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Band Together

So - we're not going to be able to finish this. My fiance's grandfather is in the hospital, and we'd rather take time to focus on that. But I wanted to share what we've got so far. We may not be entering the contest, but I hope this inspires somebody.

In Band Together, players are a band that died mysteriously about 40 years ago. They used to be the most wild band around, signed to Glitter Entertainment. But one day, they all mysteriously died...only to be absorbed into new bodies, those of the players.

The rules are explained via YouTube videos from the CEO and President of Glitter Entertainment. You see, after the band died, he just couldn't get another hit. But now that he's found the band, he's not going to pass up an opportunity to make a quick buck. 

He's gathered you all together to recreate the album you were working on when you died. Can you do it?

I'm attaching the document for folks to take a look at. The rules are a little scattershot, because we were in the middle of working stuff out when we heard about my fiance's grandpa.

If you have any thoughts or additions, I'd love to hear them - I want to pick up work on this in the future. Thank you!

Currently brainstorming around two main ideas (that both need to be put on hold for ANOTHER game jam I'm doing tomorrow).

Thought One: a game based on music, where you are literally layering tracks with other players, one at a time. A GM acts as "producer" while the players have to create music using improvised "instruments" aka anything they can find. The challenge is coming up with mechanics to support my ideas, creating a video to explain the backstory, and working to make sure it's accessible, maybe with some kind of visualization mechanic/tool.

Thought Two: players are a tribe that gains personality traits from the objects they touch. It's the eve of the apocalypse, and they have one chance to create a totem to explain their civilization to future people (or god?). Players would head into the wild (outside) for a short time to gather found objects that they would use to inform their character and role in the tribe. Then,everyone would pool the objects to create a totem to tell their tribe's story by attaching the objects together.

So, both ideas are kind of out there, but since I need to take tomorrow "off" anyway, I'm going to sleep on it and see if anything comes to me in the meantime.

Holy cats my G+ is so self-promotional and dusty. Working in social media has ironically made me stop caring about my personal profiles, apparently. Except Twitter. Mmmmm Twitter. 

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Huffington Post? Yes please! I'll take another!

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My friend's amazing project - all the art you can handle, presented to you via switch!

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Banks are charging retailers waaaaay too much (which, ultimately, winds up on the backs of consumers). Check out this infographic.

Huh. Is this still a thing?

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Happy Heron! Rachel took this at the festival and I want to see how uploading works here.
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