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The past few months I have been working on a great iPad app, +Stuck On Earth
It was an amazing experience and I made some awesome friends: +Trey Ratcliff +Mark Powell +Topher Martini +Karen Hutton +Curtis Simmons +Scott Kublin and many others.

It was a privilege to work with you all and I look forward to many new great apps and HDR photos!

If you love HDR photography and to explore all the wonders of our world download the app! Free and without ads!

Also I proudly added it to my portfolio.

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New Video - The App is Released! +Stuck On Earth

Go grab it now - Free!

All I ask in return is that you share, tell your friends, and tell them again! :)

So, what is +Stuck On Earth? It's a new kind of travel guide for explorers, photographers, and daydreamers. Completely personalized, it has hundreds of thousands of the best spots on earth to visit.

It uses a clever mix of algorithm + crowdsourcing + curation to locate these places, whether they are right around the corner or on the other side of the world.

Here is the short video below that takes you on a whirlwind of some of the features.

posting this news on a plane, so I may be slow in responding to questions/ideas and this sort of thing

P.S. Many upset-Android people below. Yes, an Android version is in the plans :)

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Gotham: San Francisco

Here is another photo I took last night because of Stuck On Earth. I'm going live on stage at about 3:30 PM PT today to unleash it at - feel free to come join in the fun!

The app will be released in a few weeks. You can come sign up for the private beta now at (update: we've had thousands of signups so chances are slim). But, no worries, it will be out soon enough… and the app is free. No ads or upsets or anything.

We have hardcore and casual users in there testing now to make sure it is solid and perfect for you. On the app page, you may notice some quotes from some people already testing the app like +RC Concepcion +Thomas Hawk +Nicole S. Young +Frederick Van Johnson and more.

If you're not in the Private Beta and still want to be involved early, you can perhaps be a local editor, particularly if you know your area quite well. Contact our Chief Editor +Topher Martini , and join the Flickr community at .

RIP Steve Jobs
Our world will be less interesting, less exciting, and less meaningful without you.
Sarajevo, Federacija Bosna i Hercegovina

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Sharing first to Google+ -- New Behind-the-scenes video! thx again for all the shares!

I took this on my iPod while exploring an ancient, ruined area of the Great Wall that has been overgrown and crumbles with time...

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