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With a heavy heart I have decided to put my Glass unit up for sale.  I just can't stand to see it sitting on the shelf anymore.   Listing it here before anywhere else so it can be available for the community.   It is a Charcoal XE-C (2GB)  unit in perfect working and cosmetic condition that has been used for maybe 10 hours total or less.

- Original box & original carry bag
- Hard shell case
- Stock charger & cable 
- 2x Mono ear buds
- 1x headphone adapter for connecting any 3.5mm stereo headphones
- Active Shades
- Edge Shades

Asking $1100, other offers will be considered.  +Ari Adler I'm in the Lansing area if you or anyone you know is interested.  

Developers, please heed my call!  If the play store listing for your watch face says it supports square watches, then please include an example in that listing!

There are several paid faces that are missing those examples and I'd love to try them out but I'm not willing to pay for something I can't preview.

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Accidentally left a shell open tailing the main apache error log all day.  Looked back at all the mod_sec entries just since this morning... 
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Anyone ever have a problem with installing a new watch face and it just doesn't show up on your watch or the Wear app on your phone?  Everything is on the latest updates.  I just tried to install the Aeon watch face and it has yet to show up.  Rebooted both devices with no difference. 

My G Watch has been on 5.0.1 for a couple days with no issues.  Today I decided to reset it just to give it a fresh start on Lollipop.  

After the reset none of the additional watch faces I've installed appear in the watch or in the Wear app on my phone.  I've tried reinstalling, repairing bluetooth, clearing data on the app, and so far I still can't get any of them to appear.  Right now I'm looking for Facer, Odyssey, and Shadow Clock.  After completely rebooting both devices Shadow Clock has reappeared in the Wear app, but not Facer or Odyssey.  Reinstalling them has no effect, and you can't clear data for them on your phone.

Anybody have any idea what's going on?  

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The beta has been running pretty well for me, but today I noticed it is the top offender for wakeup wake locks, which is really puzzling considering I have notifications disabled and live stream set to Never.

Why is Plume waking my phone up so often even though I have it set to do absolutely nothing in the background?  I've tried wiping the app and setting it back up again, no difference.  Also tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no difference.  

Updated my Note3 this weekend and decided it could use a good factory reset.  In the process of setting everything back up I was fairly surprised to discover that the only way to pair my G Watch back to my freshly formatted phone was to factory reset the watch.

This seems like a huge usability oversight only because some data exists on the watch that, as of now, does not seem to be backed up anywhere else.  Fit's step counter data is what immediately jumps to mind as a problem here.  

In regards to Fit specifically I'm really hoping that someday that data is stored in your Drive account so it can be accessed in a web interface similar to fitbit's system.  

I understand the watch reset may be necessary due to the low level integration between the two devices, it  just seems a bit extreme relative to the procedures most consumers are accustomed to these days. 
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