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Reason #9203999088 I don't want a "smart" TV.
I remember a time when TVs did not need protection against viruses. #GetOffMyLawn
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Someone who gets it. Finally.
Some users are surprised at how differently designed Evernote for Android is from Evernote for iOS. Why are they so different?

TP: If we were steadfast about making them consistent, the only way we’d be able to achieve that consistency is through mediocrity. To make the experience identical is to forego the unique qualities of each platform.

AGF: The fact that Evernote embraces this philosophy is what allows our apps to feel like they were purpose built for the platform, on every platform, which we think improves usability. This is part of what makes being a designer at Evernote feel like we are constantly innovating platform-specific design. This update was no different, resulting in what we feel is a very modern Android app.
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Some of these permission descriptions don't make since for people on iPhones. Where are they reading these?

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There are only 24 hours to a day for each and every one of us. So if you have to dedicate time each and every day to fight for your right to exist in a space or industry, or spend time fighting off harassment or threats and reporting them, then that is time you cannot spend on honing your skills. That is time you cannot spend asking your mentors for advice or trying out a new programming language.

This is how the system is rigged: by making it harder for the disenfranchised to rise up and join the privileged on an equal level, it actively tries to maintain and widen the gap between the demographics.
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I want 2 hours of my life back, Rogen and Franco.

I'm now convinced that North Korea actually saw the movie and hacked Sony to save the world from seeing it, thus doing us all a huge favor.

Too bad it backfired and I felt compelled to watch something I would have probably passed on otherwise. 
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I’d like to see a culture change, and I think it starts with our current generation of programmers. We need to make it okay to say, “I just want to be a programmer.” Right now, the only option is to ‘graduate’ from programming because failure to do so is widely construed as failure to advance in your career. If you become a line manager (or the diet version, project manager), you stop writing code and become the boss. If you become an architect, you kinda-sort-usually-mostly stop writing code and kinda-sort-sometimes-maybe become sorta like a boss. But however you slice it, organizational power and writing code have historically been mutually exclusive. You can play around with teh codez early in your career, but sooner or later, you have to grow up, take your hands off the keyboard, and become a boss. You have to graduate or risk being the metaphorical ‘drop-out’ with the title “Super Principal Fellow Engineer,” who looks great on paper but is generally ignored or smiled at indulgently.
If you're a programmer, think back for a moment to the first time you hear the career question. You know the one I mean, even if you don't recognize it as the question: “do you see yourself on the architect track or the management track?” Caught off guard, you panic momentarily as you feel that ...
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Vim, intuitive? Hahaha

"Simple and intuitive key binding scheme inspired by vim" and I was all like...
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Those cases look disgusting. Yikes.
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Great offers for great food. If you are having a family outing, this probably the best Italian place to eat at. First of all, most of the waiters and waitresses I've had are friendly and accommodating, especially Timothy. Second, for dinners at least, your table orders food "family style" - this means you choose entrées for 2 or more people and it comes in a large bowl or plate. The savings really stack up when you get offers - either sign up for their email club or look for Google Offers.
• • •
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A decent price for a good selection of pizza. The salad bar was a nice touch, and I really enjoyed the dessert pizzas.
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I really enjoyed this museum. The price isn't too bad, especially if you are a student, and the total geek package comes with an awesome poster of programming languages. It was really awesome to see the different pieces of Computer Science evolve through the ages as I walked through the museum. This is a must-see attraction if you are in the Bay Area and are even in the least bit interested in computers.
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Really, really great food at a nice price. Our waiter was really nice, and the food portions were big and fulfilling. The gelato was a nice finish.
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The mini-golf courses are really fun. Food is a bit expensive, but nothing out of the ordinary for a place like this.
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Hires Big H is awesome! I really love their burgers and the frosted-mug root beer! If you want a diner-style burger joint, this is a good one to go to. Protip: onion rings on a burger are a must.
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