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My Google+ Timeline - new updates

1) Sorting: New to old - old to new and best posts first
2) Bug fix

Only public posts are shown, can´t access your private posts with API :)
First load will take some time if you have lot´s of posts so be patient.
After first load results are cached for 24 hours.
Ping to +Jaana Nyström +Ahmed Zeeshan

If you have any problems, just let me know in the comments :)
Google+ people who post the most interesting content and share the most valuable content. Now all their best posts in one page: Overload of highly quality ...
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In my timeline, posts without images have the datestamp over the first line of the post. And I guess videos are not implemented yet?

FF10.0.1 on Windows 7 64-bit, if that helps.
Thanks +Fionna O'Sullivan will check that. Your profile image was missing too, mysql did not like that ' in your last name :)

Most of the youtube links should be showing, no support for other videos yet.
Thanks +Jari Huomo, that looks much better :)

Ignore what I said about videos, I think all of mine are reshares anyway.
+Jari Huomo I prefer to read the latest news myself. :-) Everything else is new to old, blogs, mail, new sites....
+Kol Tregaskes I prefer to use Google+ when I want to read Google+ posts from newest to oldest :D
Please make it look different from Facebook. It's so traumatizing having to relate to the Facebookedness of it...
em minha pagina do My Goole+ Timiline estar tudo em branco sem postagm sem video nada aparece
I suggest that you accept input with a slash after the user number, since that's how Chrome selects it from the address bar.
92% of daily API calls used, soon loading new timelines will stop working. Try again in few hours :)
quick, put some google advertising on the side!
but they'll often pay for a generous increase in bandwidth
obrigado pela ajuda ja estar visualizando a pagina
Instead of just "Most popular first", could there also be "Most plussed first" and "Most shared first"? "Most popular first" is ruined by the posts that have a lot of comments (which often don't even concern the post).
Cool!!! The only question I have is 'When?'!!!


Edit... Suggestion... This is not just a timeline, but a sort based either on time or on popularity... which is a key strength. Probably change the name from 'Timeline' to something more Googly...
Neat idea. Really made me think abt how info display can be individualized based on users prefs. Is it one of yr themes? Can it pick up/display my comments on other's posts?
I've been hacking on the CSS and have made some improvements locally. Is there a way I can share them with you/work on it?
Love this look! I don't care if it's lifted from FB... it actually "looks" better than the FB Timeline... can't wait for a full API to use this as a homepage for my G+ profile.
When I go New To Old the timeline is wrong.
+Cassidy James please send me message using that email button found in my profile :) Before getting sued by Facebook I need to change timeline to something else .. something like Google+ Blast From The Past! Or any other ideas :D?
86% of Daily Api calls used now, so if you read this and timeline not working it´s probably because API daily limit has been reached :)
+Yonatan Zunger wrote that "I can't say that I'm crazy about the visual design... it looks so old-fashioned, somehow. " so no chance to Google would buy it :)! I could sell them my "Super secret algorithm" , it´s so secret that I cannot remember what it is!
+Jari Huomo It's a really nice site, actually – I loved going through it, and it was a compelling presentation of the information.
Awesome, glad to hear that +Yonatan Zunger ! Over 11000 visitors now in last 24 hours , +Mike Elgan share effect :D

Too bad that daily API calls are used again soon, so no new timelines for US people before daily API quota reset.
Suggestions for alternate name elements for your Timeline renaming, +Jari Huomo :)
Event chain
Post train
Daily Google+ API limit is full, I will inform when new day has started :)
No idea! Limit is first 1000 calls / day and there is a "request more" form in +Google Developers web pages and managed to get it lifted to 10000/day. That seems to be the current max . Or how about +CircleCount , how much you have :)
New day , new limits please try again :)
nice... hope it becomes official soon !
Thank you for designing this +Jari Huomo. It's very cool and a very handy tool. It's going to get a mention in my Google+ guide (will be published on Tuesday at News Junkie Post). Cheers dude.
There are now a few new sorting options:
Most plussed first (buggy, bugs in Google+ API)
Most shared first
Most commented first
(new sorting) Yes, I've noticed than already.
What about number of posts per page to display?
Feedback? It's awesome, seriously! It's the only feature I liked about Facebook and now I can have it on G+.

I really like the timeline, except the sorting doesn't appear to be correct, especially on the most popular and most shared sorts. Also, the plusses count are incorrectly showing 0 plusses for all of my posts.
I like it to see my pics as a oversight. I hope it would be a regular part of google+. Thx for your effort!
+google+ can you please integrate this functionality into native g+?
Using now to find some of my old posts - thanks for the awesome feature!
Just had a look at the timeline again, it is once again improved! Thanks so much for providing this +Jari Huomo , it is an excellent tool - how interesting to be able to find some of the aincient stuff so quickly :)
+Jari Huomo I'm back again to say, I really love my timeline Jari. It's so useful and engaging. Thank you x Heidi
+Jari Huomo - How can i apply this to my profile ? If i can that is , really liked the concept .. much easier to view that way .
Really strange ... and probably Google's fault. Some of the links in my timeline go to different articles and the dates shown ... can be wrong?

This actual G+ article from 28 Feb
appears in my timline as 2012-03-14 20:12:44, and the link goes to a completely different article of mine which contains the same hashtag.
More info - it looks like something got confused because I re-shared my own article. Took me a while to realize those two threads bear that relationship, because even though I re-shared, I used the new article to wrap one subtopic with a slightly different one.
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