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My new circle: Photographers on Pinterest

It's really hard to find photographers on Pinterest, so I've decided to create and share a Google+ circle for this. Are you into photography? Do you want to be included in the circle? Do this:

1) Share the link to YOUR Pinterst profile in the comments below the original post:

Old post (the comments limit reached):

2) Share the original post publicly with your G+ audience.

I'll add all the users who fulfill both conditions into my Photographers on Pinterst circle and I'll share the circle publicly on February 21.

Feel free to follow my Pinterest profile or my TOP Google+ Photos pinboard . You aren't obligated to do this to be included in the circle.

If you need a Pinterest invitation, share your email here. I'm sure there will be enough Pinterest users who will be willing to invite you.

#pinterest #photography #photographers
Jarek is using Pinterest, an online pinboard to collect and share what inspires you.
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I was not sure I would like Pinterest, but have actually found it to be be really cool. I have boards to collect images that inspire me, photographers I admire, and books, tutorials, and gear I find helpful. The nice thing is that it is less transitory than most social media.
Thanks for adding me, Jarek! :)
I'm like the rest, and just starting with Pinterest. I really like the ease of using it with the Chrome browser since i've always got the button handy. My Pinterest page is
Thanks for your post and it WAS great advice to join Pinterest for photographers and artists. I appreciate you circling me Jarek!
Anybody has some invitation left? I would be much obliged. EDIT: Thank you, this was quick :)
+Adam Kumiszcza Invite Sent! :)
Ale chyba tam nie trzeba zaproszeń
Ja się zalogowałem ze strony głównej bez zaproszenia za pomoca konta FB
Ok first impression was a shock but when I went to the photography section I kind of liked it! Who is going to be kind to invite me to join? So I can understand it better and have a go??? My email is
So can someone send me an invite?
+Josh Davis I think you can just go to the Pinterest site and click the button that asks for an invitation. They got back to me in a day or two.
+Josh Davis There is a faster way - give me your email, I'll invite you, and you can join immediately.
Anybody have an invitation? -> trmanco (@) gmail . com Thanks!
I've been on Pinterest for some time now, perhaps slightly before it went nuts:
I haven't habitually pinned like some friends but there is some great photography on the site
None of the photographers are concerned that Pinterest's TOS gives them the right to sell your images? It's totally turned me off them until they fix that glitch.
I know I'm coming late to the party boys and girls but mine is here - mostly London, England but I do get about elsewhere, particularly in the UK >>>>>
Anyone have an Pinterest invite they could share with me? I would really appreciate. Thanks!
+Doug Maffett Hey, if you still need that Pinterest invite lemme know. I can send one but not sure how to. Any way you can lemme know your email so i can send an invite?
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