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For my photography friends. We all know how hard it is to get on your feet with a start-up!
Hello, fellow photographers and friends. Please help fund my indiegogo page to get my business off the ground! 

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+MilkMan Pictures , JPK, and I talk about our experiences with +Destiny the Game .  Unlike the reviewers, we love the game! We also have a few extra guests join us to add their two cents.  Are you enjoying Destiny?
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This week's podcast is mainly about +Destiny the Game !  As a general consensus, we all really have a lot of fun with the game.  Do you agree with our complaints?  We also have a PC gamer talk about a few of the titles he's been spending some quality time with.
#destinythegame   #ps4   #podcast   #gaming   #pcmasterrace   

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Episode 28 is up! Give it a listen and add some feedback please.
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A new episode of the Couch Co-Op Podcast is up!
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A new episode is up! My first time behind the camera!
Join us in the latest episode of the Couch Co-Op Show! In this episode we talk about a little bit of everything. Our friend Jason is given a proper farewell.
#southpark #drinking #bardis

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Our latest episode of Shoot the Sh!t!
Shoot the shit with us in episode 15 of our show! Don't forget to subscribe at
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