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The next #PlusPhotoExtract DAILY TOP will be published on April 24, 2012

The Google+ experience is an incredible ride and I'm amazed how awesome the G+ photographers are. However, the creation of the daily TOPs is very time consuming, and there is a growing pile of tasks that I've postponed and a lot of them are really crying for my attention now.

So, I'll be back in full force after Easter.

In the meantime, you can enjoy all the TOPs that have been published so far.
Here is the first one,
And the last one; and there is plenty of posts in between.

Let me know in the comments which is your favorite TOP!

PS: Don't miss the fact that you can easily create your own PERSONAL set of TOP Google+ photographs:
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Thanks for all your hard work. The photos are consistently amazing.
Have a great time! And thank you for the Daily Tops so far. :-)
I so understand your need for a break and just want to offer a hearty Thankyou for your time and splendid eye. You have a real knack for finding take-our-breath away photos, and many many which I would have missed. You have helped enlarge our sense of wonder and that is no small thing. Have a great rest.
Spring Break for you too. Perhaps the Easter Bunny can be a co-curator. Enjoy the time off. 
We will miss TOPs & will anxiously await its return... Many thanks to you & the teams efforts in compiling those beautiful images! See you soon. +Jarek Klimek
Thank you +Jarek Klimek . You have done a wonderful job of highlighting the work of some fantastic photographers.
Thanks for bringing us amazing pictures of this world of G +
and let us know these amazing people +Jarek Klimek
enjoy and see you soon!
I understand you need to make a break +Jarek Klimek and I would like to THANK you very much for all the great work you have done for sharing all these stunning pictures everyday! Looking forward you to your come back soon!!
Have fun out there if you are having fun out there. :)
Thank you very much for your awesome contribution! I hope you can enjoy your own time. ;-)
Thanks a lot +Jarek Klimek for your time and effort!
Have a good time and we'll certainly be waiting for you!
Ah, I'll miss my daily fix! I guess I'll go through your selections over again while waiting for your return. Thanks for the pleasure and have a good break!
You do an amazing job with this top +Jarek Klimek!! You'll surely be missed, but a break is always good to take care of everything that was awaiting. Have fun and can't wait for your return! :)
Thanks for all your work, a rest is always good.
I check these TOP images each day (like many many others). A great source of inspiration to work towards - very much appreciated. Hope you have an excellent break - lots of rest.
it is a huge undertaking +Jarek Klimek , good idea to have a break to attend to other things...see you when you return and thank you for all the work you have done in curating and selecting for #plusextract !
Enjoy the break! Maybe you need an assistant?
You have been a great inspiration to many of us to join Google plus and great to see the high lights in getting to know many of the talented photographers. Appreciated! enjoy the break man!
Thank you +Jarek Klimek always very thankful with all your work because I know how much time you have been offering to our community. Hope you will have an amazing time, we will miss you for sure and God Bless your giving heart... :)
Thank you for the wonderful TOPs, Jarek ... enjoy your well-deserved break!
Thank you, +Jarek Klimek, for doing all of this work. The photos you collect for us are breathtaking and it is a true pleasure to look through the TOP photos.
You deserve a break +Jarek Klimek. I will miss my daily dose of eye candy, but we don't want you burnt out! Enjoy your break, though it sounds like you are going to be working. We will miss you.
Hi +Jarek Klimek , you have worked so hard already. it is easy to let yourself come after others. Take a well deserved break and leave some time for yourself...daily...: -) .. See you on your return.
Wishing you a lovely break and thank you for all you do, we will be here when you get back.
Wes Lum
Oh the elusive day! :D

Have a great break Jarek.
You do such a wonderful job +Jarek Klimek putting all this together and I can appreciate the time you must put in. In fact I have no idea how you manage to do it but you certainly deserve a well earned break. Look forward to your return and being introduced to more wonderful photographers that would never occur without you. Thank you.
Looking forward to it! Had my biggest response ever to my new image today, maybe I'll make it in!
+Dave Allen that is an incredible shot and the response to it is Amazing to say the least! When +Jarek Klimek gets back from his break, just re-share it so he can pick it for that day possibly.
Thanks Joe! It now has over 1025 +1s, 400 comments, and 300 shares! Holy cow!
DUDE that's Epic has it hit the What's Hot stream yet?
Yep, showing in the #2 spot on "What's Hot" for me, wow! :)
LOL I just answered my own question.... It was the second post in line.... That never hurts! WTG man... nice job
***Why u back so latelaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh bro..hehehe..take care ya..xox
Aww. I finally get a photo up that I feel would make it into the TOPs and they're not happening. Oh well, good luck with your other tasks. We'll be waiting and thanks for all that you do for the community.
I'd agree. There is some amazing photography on G+. I'm quite impressed.
Thanks for all of your incredibly hard work on this - your #PlusPhotoExtract is something I really look forward to daily, and it's helped me discover some fantastic photographers. See you after Easter !
Can't wait for you to come back!!! Thanks for sharing!!
Take your time, I have always been in awe of the time you put into this project. Thanks so much for your efforts.
Glad I found you there is a wealth of great material here, keep up the good work and hope you enjoyed your break +Jarek Klimek :)
Thanks +Jarek Klimek for all the work you've put into this over the months. It's a great resource for the G+ community.
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