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Jari Jokela
Lives in Vantaa, Suomi


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Interest in everything online.

I am well organized and like to plan ahead carefully (road map). Diligent and persevering by nature, I have a strong sense of duty and once I have started a task, I will feel compelled to see it through to the end. I have interest towards innovations and technology. Making things happen and making decisions are the areas where I am strong. My language skills are good and ICT knowledge and skills at least good. Understanding the business processes outside in meaning looking at things is "big picture into tiny details". I do like tasks where you can analyse matters and using this analysis you can make business plans accordingly. Truly ambitious (I want leave my mark), honest, ethical, hard working, fast learner, innovative, interested about innovations and a thinking (problem solving) kind of personality.  

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Jari Jokela

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