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Jarek Szczepański
Flash Platform Developer. Wannabe Java developer. Arduino hacker.
Flash Platform Developer. Wannabe Java developer. Arduino hacker.

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Smoothie project looking for talented JS Devs !
Looking for work ? Looking to help the community ? Read ahead !

The Smoothieboard has this awesome Ethernet interface that allows users to control the board with a web interface, and we have been under-utilizing that for years now. Lots of untapped potential.

We've been working on a really great project called fabrica. Think of it as what you get with a classic reprap monochrome LCD screen, but using a web interface, and 100x better.
Github :
Presentation :

We are looking for people to help us as volunteers ( it's an Open-Source project a lot of people want to exist ), but we are also looking for people who would be ready to work on this for hire ( on a per-bounty basis ).

If you are a web developer with good javascript knowledge, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Please reshare ! ( like : don't +1, reshare, you'd really be helping :) Please, pretty please ! )

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Ever wondered what's going on in the Smoothie project right now ?
I made a page with a list of the major on-going projects :

Lots of information, and lots of opportunities to help ! Pick something and come join us, we have some pretty bold goals and we need hands and brains !

( also please reshare :) now, not after clicking the link or you'll forget )

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so many awesome new features!

After 3 years it's time to retire my #E3D v4.1 hotend... another 2-3 hours print ended with clogged nozzle.... time to test V6 Lite :) #3dprinting 

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I really like what WeMos has done with their D1 mini +ESP8266   board and shields. It's small, it's cheap, it's modular, and it basically works out of the box.

Tested with +Arduino tutorial, but they also have documentation for NodeMCU

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For all non-germans: I relaunched my blog as a bilingual one.
Check out the english version of the DICE!

just squashed nasty bug in #Replicape firmware #Redeem! super happy! :)
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