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Jarod Cerf
"Children have no curve to their ambition: it just flies, upward, fire in a crisp and bright balloon."
"Children have no curve to their ambition: it just flies, upward, fire in a crisp and bright balloon."

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Author, "The Onion" contributor, and former McKinsey consultant +Eric Brach shares his take on Net Neutrality
Should broadband be a utility? And how much are you willing to pay for it?
As the co-author of Conquering the Electron: The Geniuses, Visionaries, and Scoundrels Who Built our Electronic Age, a book he affectionately refers to as "one part 'How It Works' and one part TMZ-style exposé", former McKinsey consultant and USC alum Eric Brach is an outspoken advocate for Net Neutrality and open, affordable, and well-regulated broadband services:
"Thirty years ago, only a few people could have foreseen the kind of electronic- and computer-based commerce that we have right now; fifteen years ago, we’d have said the same for services like Paypal, Google Wallet or Apple Pay that allow people to use their phones and take banks out of the equation. There’s always going to be something new and unexpected around the corner."
To learn more about the how and the why behind our everyday technology (and how the majority of progress is still an outgrowth our own personal desires), you can buy Conquering the Electron at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Indiebound, or contact Eric Brach at
You can also hear Eric talk about his favorite stories, including Galvani's dancing frog and the now-legendary "War of Currents" between Edison and Tesla, on my podcast, "In Character, Episode 1: The Wizards Who Gave Us Power".

Happy reading, all.  And as always, feel free to leave your insights, thoughts, and ideas in the comments.


As a team of creatives, strategists, and problem solvers at PB and J Consulting we're always collecting stories on success (and sometimes failure) as well as what works in PR, Marketing, and Social Media.

For our summer courses, we'll be exploring how your social media content and strategy should form around 'your business' (or what you do, for whom, and why?).  

We'll also provide some tools and advice on how to improve engagement with your market (or audience) and a few thought provokers to inspire new ideas (including the one below):

"As a professional, business owner, or personal brand, what do you do that you can share online?"

So if you have a story to tell (or a reply to the provoker up above) you're welcome to post a comment or contact us at:

We'd love to share yours.

Managing Partner
PB and J Consulting
"Your Quick Bites Agency"

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A year of snark I give in cards comes back to bite me.

#birthday #wishes
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Was your last social media campaign not socialized well? Did it bite you back? Feed at strange hours? Or cost you more money than you wanted to spend?

Whether it's for lead generation, brand awareness, audience engagement or sales, there should always be an end goal to which social media you use.

Join PB and J Consulting in partnership with Serendipity Labs as we show you how to create simple messages that resonate deeply and build a social media strategy that will serve as a natural extension of your daily business routine.

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Truman house at the 5th Annual Cardinal McCloskey Community Services Walkathon for #AutismAwarenessMonth at +Iona Prep
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Before we get into storytelling, we’ll sit with the team and say, “Okay, why does the world need this? What is going to change in a person’s life if they have this? What’s unique about this? What’s truly great about it?” There has to be substance there.

+Lorraine Twohill

Great interview and wonderfully succinct. 

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I applaud the man who can face his own impending end with such eloquence.

My hat's off to you, +Oliver Sacks. I've learned much from your work and I hope to continue.

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A rather scathing take on Phillip Morris International's branding and activities by comedian John Oliver on #LastWeekTonight.

Can't say it's entirely unearned, though.

Still, I don't envy the PR folks who were called on to answer his cries.

#Marlboro #DontBeAMaybe

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Second day Valentine's with the family. Think they know me well? :)
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