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Jasmine Yow
I dance with words when my feet fail to take off.
I dance with words when my feet fail to take off.

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Client feedback today: "Jasmine you are worth your weight in gold. The piece is perfect - it's exactly what I was after, and you added value to it with the links. It's beautifully written." 

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I am proud to have been part of this as a copywriter! #BeMyProtector  

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Might have to finally give in and get on WeChat.

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Cystic Fibrosis survivor +Walter van Praag is doing a crazy 3600km ride across Australia this March! He is still looking for business sponsors, who would have their logo featured on the caravan accompanying him on the trip.

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刚刚去世的美国科学家汤斯(Charles Townes)是诺贝尔物理学奖得主、激光先驱、天文分子学开创者,也是一位对科学与信仰的关系有深刻见解的基督徒科学家。——基甸聊天:激光之父汤斯的“受激辐射”:

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I was shocked to hear this Chinese lawyer's excellent speech on "Men and women"!

"Chinese men need to do a lot of reflection. Men are a people's seed. The character of a nation's men determines its success. The fall of men leads to national decline."

"Chinese men and Chinese women are like soy milk and fritters -- the most perfect and complementary combination in the world. We keep saying we want to build a harmonious society. What is harmony? A balance between yin and yang. Extreme chauvinism and feminism are both not conducive to societal development.”

He ended his speech saying men have a responsibility to protect women and children.
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