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Jasmine Directory

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A web directory featuring businesses, companies, products and services, and more.
A web directory featuring businesses, companies, products and services, and more.

Established in 2009, Jasmine Directory, a project of GnetAds KFT, was developed using Tolra Directory Script module. Nothing too fancy or over-advertised but an awesome piece of code.

Jasmine Directory is a “paid web directory” (this is widely accepted term even if every webmaster should understand that a suggestion fee is not equivalent with “guarantee of acceptance”, rather someone’s time and effort is paid), submitters need to pay a review fee in order to suggest a website. (there is a difference between “suggesting for consideration” and “submitting and being assured of acceptance”).

What takes apart this directory from the crowd?
  1. Well, each main category and subcategory has its own unique article/description, making pages look more natural than just a bunch of hyperlinks.
  2. Relevant images in each category are also a nice touch.
  3. Each listing has its own details page featuring the website’s screenshot, business address, contact information and other details. The business address appears in a Google generated map (this is useful especially for businesses), which, again, sets Jasmine Directory apart from other directories.
  4. As soon as a website is listed, the details can be easily edited by its owner.
  5. An upgrade feature is also available for those who want to modify their listing for whatever reason.
  6. They reserve the right to edit a listing, or even move it to another category (if needed). This isn’t something I see too often, because, let’s face it, a web directory owner will list a website although the title uses the same keyword several times instead of refunding the review fee.
  7. They apply a high editorial discretion and I personally haven’t seen spammy titles and descriptions, which is again a good consideration for a directory as Matt Cutts clearly stated Google’s view about paid web directories.
  8. A rejection list is also made public.