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My new circle: Photographers on Pinterest

It's really hard to find photographers on Pinterest, so I've decided to create and share a Google+ circle for this. Are you into photography? Do you want to be included in the circle? Do this:

1) Share the link to YOUR Pinterst profile in the comments below the original post:

2) Share the original post publicly with your G+ audience.

I'll add all the users who fulfill both conditions into my Photographers on Pinterst circle and I'll share the circle publicly on February 21.

Feel free to follow my Pinterest profile or my TOP Google+ Photos pinboard . You aren't obligated to do this to be included in the circle.

If you need a Pinterest invitation, share your email here. I'm sure there will be enough Pinterest users who will be willing to invite you.

#pinterest #photography #photographers
Jarek is using Pinterest, an online pinboard to collect and share what inspires you.
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Has a good format, will rock soon!
I too, have been waiting for my "invite..."

Maybe that's why it's hard to find us. ;)
My email (for those kind enough to invite me!)
Very kind of you. Thank you! I've been enjoying it. Please feel free to follow me, and also willing to invite people who want to leave their email addresses. If you prefer you can email your address to me at whatever works for ya. :)
Does anyone have an extra invite? Thanks in advance!
I've browsed through all the names above and everybody who shared the Pinterest link has been added to my Photographers on Pinterest circle.

Some users didn't share the original post publicly. I'm sure you will share it soon.
Question to +Jarek Klimek - I am going to start going wild with Pinterest today. After I put a bit on my pinterest (listed above) did you mean to share this particular post? (just making sure I have it right!)
Hi guys, could someone send me an pinterest invitation, please? Thanx :)
Love Pinterest and it is a fantastic tool to find great work from very talented photographers. As a wedding photographer, it helps me to find some inspiration. Here's my Pinterest profile:
I haven't started any photography boards yet because when I browsed the "Photography" category it was all either 1. not photography, or 2. terrible.

So although I doubt I'll be sharing my own photography there (will share my art eventually though), I'd love to connect with some photographers.
Oh checkedy-check all this madness out! Great to see so many photographers on Pinterest! And I think we all need to be friends on Google+ too, eh? Anyone in particular into sports, nature, landscape, or photojournalistic approach? I'd love to see more in particular (but happy to be connected to all!)
Just shared the link. I was called away and only added and didn't get a chance to share until now. Sorry for the confusion
Still awaiting a reply to my invite request, but I'll be back here soon! (––commenting for notification of new comments here.)
Hi all. I've literally just set my account up on a recommendation from a friend so it's early days for me, but here's my account: I'd be interested to hear from others how they are finding it and what benefits they get. Is this just another fad or is it really worth the effort?
I'll have to check it out. Some coworkers told me about it and that's as far as I got! :)

Ahh looks like one needs an invite to sign up. :(
+Jarek Klimek Thank you, I got one this morning and am setting up my Pins/Boards, etc., now. I've already followed you and will be sharing this post momentarily.

I'd also like to make another observation: there are some over-the-top AWESOME photographers who have responded in this thread! I already had many circled, but if I circled/followed on Pinterest today, it's because I found you here. :) Thanks again, Jarek, for posting this!
Wow, that's pretty impressive stuff, +Wendy Walker Cushing. Thanks for the link, I'm going to spend a bit of time exploring it this weekend and start adding people from this thread too!
I'd like an invite if someone has one. Still on a waiting list. Thanks!
I'd love to, but I don't have a Pinterest invite :(
I have invites if anyone needs one
My first thought was also "hmm maybe a way to find my way back to all those gorgeous photos I found on G+" - but I'm still on the waiting list If anyone has a invite to spare
My email for a kindly invitation. THX!:
thanks to everyone who will send me and invitation: alessandro dot torri at gmail dot com
and thanks to +Jarek Klimek of course
can someone invite me ? would be superb :) thanks in advance
Oops, looks like I will have to complete my present pinterest. Thanks for the jog on my memory!
anyone with a spare invite for a poor photographer..? lol Thanks muchly... :D
hello everyone! would love to join but I need an invite ;) thanks guys!
I'm thinking this will be a great place to collect those idea boards for future shoots. Can I get an invite?
FYI, for those that are interested, I discovered a feature flaw, and wanted to bring it to your attention, in case it saves you all some time when pinning. At present, you can easily re-order your boards in a different layout; however, you can't move your pins around within a board. Trying to move a pin to a different location after it is in the board can break the links, thereby leaving just a JPEG and no website URL connected to it.

The easiest workaround for this is to plan your board out in advance, and work backwards, uploading the bottom pins first, so that the most recent uploads will appear at the top of your board. Hope this helps at least one person avoid the mistakes I made setting up mine!
Anyone have an invite available? Not sure how long the waiting game is from the Pinterest folks. And then, I need to sign up for the 28 Hour Expanded Day Program just so that I can catch up on the backlog for social media... lol
i need and invitation..anyone
-I'm just getting started with it:
I became quickly underwhelmed. And their bad rep with the copyright stuff, I just don't have time to worry about it. Account deleted.
Would anyone be kind enough to send an invite at
I would be glad to be invited :) thank you!
Someone have a invitation? my email, please someone send me one!!
Jimmy D
looking for an invite! Thanks!
Hi Jarek, may I get a invitation?
If someone could send me an invite, that would be great! Thanks!
If anyone could send/give me an invite I would appreciate it.
Thank you
I need an invitation
I've browsed through all the names above and everybody who shared the Pinterest link has been added to my Photographers on Pinterest circle.

Some users didn't share the original post publicly. I'm sure you will share it soon.
Other than entering every photographers email address, which I don't have, and will take days to research. How do I "Invite" them or "follow " them in Pinterest.
I would like to give it a try if anyone has extra invites. ddryde01@gmail
Received my invitation yesterday but busy with other projects. Hope to set myself up soon, although there seem to be a lot of ambiguity regarding this service. Hope we'll all come to terms with all this copyright stuff...
Hello All, I'd love a Pinterest invite please. Thanks. My email is
Hi all, just working my way through this list (I can be found at Is it just me or are there certain websites that Pinterest doesn't like pinning? I can't seem to add GooglePlus pages, for example. Can anyone shed some light on this, please?