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80 Users Google+ Photographers Need To Follow
The list was UPDATED on July 22.
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There is a new one:
112 Users Google+ Photographers Need To Follow

G+ Photography Celebrities (10000+ followers)
Lisa Bettany

Thomas Hawk

Trey Ratcliff

Inspiring Landscape Photographers

Colby Brown

Eric Leslie

Gary Crabbe

Giuseppe Basile

Jay Patel ( new )

Jim Goldstein

Patrick Smith

Patrick Di Fruscia

Philippe Sainte-Laudy ( new )

Ron Niebrugge

QT Luong

Sathish Jothikumar

Saurabh Deoras

TSOPhotography by Terje Sørgjerd

Inspiring Seascape Photographers

Jim Patterson ( new )

Joe Azure

Kieran O'Connor Photography

Inspiring Wildlife Photographers

Carl Stovell

Rob Daugherty

Kyle Marquardt

William Burrard-Lucas

Inspiring Street Photographers

Dave Beckerman

Dariusz Majgier

Felipe Apostol

Gary Austin

Greg Schmigel

Leanne Staples ( new )

Michiel de Lange Photography

Mihailo Radičević

Star Rush

Trond Lindholm

Thomas Leuthard

Inspiring Portrait Photographers

Alan Shapiro

Jan H. Andersen


Paul R. Giunta

Victor Bezrukov

Inspiring Urban Landscapes Photographers

Vivienne Gucwa

Scott Frederick ( new )

Inspiring Wedding Photographers

Neal Urban

Scott Jarvie

Inspiring Wedding and Stormchasing Photographer

Mike Olbinski ( new )

Inspiring Food Photographers

Nicole S. Young

Penny De Los Santos ( new )

Inspiring B&W Photographers

Suzana Ristic ( new )

Inspiring Architecture Photographers

Klaus Herrmann

Inspiring Fashion Photographers

Frank Doorhof

Inspiring Commercial Photographers

Israel David Groveman ( new )

Inspiring Documentary Photographer

Robert Larson ( new )

His photography focused videos are really special

Jared Polin ( new )

Inspiring Photographers

Alfie Goodrich

Ang of AKJ Photography ( new )

Beau Kahler

Brian Matiash

Cassius Wright

Chris Collacott

Chris Marquardt

Chris Miller ( new )

Damien Franco

Dave Cox

Dan Carr

G Dan Mitchell

Håkan Dahlström ( new )

John De Bord ( new )

Lotus Carroll

Mike Shaw Photography

Rick Sammon

Romain Guy ( new )

Terry Nelson

Websites Founders

Evgeny Tchebotarev - co-founder and creative director of 500px

Darren Rowse ( new ) - founder of Digital Photography School

Dave Powell - founder of

Don MacAskill - the co-founder and CEO of SmugMug

Peter Bargh ( new ) - founder of


Corinne Perkins - the visuals editor for

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The initial list
The initial list "61 Users Google+ Photographers Need To Follow" has been published on July 20:

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Update #1
Published on July 22
80 Users Google+ Photographers Need To Follow
16 new names has been added to the list.
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Update #2
Will be published on August 1.

Let me share some interesting reactions to the initial list

Natalie Villalobos
Community Manager for the Google+ project
Loving this list! Adding all of them to my photog circle... Thanks Jarek Klimek!

Brian Rose
Google+ Photos Community Manager
Epic, thanks for pulling this together.

Trey Ratcliff
Okay - NOW following all of them... hehe - man I had so many tabs open... almost had to reboot!

Cassius Wright
According to social statistics i gained 2200!!!
I think its because of a photography list that got shared 9 bazillion times.

Klaus Herrmann
Crazy Influx of new G+ Friends?

Hi guys! Yesterday evening, I found that suddenly, people started adding me to their circles at an enormous rate. Within the last 12 hours, almost 400 new G+ users added me to their circles. First of all, thanks for that to all those people. Of course, I was wondering what could cause this. First, I thought that G+ had opened the gates to the public. But I found no proof for that.

Then, after some further investigations, I found that I had been included on a list of 61 photographers that Jarek Klimek recommended to follow. This list has apparently been shared like mad over the last few hours.


1) My goal is to create the list of inspiring and interesting photographers.

2) I can't use the +mention for all photographers because G+ has a limit to the number of people you can tag in a post. This is why there are the old-fashioned links in the list.

3) I'm sure I've missed some interesting names, and I'm eager to hear your recommendations. Please don't recommend users who just created their G+ profile, but they have no posts published here, yet.

4) The Google plus photography community is very dynamic, so I'm going to update the list regularly. Do you want to be notified about the updates? Add me +Jarek Klimek to your circles.
Jim Warthman's profile photoMike Johnson's profile photoMd. Imrul Hassan's profile photoMark Seals's profile photo
Thank you sooo much for adding "new" to the new entries, it's much easier for us that way :)

(and thanks for making the list!)
Uff. That was strange! The first post disappeared (including a lot of comments :-(, so I had to post it again.
So how do I get on the list? B/w fine art - and BBC-commissioned
Can I get in on this list please, I have a few photos I would like to share. :-)
Thanks for your continuing great work on this list. One of the best resources for interesting people to find & follow in the photography world of G+.
I really appreciate being added, I can relate to Klaus Herrmann on the sudden swarm of adds! You have me extra excited about being here! Keep up the great work.
AWESOME list!! Thanks so much for sharing. :) ... I'm interested in abstract photography, in particular. Any recommendations in that area? Thanks!
Sweet, testing the limits of tab opening :) I mostly do cosplay portraits. Cosplay is the act of people dressing up in anime, comic, pop culture or video game costume and more. Generally love getting to see some of my favorite characters brought to life and taking photos
Very good inspiration. :) Thank you for sharing! I am just starting to upload photos into my Google+. I've heard a lot of people say the photo viewer here is great!
No event or photojournalism? Band photographers?
I feel sad to not be near my dear friends John and Ang and Mike... but..hey you missed one of the very best...and no silly I don't mean me..... but +Nate Zeman for inspirational landscapes..but there are so many more missing, wonderful Fine Art artists. Perhaps you just haven't seen them yet.. (adding them here so they are all in one place...gee need my own list lol) +Jeffrey Sullivan +Tony Eckersley +Stéphane Depierrepont +Dave Howe +Paula Cobleigh +Meredith Kleiber (when they add photos: +Evan Hwong +Rich Allen )
Thanks for sharing and updating this :)
Ah, my previous comment is one of the victims of the disappearance. Again, nice update, very good new additions. Interesting how many people want to be on your list!
More great toggers, thanks Jarek!
One of my favorite street photographers (for years now) +Meredith Kleiber and ooohhh and +Evan Hwong who doesn't have anything up yet... but when he does.... ohh yeah! Same with +Rich Allen Just put him and Evan on your look at later files.. they are too busy shooting to upload to Google+yet lol
+Ryan Brenizer Is one of the best professional Wedding Photogs in the country and would make an excellent addition to your list. He's very active on G+ and is constantly posting images, techniques, and reviews. He invented the Brenizer Method (someone else named it), otherwise known as Bokeh Panorama. His blog is excellent as well.
It would be much more simpler to have a completely new list every fifteen days or so, than to have one giant list getting bigger and bigger every time. That way posts do not need to be edited and previous ones can be seen on your wall.
Is there any way to share this list outside of Google+? If so, I couldn’t find it. :-(
+Jarek Klimek this list is simply great! I don't know if I never be enough to join, but I thank you because you share not only names, but inspiration..thank you!
You need at least one more fashion photographer on that list. Frank looks very lonely. ;)
I would vouch for +Eric Kim to also be on the list! the community built around his website is a continuing inspiration to those new and old who are into street photography!
Thank you +Gary Petrison I didn't know he made the migration over. ::goosebumps:: now there is an inspirational photographer! Thank you!
Dennis, it has been renamed :-)
Wonderful list +Jarek Klimek ! I have followed all of them now.

For your next update... Well of course I would suggest myself, if you think my photos are worthwhile. I mainly do landscapes of Japan, but also people shots and religious artifacts.

I would also highly recommend +Takahiro Yamamoto for inclusion on your list. He takes all kinds of amazing shots, mainly from around Tokyo. Also +Jim Denham takes interesting shots, usually HDR but not always.
Thanks for share this list!! I update my circle with new artists.... :D
Thanks gary for the shout!! :) awesome list :)
Great list Jarek! But i'm afraid you might be missing the underwater portrait tog +Elena Kalis, and +Jonny L who have been an inspiration in shooting what i shoot.
+Jarek Klimek thanks again for adding me to the list. I guess you have seen the news about the tragedie in Norway. I was downtown Oslo when the bomb blasted and one of my pictures, made it to the front page of several international news websites, including CNN. Street photography has never been less important to me, but on the other hand, it is important to document this type of event. We must never allow cracy people or fundamentalist to force us to silence.
Me? Inspiring "allrounder" Photographer :)
Should have Dance & Music categories.....
will have to check out some of the photographers on the list....good work
+Matti Keski-Kohtamäki Not all Street photography is the same.There are actually different styles but they are all lumped together into "street" photography. It looks like you are seeking are specific style which may be harder to find or is just not as prevalent
Thank you so much for this list! I've already started going through it. Yeah!!!! :)
I'd like to see Flower Photographers and Nature Photographers on the list, too.
I second Mim! Also Fine Art Photographers if you can find them.
<-- Fine Art Photographer, though prefer Conceptual Art Photographer ^_^
Catherine Hall (Catherine Hall Studios) is one of most sharing photographers I know. Also co-host of TWiT with our pal Leo. A good follow!
Hey. Cool to be on this list. Thanks man.
Great list.... It has made my G+ experience much better. Thank you! I would love the opportunity to be on the list.
Great post, man. Thanks for taking the time to write all that up; there's some fantastic inspiration to be found in that list.
Thanks for making the list and keeping it updated!
Yes.....please create the category for Sports Photogs as well...... +Peyton Williams needs to be up there.
Would appreciate consideration in the landscape category, thanks :)
Hello Jarek. What about light painters on Google+ ? Pretty cool photography style that may get your attention ^^ I am one of them though. Thanks
Thats an awesome list you have. I have added all of them in my Photography Circle.
Thanks for your efforts, that is a fantastic list. My fear is, though, following all of them I won't have any time left to go out shooting...
May I thank you for your hard work in portuguese?
Obrigada! Obrigada!
Oh my, this ruins my workday ... after looking for Suzana Ristic's photos I found that I'm missing something ... um, talent, that is :) . Thanks Jarek for posting this, gotta take a better look again.
This is an excellent resource. Thanks!
+Hari B Kurup, are you suggesting that we go look at YOUR photos in your profile and on FB? If not, please explain why you addressed your comment to me. Thanks.
Great list, thanks for maintaining - I'll easily lose another few days browsing through those awesome shots!
+Hari B Kurup, I'm afraid you misunderstood. What I was suggesting was that the list include Flower Photographers and Nature Photographers.
Thank you SO much for all of your hard work compiling this list. The brilliance I've already seen from these talented folks is truly breathtaking. Keep up the good work. Cheers :-)
I mean... you left me off the list... but it's coo' I understand. :o)
Thanks for the list. I still can't believe there aren't many wedding photographers around. If any of you know of any, please let me know. Thx! :)
Great list of great talent. I would like to recommend +Takahiro Yamamoto, +Agustin Rafael Reyes, and +David La Spina (in case they haven't already been added or haven't yet been planned be added to the next list). If they've already been recommended here, I apologize for the repeat, but there are too many comments to double check. ;-P Landscape, architecture, abstract, you name it. Great all around.
Goodness, that's quite a list! I follow several photographers not on there, who I have accidentally come across. I wish there was an easy way to see a sample image next to each person's name. Can I recommend you add an "Inspiring Whimsical Photographers" or "Surrealist" list? That is what I have been starting to get into and would like to find others who enjoy shooting that. Thanks for the list!
+Jarek Klimek where's the scrub, err category for those who try hard but not quite good enough? I should be on that one! Kidding aside, I've been following some of these fine folks for some time. Some were instantly recognizable from other places I hang out and follow them, Twitter, Flickr...even Buzz.

I cannot think of a better place for talent discovery than this, seriously.
Great list but you need more women and more fine art black and white photographers. I will happily recommend +christine Hauber
Thanks for including me. I like your idea of a few daily favorites as a way to introduce photographers on the list more directly - after all, photographers and photography fans respond most strongly to the visual images themselves!
Would it be possible to add me to this list? I created a photo website you can see my photos in my albums here at G+ THank you for your consideration
like many others does one get on a list like this?
I would like to nominate +Guy Tal for this list - truly inspiring.
In your next version you should add +Pierre Beteille. ...and I wouldn't mind being consiered, either :-)
A very good idea, to curate a public list in Google+ - until we will get public circles!
+Daniel Noha Interesante Liste mit Photographen auf Google+ (bisher über 80!) mit über 1000 Followern!
Thanks for keeping it updated! Re-sharing it! :)
Wild! I guess I must be living in oblivion because I haven't heard of 99% of these people. Will have a look and see what's up. Thanks for the list!
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