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What a year 2016 has been.

There are two events in particular which stick out in my mind. The first is Brexit and the aftermath of the UK positioning itself to leave the European Union. The second is the election of Donald Trump as the next US President.

Both of these events - along with a few significant others - will continue to play out over the course of 2017. To help you navigate the priorities of the major central banks for next year, I’ll be publishing two posts over the next couple of day with my thoughts on each of the major central banks and their respective currencies.

The first post is below and details my thoughts on the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England and the European Central Bank.

If you want more detailed analysis, please join my Facebook Group. This is the community where I’ll be sharing some more insights with throughout next year.

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The Federal Reserve has recently hiked rates to 0.75%. So can we expect further increases during 2017? Well, I’m fairly confident that Donald Trump’s election victory make further US interest rates more likely in 2017.

But it’s not just my instinct which is giving me this feeling, it’s the behaviour of investors and where they are moving their capital. Since Donald Trump's election, global bonds have lost over £1 trillion in value during a significant investor sell-off. They’ve started moving their capital into equities, believing that Trump will create a domestic framework which is very pro-business.

Investors think Trump will implement inflationary policies, increasing the chances of interest rates rising. However, this all depends heavily on the kind of trading arrangements he can secure with partners in North America and beyond. An insular America which starts trade wars could have an adverse impact on US employment and business spending, reducing the likelihood of a rate rise in 2017. All things considered, I’m expecting the USD to sustain its strength well into 2017.


The full effect of Brexit has yet to unfold - and early 2017 will very much be dominated by the timing of Article 50 being triggered and the subsequent formal negotiations with the EU. With the UK economy continuing to show resilience following the Brexit vote, expectations for any immediate easing by the Bank of England have now completely diminished.

Considering the Bank of England’s increasing concerns over inflation, there is currently no clear bias in regards to future monetary policy expectations. Risks to the UK economy remain to the downside, with the UK/EU negotiations likely to play a pivotal role once underway. Inflation data should be watched very closely and poses a significant risk to my current view.


With the ECB extending its QE programme and presenting a dovish tone at their December meeting, my fundamental bearish bias for the euro has increased even further and I expect the euro to remain pressured for the foreseeable future.

There are a few primary reasons for this. The first is that employment in the Eurozone has decreased to its lowest level in seven years at 9.8% for October 2016. The second is the stability of the European Union following Brexit. My feeling is that the UK referendum and subsequent negotiations will give rise to nationalist sentiment spreading across other EU countries - such as France, Italy and the Netherlands.


I’ll publish PART TWO of this post in the next few days. Remember, if you want more detailed analysis throughout 2017, please join my Facebook Group >
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Hello! In today's article I will be discussing another type of support and resistance tool that I keep a close eye on: trend lines.
#technicalanalysis #trendlines

Second part of the blog-series about technical analysis and, particularly, how I use trend lines to improve my Forex trading performance.
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Our professional Forex analyst, Chris, has just come up with an amazing trade idea.

Trade Idea: USD/CAD
Technical - Inter-Market Idea
Entry Range - 1.3196 - 1.3205
Target Range 1.3134 - 1.3126 (Adjust for corrective high)
Stop Loss @ 1.3235

Oil has continued to see support, which we would expect to put some downside pressure on this pair at some point. The USD/CAD is coming off of a strong daily resistance, and has developed a possible "kings crown" on the hourly chart.

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Hello guys! In this blog I am going to explain what is Average Daily Range and why using ADR purely for profit targets is a better idea than trying to cram it into every possible trading scenario.
#averagedailyrange #forextips
The Average Daily Range seems to be tantalizing to use in everyday trading. But it isn't that simple and in this blog I am going to tell you why.
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As with all professions; with good, there has to come some bad, and this post will take you through the far less glamorous side of Forex trading and the stress that comes with it!
In this post we will look at the main types of issues and stresses that traders face when starting professional Forex trading career.
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Hello everybody! This should be an interesting week with several central bankers scheduled to speak at different venues. Also on tap, inflation data from the Eurozone, U.S., and Japan.
#centralbanks #inflation #forexnews
One of the world's best traders provides his insight on this week's Forex News in order to improve your Forex News Trading Strategy.
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Hi! This post will give an insight into the concept of testing a strategy and how you can avoid the common pitfall of curve fitting, which can have a devastating impact on your trading account if left unchecked.
#tradingstrategy #forextips
In this blog post I am going to teach you my approach to testing a trading strategy and how to avoid common mistakes of curve fitting.
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Want to improve your trading? Learn the insider secrets of how to successfully profit from inter-market analysis by registering to our free webinar hosted by Paul Sanders and Chris Mathis now.
#forexsignals #tradingstrategy

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What I want to know is How can I use what you teach to make actual trading decisions?
How does your course work, I mean in a practical way? Give me an example please.
Thank you
Rodolfo Espino
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Hello everybody! I have launched a new campaign in Twitter, where I will be posting actual trading signals throughout a day. Check it out and subscribe!
Chris has just come up with a trade idea. Want to know more about Chris' trading? Register to his free webinar: · Embedded image. 3. Jarratt Davis. 4h4 hours ago. Jarratt Davis @JarrattDavis. Sentiment on USD/JPY is looking very bullish right now.
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Hello everybody! With this post I will start looking at the most important technical methods professional traders employ to consistently pull profits from the market. To be continued...
#forextips #tradingstrategy

First part of the blog-series about the simplest yet most effective tool in my toolbox: horizontal support and resistance levels.
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Hello guys! This week begins a new trading month, with the main event being the U.S. labor report on Friday. Other featured events will be the RBA rate decision, U.S. ISM data, UK Services PMI, and the Canadian jobs report.
#forexnews #tradingstrategy
One of the world's best traders provides his insight on this week's Forex News in order to improve your Forex News Trading Strategy
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The internet is full of get rich quick promises and the so called investment professionals seem to state that day-trading is a losing game, so who should you believe and what is the truth about day-trading for a living?
#daytrading #forextips
In this blog post I want to talk with about what is the truth about day-trading for a living and whom you should believe.
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