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A beautiful shot in its simplicity.
+Keith Bacon Thank you very much, Keith! This was at the entrance to a temple at the foothills of Mirzapur Forest, where I'd been on the birding trip on Saturday afternoon! Cheers! :-)
It could be the death knell of this string
Probably taking care of spawn 1 & 2, or taking shot of birds.
+Celeste Odono Halo! Halo! How many chimes do we have to call you, before we're favoured with your presence, Celeste?! :-)))
+Elvira Yerro I'm happy that it does, Elvira! This is at the entrance to a Hindu temple, and one is expected to ring it on arrival at the holy portals! :-)
Oh, not at all. I am just wondering why the bell was silent when it was supposedly calling for my attention. Hence I was not able to chime in earlier than I would have preferred. ;)
Let's get one thing straight, okay Jasbir? I am the top brass in this household. I was just gracious enough to grant an audience to my spousal unit. Mwahahaha!

Having said that, it was nothing serious and wouldn't even take a toll on my daily musings. :)
+Jasbir S. Randhawa 
+Celeste Odono HeHe! Wow! I'm most impressed, Celeste, and that does aPEAL to me, a lot! Not sure what the RCAF spousal unit feels about it, though! Maybe he'll apPEAL to a higher authority?! :-)))
Sorry I had to peal off earlier, Jasbir. Mommy duties and all. Hehe.
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