All the best posts on link building last April in one post!
28 Jolly Good Link Building Posts From April

It has been a busy month in the world of links and it was easy to get distracted by the various threads on forums and disgruntled folks moaning about their rankings after the multiple updates.

It has, in fact, been a month with a plethora of great link building are the choice cuts...enjoy!!

Identifying Link Patterns With Seo Tools by +John Doherty

Google Goes After Links In Wordpress Themes BY +Barry Schwartz

7 Ways Links Cause Search Rank Changes by +Eric Ward

5 Advanced Guest Post Prospecting Tips For The Link Prospector by +James Agate

Links You Can Get With Zero Outreach by +Anthony D. Nelson

Seo Tramp Stamp: Not Quality Link Building by +Joe Schaefer

20+ Resources For Prospecting, Organising & Researching Link Opportunities by +James Agate

Six Degrees Of Seo Bacon & B2b Link Building Q&A by +Debra Mastaler

An Open Letter From A Frustrated Outsourced Link Building Author by +Carter Bowles

Paying For Links (But Not Buying Them) by +Gaz Copeland

Google: Links Cannot Currently Hurt Rankings by +Robert Deans

Link Building: Anchor Text Optimisation Best Practices In 2012 by +Tadeusz Szewczyk

9 Tangible Linkable Asset Ideas And How To Build Links To Them by +Jason Acidre

9 Evil Ways To Build Links by +Peter Attia

Optimize Your Link Building With Twitter by +Chris Dyson

5 Fundamentals Of Large Scale Link Prospecting by +Garrett French

Improve Your Link Prospecting With Reductive Queries by +Ross Hudgens

Summary: Fundamentals Of Large Scale Linkbuilding On #Seochat by +Garrett French

Smart Linkbuilding Queries For Any Industry by +Adam Melson

Interview With Link Building Expert +Wil Reynolds by +Jon Cooper

Link Building In 2012: Scalable Link Building by +Jason Acidre

7 Link Building Mistakes You Ought To Avoid by +Neil Patel

The 7 Coolest Link Building Tools You’ve Never Heard Of by +Gary Magnone

Scrapebox’s Hidden Treasures For Seo by +Dan Bochichio

Non-Intuitive Search Queries & Resources For Link Building by +Rand Fishkin

Linkpreneurs: The New School Of Link Building by +Shelli Walsh

Link Building Strategies Spreadsheet by +Rhea Drysdale

Linkbait Ideas For Small Business Owners by +Patrick Hathaway
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