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Jarrett Neil Ridlinghafer
Works at Synapse Synergy Group, Inc
Attended Northern Arizona University
Lives in Tucson Arizona
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  • Northern Arizona University
    European History
  • Pima Community College
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December 13, 1961
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Neil Ridlinghafer
Founder & CTO of Synapse Synergy Group, Inc. | Visionary Technology Leader | 25+ Years in High-Tech | Specializing in Cloud & Data-Center Infrastructures | Executive Strategic Technology Consultant | Inventor & Entrepreneur with 6 Starups Founded | Two Patented Inventions | Two offers of VC funding
Inventor and Entrepreneur, Jarrett Neil Ridlinghafer (AKA Neil Ridlinghafer) has founded six businesses, DSL Designs, Inc. where he served more than 2000 DSL Customers and over 500 Business Class Web Customers in Silicon Valley for almost 5 years and brought the first Fiber Optic Network into Los Gatos California where he built a NOC and Call Center and where two of his first customers were Netflix and Steve Wozniak.  He also founded NextGNet, Inc. a Broadband to the Home/Smart-Home company, and Wood Stabilization Solutions International where he designed, developed, patented and manufactured the first ever impregnation/stabilization systems for small businesses, selling over 100 units around the world before the economy forced him to sell the business to another company. 

Since then he has founded T3DP, Inc. the first ever 100% 3D Printed Firearms Company & Is now in the midst of the first ever 100% Virtual Think-Tank/Incubator/Accelerator Business Model called Synapse Synergy Group, Inc. which has so far been the most fun and exciting adventure of his life and career!

He also invented the first plug-n-play firewall router which he coined "DSL Lightning" in 1999-2000 which he pitched to the largest VC firm in Silicon Valley KPCB, who immediately offered to fund his invention on the spot if he would separate it from his ISP business he had started. Jarrett made what he calls today the "biggest mistake of my career" and being young and head strong he turned them down and walked away from the invention which would have beat 2-Wire to market and changed his life forever.

Jarrett has spent 25+ years building a solid career in the high-tech industry where, being completely self-taught, he worked his way up from Technical Support Engineer to CTO beginning in 1992 as a " Support Administrator" for the largest BBS in Tucson Arizona "Digital Concepts" just prior to the Internet Boom caused by the first web browser "mosaic". There he was mentored by fellow high-tech aficionado Gabriel Velasquez and was able to work his way up to "Server Administrator" within two years. In 1994 he received a phone call from a hiring manager "John Brand" at Netscape Communications Corp. and after a 30 minute Interview he was offered a full-time position as a "Technical Support Engineer" if he could be at their Silicon Valley HQ location the following Monday for work. Jarrett threw everything into his car the following day, a Friday, and drove from his hometown of Tucson, Arizona to Mountain View, California where he spent the next 5 years (from 1994-1999) working with the most influential people, helping to build a 100 employee startup into a World Leading Software Company with over 3500 Employees in only 5 years. It was a period where Netscape saw the largest IPO in History and radically changed the world forever. Mr Ridlinghafer was right in the middle of that whirlwind which was later coined the "Internet Revolution". He claims those five years were the most fun he has ever had in his 25+ year career.

While at the Mountain View Campus. (he was employee number 12 within the World-Wide Technical Support Department, and Employee number 121 overall) Jarrett Ridlinghafer worked his way from Technical Support Engineer, to Manager, World Wide Support Operations position where he was instrumental in saving the company in excess of 20 million annually in support costs through his numerous operational infrastructure solutions including many firsts ever in corporate america. Mr Ridlinghafer accomplished this through the management of a number of extremely large and high-profile Projects such as developing the First ever Artificial Intelligence (AI) Automated-Email Response System with a company called Aptex which had received permission from the National Security Administration (NSA) to take its AI Algorithms which had been developed to track terrorist related keywords throughout the internet, into the commercial market. Mr. Ridlinghafer worked for two years with Aptex founders and developers to modify their product to work with emails and taking it from alpha, through beta and all the way into production over a period of 24 months he was able to drastically reduce the cost of supplying free email technical support to Netscape's millions of users world-wide.

While at Netscape he also Project Managed the following:
  • Creator of the Netscape Champions Program
    • So successful it was written up in both the San Jose Mercury News & The book "Netscape Time" by Jim Barksdale
    • Its still alive today as the Mozilla Champions and was the precursor to most of the social support programs on the Internet today
  • Coined the Phrase "Bugs Bounty" after coming up with the complete Bugs Bounty idea on his own and receiving permission to "run with it". A massively successful program that today is part of every major software development company in the word. From Google to Amazon, practically every software company has their own "Bugs Bounty" program today
  • Managed the first ever Certificate Server & Browser Tests
    • Working with the NSA and the Stealth Mode Start-up "Verisign" at the time they successfully demonstrated both Browser and Server certificate Registration tests for the first time.
  • Managed the development from scratch of a massive in-house Call-Tracking System
    • In support of the World-Wide Support, Customer Service, Marketing and Sales Departments Jarrett Neil Ridlinghafer project managed, over an 18 month period the development from concept to production of a full in-house call-tracking and reporting system
Mr Ridlinghafer was Awarded the prestigious "Netscape Above & Beyond Award" for his efforts and consistently won the highest ratings from peers each year during peer reviews while winning consistent accolades from strategic customers for his top notch and personalized technical support work. When he started at Netscape there were less than 150 employees, when he left there were over 3500 world-wide.

After his stint at Netscape he moved with his Fiance to Los Gatos, California where he was told he could only receive dial-up internet service. That was not acceptable after spending 5 years on an OC48 connection at Netscape, he decided that if he and the rest of the City of Los Gatos could not get DSL service then he wold provide it himself. He cashed in his Netscape stock and learned how to build a Data-Center & NOC from scratch, after starting the business initially out of his home. Within the first year he had a 50 strand phone cable running into his house along with 6 full racks of networking, server and storage equipment, 3 satellite backbones on the roof of his home and was providing DSL guaranteed installed within 10 days, to anyone in Los Gatos, California who wanted it. He also brought the first Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multi-Point Wireless into the city and his first Wireless customer was Steve Wozniak of Apple and his first Satellite customer was Netflix who required large satellite feeds to handle all the video data being transferred which, was how media companies transferred their data at the time as ip traffic was extremely expensive at that time in the 90's.

His customers were so happy and impressed they became his investors and he was able to raise close to a million dollars in working capital selling stock to his happy customers who would show up at his home, typically unannounced and wish to shake his hand.

He eventually located an office building in Los Gatos and brought the first fiber optic connection into the city in order to build from scratch a complete Data-Center and Call Center & NOC for his Broadband ISP. Within 2 years he was serving more than 2000 DSL Subscribers and over 500 business Website hosting customers while also providing both point-to-point and point-to-multi-point wireless connectivity. With his first business becoming profitable within the first year and a half, DSL Designs was able to reach revenues of 24 million annually within 5 years and was successfully sold in 2004 to South Valley Internet and by then Jarrett had moved his family back to Arizona where he tried his hand at the Restaurant business with a partner.

In 2004 Mr. Ridlinghafer received a call from a friend stating he had a hiring manager who wanted to speak to him about a hush-hush project. Agreeing to speak to this person he was informed that SCEA had decided to "compete with Microsoft X-Box Live" and they (the Foster City, California HQ Campus) were tasked with building out the Data-Center infrastructure to support the launch of the PS3 in 18 months with the live PS3 Online Production Infrastructure, and would he be interested in managing the build-out for them. After a 90 minute phone interview (His second full-time high-tech role and his second hired with only a single phone call) with the executives at SCEA Mr. Ridlinghafer was offered the position and flew back to Silicon Valley to begin the 18 month Sony PS3 Online Gaming Data-Center build-out to coincide with the launch of the PS3 Game Console. Spending a little over 2 years there he successfully completed the hugely critical and high-profile PS3 Online Data-Center build-out in time for the highly publicized PS3 launch in 2006. The complete data-center was designed and built by Mr Ridlinghafer from scratch everything from the initial design layout, power layout and architecture to every piece of software and hardware.

By this time Mr. Ridlinghafer had designed and built two world-class data-centers from scratch, both in the heart of Silicon Valley, founded two startups and patented the first ever plug-play firewall router and been offered substantial VC funding twice, once by the largest VC firm in Silicon Valley KPCB, which he subsequently turned down & walked away from.

Since 2006 Mr. Ridlinghafer has spent his time Designing and Developing both SaaS & Cloud Data Centers and Corporate IT Infrastructures although his passion lies with the cutting-edge customer facing Data-Center builds. Jarrett Neil Ridlinghafer has spent nearly his entire 25+ year career taking Startup Company infrastructures to the "Next Level" and/or designing and building SaaS & Cloud Data Centers in order primarily, to deliver software to the external customer, in a world-class 24x7x365 environment which is Reliable (with the ability to meet 100% up-time SLA's), Fast, Efficient and fully Compliant with both PCI & SOX as well as Highly Secure and able to pass Symantec, VISA & Master Card Security Audits.

He does not buy into the industry standard of "four nines" up-time (99.99%) which he calls "An Industry Cop-out for sub-par performance". He believes and has proven that the technologies and techniques he has perfected are capable of sustained 100% up-time percentages when implemented properly, and is on a crusade to teach this philosophy of "Exceptionalism" to others.

His passions and strengths are:
  • Exceptional Team Development, Employee Mentoring & Training
  • Highly Proficient Problem Solver & Troubleshooter with the ability to rapidly identify deficiencies as well as inefficiencies and apply innovative solutions
  • Called a "Visionary Leader" by some, with a "Lead from the front" attitude and the ability to motivate team members, create innovative partnerships and provide strategic technology vision and road map
  • Hands-On Executive having been self taught in everything he knows and having worked his way up from the bottom Mr Ridlinghafer is as comfortable racking and configuring an F5 BigIP LTM or Cisco PIX-ASA firewall as he is delivering a multimillion dollar presentation to the Board of Directors or a VC partner
  • Entrepreneur assisting startups in both key executive & advisory roles while still pursuing his own startup ideas
  • Considers himself an "Idea Person" with multiple patented inventions and ideas being brainstormed at all times
  • Subject Matter Expert on everything "Infrastructure" related
  • Specializing within Cloud & Data-Center Infrastructures
  • Cloud Security & Compliance issue becoming a special "crusade" of his where he has been quoted long before Steve Wozniak, as saying that the "Cloud Hype & lies and the VC community throwing money at young inexperienced "WebApp" companies have created a Security & Infrastructure Crisis within the industry which I am working to educate people about"

Hobbies include:

  • Travel
  • Jazz &  Blues Music
  • The Symphony
  • Technology
  • Gourmet Cooking
  • Fast Cars
  • Fast Motorcycles
  • Collecting Books, Watches, Knives, Firearms, Muscle Cars, Antique Motorcycles, Wine & Fine Art
  • High-Tech Toys
  • High-Fidelity Stereo Equipment (Tube Amps & High-end Speakers such as Spendor, Martin Logan, Klipsch Horn, Etc)
  • Scuba Diving (Been dreaming of learning for twenty years and finally moving to Florida where I will be able to make that dream a reality)
  • Skiing (snow and water)
  • Tennis
  • Racquetball
  • Golf
  • Running
  • Horses & Riding
  • Swimming
  • Surfing (want to learn)
  • Walking
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • And most of all traveling to new places, experiencing new cultures and meeting new people around the world

I am a huge History buff with my College Major being European History and my speciality of interest in the Middle Ages and the 100 Year Wars between the small island nation of Britain and the European Continent where they fought the French and just about everyone else and where 2000 "Long Bows" and less than 1000 English Knights and Men-at-Arms defeated 30,000 French Knights and Men-at-Arms at Crecy, Poitier's and Agincourt to name a few the English Archer became so feared they we're tortured, skinned alive and their "Finger" cut off and stuck where the sun doesn't shine among other things...they were truly the most hated enemy on any battlefield in history because they could even take down the highest royalty of the world with an ash stick, feathers,'s where the term "giving them the finger" came into being because the bow finger became the most feared weapon on the battle field and the archers would show it to the enemy as a sort of salute and to scare them, able to pierce full plate armor when the arrow tip was hardened properly and not cheaply done to save money...greed was just as bad 1500 years ago as it is today, if not worse and the soldier on the battlefield is the one who suffers for the armorers greed, same as today and the many scandals of defunct helmets and vests for our troops, etc.

We can learn a great deal from history, how the Dark Ages went from performing brain surgery and open heart surgery in Rome and Egypt and Greece and Persia to believing that water was harmful and baths came from satan to believing that draining a persons blood (bleeding) was the cure-all and the most healthy thing you could do to an injured person as it "removed the foul humors from the body" it was indeed a "Dark" period of world history...where a female Saint in the 3rd century AD on her death bed stated "I can feel good I've never bathed once my entire life"

I hope we meet on some far away peak, on this journey and adventure we call "life". Until then my friend...



Bragging rights
Founder of Five High-Tech Startup Businesses, Inventor of Two Patentable Inventions, Creator of "Bugs Bounty", Creator of "Netscape Champions", Creator of the first ever Artificial Intelligence Automated Email Response System, Builder of the SaaS Data-Center which was selected to Host the OBAMA.MOBI website for the 2008 Presidential Campaign & he Creator of the Sony PS3 Online Data-Center for the launch of the PS3 Console in 2006
Director, Network Operations & IT, Entrepreneur, Custom Knife Maker & Forger, Inventor
  • Synapse Synergy Group, Inc
    Founder & CEO, 2013 - present
    Founder of a unique Think-Tank Group "http://SynapseSynergyGroup.Com" which will consist of brilliant, cutting-edge, entrepreneurs, scientists, inventors, business men & women all of whom are or have been transformative leaders in a multitude of functional areas such as: Nanotechnology, Robotics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Big-Data, Cloud Technology, Electronic Commerce, Science, Investment & Finances, Communications, Internet, Social Media & Marketing, Startups, HR & Recruitment, Gaming, Software Development, Legal, Security & Compliance, Governance & Risk Management, Venture funding and especially Business Our primary purpose will be to meet quarterly and for seven days, to brainstorm new ideas, select the best one from the list, apply our new & unique startup model to formulate a business, financial & action plan. Our week long brainstorming sessions to be held at a different group member city each time, within a nice resort within that city and expected to be extremely intense, passionate, informative and extremely enjoyable for every member. The company will also create it's own "Investment Fund" which will enable it to kickstart each new idea with "seed capital" and along with the experienced guidance, expertise and leadership of our group members, we believe we will be able to launch extremely successful Startups from Scratch on a continuous basis.
  • Sony Pictures Entertainment
    Lead Data Center Architect, 2010 - 2011
  • iLoop Mobile, Inc.
    Director Network Operations, 2006 - 2008
  • Sony Computer Entertainment
    PS3 Online Data Center Operations Management, 2006 - 2008
  • DSL Designs, Inc.
    Founder & CTO, 1999 - 2005
  • Netscape
    Manager, World-Wide Support Operations, 1994 - 1999
  • Digital Concepts BBS
    Server Administrator, 1992 - 1994
  • US Navy
    E3 Carrier Helmsman/Pilot, 1980 - 1983
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Oro Valley, AZ - Singapore - Japan - Philippines - Australia - Mexico - Canada - Thailand - Ft. Walton Beach, Florida - Portsmouth, New Hampshire - Little Rock, Arkansas - Merced, California - Los Angeles, California - Long Beach, California - San Jose, California -
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