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Jasmina Brozović

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Let's Go Healthy!

January is the perfect month to start eating healthier again, and to cleanse from holiday feasts :)

Share your recipes in our +foodies+ community and tag them #healthyfoodies!

Looking forward to many healthy and tasty recipes!

Let's Go Healthy!

Eat Clean and Green
Eat Right and Light
Eat Well, Be Well ...

You get the picture! It's a new year, let's go crazy on the healthy! We'd love to see your healthy recipes, in whatever form they may take - salads, soups, carbs, proteins or drinks!

Post your recipes here and tag them #healthyfoodies
Also, we'd love to hear some of your New Year Resolutions in the comments below!

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Jasmina Brozović, това е Неприлично!Защо ни изкушавате с това ястие?!
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Jasmina Brozović

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Bathua ka soup / Cream of Lambsquarter Soup with toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Delicious comfort food for cold winter days by +Balvinder Ubi! I love the touch of pumpkin seeds, thanks for sharing :)

#soup #lunch #winter 
Bathua ka soup / Cream of Lambsquarter Soup with toasted Pumpkin Seeds

I enjoyed our two and half weeks stay in India but I got sick right after getting back. After a week of struggling with flu and jetlag, I am now slowly getting better. I have been eating light food and soups as much as possible so I thought sharing a soup recipe would be more appropriate than a kale margarita. Lambsquarter called 'bathua' in hindi is a wild edible leafy green known with different names such as goosefoot or pigweed. It's a good substitute for spinach or chard and can easily be eaten in salads or added to smoothies. Here, I have for you a nourishing creamy soup with toasted pumpkin seeds.


1 bunch bathua (lambsquarter)
1/3 cup masoor daal (red lentil)
1 (150g) sweet potato, diced
1 tbsp. garlic, chopped
1/2 cup onion, chopped
Sea Salt and black pepper to taste
1 tbsp. desi ghee or coconut oil or olive oil
3 tbsp. Lemon juice
1/4- 1/3 cup green pumpkin seeds
3 cups reduced sodium chicken broth or vegetable broth (more if required)
whipped yogurt for garnish

Strip off bathua / lambsquarter leaves and discard the stems. Wash the leaves in a colander under running water.
Heat oil in a pot. Add onions and garlic saute until fragrant. Add sweet potato, and cook for a minute or so, while stirring.
Now add rinsed lentils, lambs quarter, broth, sea salt and pepper, cover and let simmer for 10-12 minutes until the vegetables and lentils are soft.
Meanwhile make the topping.
Roast pumpkin seeds in a dry skillet for 4-5 minutes over medium heat, stirring constantly, until puffed and golden.
If you are using Greek yogurt add a tbsp. of water/ broth to make it cream like consistency.
Using a hand blender or a counter top blender, puree the soup until smooth and velvety.
Add lemon juice and pumpkin seeds (reserving some for garnish).
Season with salt and pepper to taste. Reheat the soup slowly in a pot.
Ladle into serving bowls, top with a swirl of whipped yogurt and pumpkin seeds.
Serve with warm crusty bread or sandwich.

To know more about lambsquarter and how it looks check out my post

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Thanks for the share +Jasmina Brozović
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Jasmina Brozović

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Chicken Tagine with Potatoes, Carrots and Apples

Perfect dish to warm you up, full of flavor!
Stay tuned for more tagine recipes by +Azlin Bloor on her YouTube channel!

Thanks for sharing :)

#tagine #chicken #lunch
Chicken Tagine with Potatoes, Carrots and Apples

This Chicken Tagine with Potatoes, Carrots and Apples kicks off a brand new series on! I’ve had a few requests from readers and (YouTube) viewers to do a tagine series and so, starting with this post, that’s exactly what we shall be doing. Whether I can be persuaded to do Live YouTube shows like I used to, remains to be seen!

Today’s recipe is pretty straightforward, and like all tagine recipes, can be made in a tagine, a Dutch oven or a regular saucepan. We start off with making Chermoula, a 5 minute marinade that’s popular all over North Africa. More on Chermoula tomorrow. We then marinade the chicken while we get the other ingredients ready, then off we go, leaving everything on the hob.

Sometimes, my tagines are full of everything you need, sometimes, they just have the meat and not much else. Here, the potatoes and carrots add substance to the whole dish and a touch of sweet as well. The apples add a wonderful sweet and tangy dimension that complements the preserved lemon we’re using in this recipe. The final dish is a complex mix of earthy, spicy (not hot) sweet and tangy flavours that will be perfect with just about any starch you fancy having.

Head on over to LinsFood for your Tagine Masterclass:

#linsfood #tagines #moroccanfood #northafricanfood 
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Thank you, as always! xx
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Jasmina Brozović

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Chestnut Pancakes

+Rita Dolce​ makes amazing pancakes, and these are just fabulous :-)
Thanks for sharing :-)

#pancakes #breakfast #Chestnuts 
Starting the day with a delicious chestnut pancake stack and a shot of espresso!
What about you?
Have a wonderful sunday everyone
#pancakes #breakfast #coffee

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Hhhhhhhhhh awesome
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Jasmina Brozović

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The ultimate chocolate fudge cake

Decadent chocolate cake by +Tina Vesić, I simply think it is stunning!
And I know it tastes divine :)

Thanks for sharing!

#cake #chocolate #dessert 
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Jasmina Brozović

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Asian Black Pepper Beef with Curry Leaves

Asia inspired lunch? Try this delicious beef by +Shana Shameer and spice up your everyday life :)
Thanks for sharing!

#beef #asia #lunch
Asian Black Pepper Beef with Curry Leaves
Stir fried, tender- juicy marinated beef strips in a lovely aromatic sauce that can be poured over rice or noodles. The combination of butter, curry leaves, onion and bell peppers flavors the tender beef in such subtle but effective tones. At our place we love this over rice or crispy noodles with a fried and oozy egg on top!

Prep time: 15 min
Cook time: 15 min
Marination: 30 minutes
Total time: 1 hour (includes Marination time)
Yield: (5-6 servings)
• 500 gms thin beef strips suitable for stir frying
• 1 knob of ginger, sliced diagonally with the skin
• ¼ cup fresh curry leaves (tightly packed)
• 1 Tbsp butter
• ¹/8 cup vegetable / sunflower / bran oil
• 1 Tbsp coconut oil plus extra curry leaves (optional)
• 1 Tbsp light soy sauce
• 1 Tbsp dark soy sauce
• 1 Tbsp Chinese Rice Wine (Shaoxing)  - use worcester sauce if unavailable
• 1 Tbsp oyster sauce (I like Tiger Brand)
• 2 tsp corn flour / corn starch
• 2 tsp coarsely cracked black pepper
• 1 tsp brown sugar
• 1 tsp asian sesame oil
• 1 large onion, sliced thinly (Vidalia Onions are great for this sauce)
• 3 tsp garlic, finely minced
• 1 green bell pepper / capsicum , cut into squares
• 1 red chilli chopped
• 2 tsp whole black pepper corns
• 1 tsp brown sugar
• 2 Tbsp Light soy sauce
• 2 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce
• 1 Tbsp Cornflour + 1 ½ cup Water (mixed together)
• 1 tsp asian sesame oil

• Cut the beef against the grain into thin strips or buy prepackaged beef strips suitable for stir frying.
• Marinate the Beef : Add all ingredients under 'Marinade'  to the beef strips. Rub well and leave for 30 minutes.
• Heat oil  in a wok till smoking. Add the curry leaves and ginger slices.
• As soon as the curry leaves are fried and bright green, add the butter and allow to melt. Do not allow any browning of the butter.
• Next, add the marinated beef. Stir fry till tender. Upto 5 minutes on high heat. (Thinly sliced beef that has been marinated cooks quite quickly on high heat).
• Remove and set aside.
• Prepare the Sauce: Crush the black pepper to a grainy texture. Do not use pepper powder. Set aside.
• In another non stick pan or wok, heat the sesame oil.
• Add the onion and garlic and sauté well till softened and light golden. (Not Brown)
• Now, mix in the sauces and sugar and crushed black pepper. Cook Black Pepper on med low heat to avoid the sauce from going bitter.
• Cook briefly, stirring and then add the Cornflour + Water Solution. Stir for a while till slightly thickened.(Do a taste test and adjust seasoning, if you like).
• Add the fried beef into the simmering, thickening sauce.
•  Remove when the beef is nicely coated with the 'glossy' sauce.
• Optional: Heat the coconut oil in a small pan. Add the extra curry leaves ( about 2 Tbsp) and fry. Pour this over the cooked beef in sauce. This provides a unique and delicious flavor.

View slideshow here for steps:

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Jasmina Brozović

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Good night :-)

Photo by +Phil Aston

#beach #inspiration #travel 
Beach Diary - January 19th
iPhone 6

From my walk to work

#beach #seascape 
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Good night
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Jasmina Brozović

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Good night :-)

Photo by +Paul Pichugin

#sunset #landscape #nature 
Sunset in the outback of Western Australia.
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Jasmina Brozović

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Have a fabulous week everyone :-D

Every day of the week is good for salsa, don't be shy ;-)

#salsa #dance #dancing 
Jasmina Brozović shared a video
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Wonderful dance & music, excellent salsa! 
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Jasmina Brozović

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Good night :-)
Hvar, Croatia

Photo by +Rob Tilley

#Croatia #island #Hvar 
This is the town square of Hvar, Croatia. Hvar is the largest town on the island of Hvar which is on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia. This island and most of the Adriatic coast of Croatia was part of the Venetian Republic for many centuries and has a very Italian atmosphere. Venice had the largest naval fleet for many centuries and the building on the right is where Venetian naval vessels were built and repaired. I got up early so I could capture it with this beautiful dawn sky and no people. During the day this square is very crowded.

For #breakfastartclub hosted by +Simply Arlie & +Breakfast Art Club
+HQSP Urban & Street Photos curated by +Michael Sonntag +Alexander Tarasenkov +Angelo Gifford +Birka Wiedmaier +Matvey Z +José Luís Costa and +Karolina Trapp #hqspUrbanStreetPhotos
+HQSP Night curated by +Alexander Tarasenkov and +Ingo Bruneske #hqspnight
+HQSP HDR curated by +Dave Gen +Alexander Tarasenkov +Ekaterina Listova and +Michal Vörös #hqsphdr
+HQSP Architecture curated by +Rhonda Krause and +Dmitry Jurkov #hqsparchitecture
#BTPCityscapePro+BTP Cityscape Pro . owned by +Nancy Dempsey , curated by +Dmitry Jurkov
#BTPArchitecturePro+BTP Architecture Pro . owned by +Nancy Dempsey ,curated by +Aamir Shahzad

#croatia #hvar #btpdailyhighlights +BTP Daily Highlights the Best Photo #btpeditorschoice +BTP Editors' Choice (Top Photo page) +Top Photo (BTP)
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That's beautiful, we can't wait to see it in person.
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Jasmina Brozović

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Good night :-)

Photo by +Tobias Ackermann

#winter #snow #forest 
✳✳ Beachte den Vordergrund – bei Winterlandschaften
Der Vordergrund gibt einer winterlichen Landschaften noch mehr Tiefe. Denn große leere Flächen im Vordergrund, wie zum Beispiel Schneefelder und monotoner Himmel wirken schnell langweilig. Achte auf passende Bildelemente wie Bäume, Äste, Steine, Felsen, Zäune, Mauern, und Menschen. Ziehe den Betrachter, über diese Dinge in das Bild hinein.Spiele mit der Schärfentiefe, ein Vordergrund kann auch mal auch unscharf sein.
Mehr Tipps auf:

#tobiasackermann #lichtemotionist #schwarzwald #schnee #winter #feldberg #landschaftsfotografie #naturfotografie #reisefotografie
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Feeling the warm sunshine :)
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Jasmina Brozović

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Good night :-)

Photo by +David Marx

#moonlight #snow #winter 
Walking In The Moonlight

Footprints in the snow on a moonlight night in Montana.

Learn more about my digital photography workshops and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom training at
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Good night
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