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Gplustip :)

Have a nice weekend and good night / morning / whatever time it is in your timezone!
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1.give a kiss to your hand(left hand)
2.say the name of your crush or love
3.close your hand
4.say the name of a weekday
5.say your name your hand
7.paste this in 15 comments and the day you said (step #4) will tell you she/he likes you and you will be asked to be engaged or a couple. If you don't do. You will suffer wrong doing on 3 year
If the question arises, why is it like that, think Google Plus as a story book. It needs nice experiences from us to stay healthy and lively. Well, don' t we too!
+Jari Huomo, did that first and now want to show what we did, so have come here. :-)
"Finally, remember that online social networks are merely reflections of what’s happening elsewhere. Want more Twitter followers? Then do something interesting … away from Twitter." from book The $100 Startup: 
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