither of us have done this before, but we’ve been wanting a garden for a few years.  Since we’re currently renting, we don’t want to put time and money into the ground.  We’ve tried container…

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i think submitting is closed, but sharing this anyway...

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things i've spotted in the backyard
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+Bill Nye  ‏@TheScienceGuy 
So, an astrophysicist, an engineer, and the President of the United States walk into The Blue Room....
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