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Trending on YouTube Finland - Paavo & butterfly

Paavo ja Perhonen
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Jari Huomo

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Great pix,so happy,
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Good Cop Pull Over Prank

Just the looks on peoples faces makes this video priceless :)

"Break is changing the way people look at pranks with its inaugural "Prank it Fwd" week of positive pranks. We are pulling over random strangers and handing out tickets for positive behavior. This is the one time you'll be happy to see those red and blue lights flashing in your rear view mirror."
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We got that in our country, but not as a prank: Cops sometimes do campaigns where they eg stop people by the school crossing and give out kudos, roses or "positive tickets" to drivers who stop at the crossing, and things like that.
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Jari Huomo

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Life is not made up of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years, but of moments.

Small and big moments from our last 9 years in a three minute video.

Music by John Legend. 
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Hi Jsri Huomo how u
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Choose to make your life a story worth telling.

As humans, we are natural storytellers, and the tales of our experiences are ones that we should be excited to tell. Although most great stories require overwhelming odds of failure, it’s within the contours of uncertainty that life’s magic is discovered. Fight for what you believe in and surround yourself with people who help you grow. Because one day all of your possessions will fade away, but the strength of your legacy and the story of your life will remain. Make it a beautiful one.

From +Adam Braun
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Inspiring thought!
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Jari Huomo

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Book I liked - The How of Happiness: A New Approach to Getting the Life You Want
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I'm reading a similar book about joyful life: A Guide to Good Life. We should compare notes :) what does your book say? 
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Jari Huomo

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Math apps for kids - iPad

Animals are having a race, help your animal to win 
by answering math questions as quick as possible. 

Compete against your best time or challenge your friend or parents in a multiplayer mode! 

Get for free with my codes :)

Animal Race: Learn to Count to 10

Animal Race: Learn Times Tables
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4 kids were used as a beta tester, next time have to use 8 since one nasty bug was still in the app. Thanks for +Mikko Saari for letting me know about it , update waiting for Apple approval :)

Unfortunately no Android version coming +Rene Rendic , iPad only.
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Jari Huomo

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WWDC 2014 registration open

Next year I will try my luck with the WWDC ticket lottery :)
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iTunes affiliate program updated

Higher 7% commission on eligible sales within a 24-hour purchase window.
Different programs merged to one program , now over 100 supported countries.

Nice affiliate program for others interested on passive income :)

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Webbisivu on vaatimus , yritys ei. (paitsi kun liikevaihtosi on yli 8500 e / vuosi joudut ilmoittamaan itsesi ALV rekisteriin :) 
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Business as an Adventure
Business as an Adventure [NEW BLOG POST]
A metaphor about business being an adventure helps me enjoy every moment of the journey. Read the post in full here on G+ or click the link to read it on my newly redesigned personal blog.

An insight came to me while I was reading the book "A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy ( 

(So much revelation in the first few pages. Go and buy it. You'll thank me later.)

Yesterday I decided I would look at the new business I'm venturing into as an adventure.

Adventure-centered attitude is the best antidote to FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt).

If my new business is an adventure, then all the obstacles in my way are what makes the adventure interesting. Something to look forward to. A valuable learning opportunity. An opportunity to feel as hero of my own story.

If, on the contrary, I perceive my new business as a potential source of anxiety because of so many unknown unknowns, I will not enjoy the journey. I will only live for that one moment in the far, far future when I will have succeeded.

But what is an adventure good for if you're not enjoying every minute of it? 

Always be yourself. Unless you can be Indiana Jones. Then always be Indiana Jones.

Doesn't Indiana Jones leave an impression of a man having a lot of fun? Even when you see him in a deep pit fighting snakes?

That's how I see myself today: as Indiana Jones. Coming to the office in the morning equals to showing up for an adventure.

Hmmm, I wonder what new insights await me as I'm writing and publishing my next newsletter issue.

I wonder what great people I might meet today on Twitter. Maybe some of them become my future friends. Maybe some of them will be delighted about the app I'm working on because it helped their business.

Who knows what this temporary setback I'm experiencing teaches me in the long run.

What is the worst that can happen if I don't set up this Facebook advertising campaign right?

An adventure-oriented attitude. It's ten times better than worrying about whether your business would lead you to where you think you'll be in two year's time. If the ability to control outcomes is an illusion anyway (see this for reference:, why force dissatisfaction on yourself? Simply relax and mindfully enjoy the ride.

Your current time and place is a page from an adventure book. You're telling your journey's story on every page of that book, not only at its end.

When I look back at the last decade of my life, I see it as an adventure in learning. What I've learned in that period helped to prepare me for the new adventure that's in front of me.

This thought alone makes me super excited about my future and super grateful about my past. If you ask me what my life's goal is, it is to live the life of no regrets and to die empty. 

Regarding regrets: so far so good :) I'm not ready to die just yet, though. I've got work to do.

You're reading my original content. If you want me to personally notify you when I publish more like this, say so in the comments to this post and I'll add you to my special subscribers circle. Thank you :)

#luckyisgood #blogplus

(notification/email disclaimer: you're receiving this because you personally requested that I notify you when I post original content. Just let me know if you want to stop receiving notifications from me.)
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