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Daria Musk - Google+ Timeline

Please check +Daria Musk Google+ history, it´s a very interesting Google+ adventure :)
Waking up to your amazing messages, photos, videos, first-single suggestions and stories from last night's concert makes this the most beautiful morning/afternoon of my life.

As I'm starting to read I'm crying, I'm laughing, I'm bouncing around... You move me! ;-)
2011-07-24 21:00:48
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If we'd just met in a coffee shop, or a Hangout and you asked me "What's up?"
I'd take a deeeeeep breath and ask how much time you had to spend. ;-)
Then I'll tell you my that life changed overnight this summer because of a place called Google+, a thing called "Hangouts" and some people named "G+niuses".

The Call That Changed It All
My big brother called as I was on my way to play a show in the middle of nowhere NY, in the rain... He said, "Do you need an invitation to Google+? Maybe you could be one of the first new musicians on there."

I said, "What the heck is Google+? I gotta get in the car and make soundcheck!"

After a lifetime of practicing, writing songs, singing for the trees, and dreaming big... Something was about to change.

Here's the now kinda infamous photo of me lugging my amps through the rain that night... Something I don't have to do when I play Hangout Concerts here on G+ for you G+rgeous people all over the world.

+Daria Musk
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