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Five Best Waterfall Wednesday Photos

#waterfallwednesday curated by +Eric Leslie

Top five with at least 10 votes

1. My favorite :)
+LeeAnne Emrick
4.3077 - 26 votes

2.+mel peifer
4.2500 - 24 votes

3. +Moe Chen
4.0909 - 11 votes

4. +Ron Clifford
4.0556 - 18 votes

5. +John Dusseault
4.0000 - 15 votes

And A Special Mention to:
+donald jensen
4.3750 - 8 Votes

Next voting will be available next week here:

Need to do some fixes/improvements to my codes and will be launching another rating contest next week. Stay tuned :)
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Just a comment Jari. I didn't see some photos while going through the voting, of some photogs I have circeled that I know have the correct hashtag.
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