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No good solutions available with the current API and it´s limitations +Dusan Vrban . Or if you have good ideas let me know :) 
Best idea I have currently is to wait for better API. :) Well, ok, had some other ideas but not sure why implementing them? What do your statistics tell you about usage of these G+ content sites?

I think we're attracting just folks from G+ who consume the content through G+ itself. While it would be most probably interesting to show this content to others, who don't use it? Did you intend to go this way with this solution?
Google+ timeline is my most used tool, about 1000-1300 unique visitors / day.

Big amount is direct traffic from Google+ and lot´s of traffic from Google image search (people looking for dalai lama cute dog photos :D) .

But yes, my tools are made mainly to help my G+ usage and glad those has been helpful to other G+ users too :)
That's quite a number, very cool. And yeah, people are missing FB timeline most probably. :)))
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