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61 Users Google+ Photographers Need To Follow

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80 Users Google+ Photographers Need To Follow

G+ Photography Celebrities (10000+ followers)
Lisa Bettany

+Thomas Hawk

+Trey Ratcliff

Inspiring Landscape Photographers

+Colby Brown

+Eric Leslie

+Gary Crabbe

+Giuseppe Basile

+Jim Goldstein

+Patrick Smith

+Patrick Di Fruscia

+Ron Niebrugge

+QT Luong

+Sathish Jothikumar

+Saurabh Deoras

+Terje Sørgjerd

Inspiring Seascape Photographers

+Joe Azure

+Kieran O'Connor

Inspiring Wildlife Photographers

+Carl Stovell

+Rob Daugherty

+Kyle Marquardt

+William Burrard-Lucas

Inspiring Street Photographers

+Dave Beckerman

+Dariusz Majgier

Felipe Apostol

Gary Austin

Greg Schmigel

Michiel de Lange Photography

Mihailo Radičević

Star Rush

Trond Lindholm

Thomas Leuthard

Inspiring Portrait Photographers

Alan Shapiro

Jan H. Andersen


Paul R. Giunta

Victor Bezrukov

Inspiring Wedding Photographers

Neal Urban

Scott Jarvie

Inspiring Food Photographers

Nicole S. Young

Inspiring Architecture Photographers

Klaus Herrmann

Inspiring Urban Landscapes Photographers

+Vivienne Gucwa

Inspiring Fashion Photographers

Frank Doorhof

Inspiring Photographers

Alfie Goodrich

Beau Kahler

Brian Matiash

Cassius Wright

Chris Collacott

Chris Marquardt

Damien Franco

Dave Cox

Dan Carr

G Dan Mitchell

+Lotus Carroll

Mike Shaw Photography

Rick Sammon

Terry Nelson

Websites Founders

Evgeny Tchebotarev - co-founder and creative director of 500px

Dave Powell - founder of

Don MacAskill - the co-founder and CEO of SmugMug


Corinne Perkins - the visuals editor for


1) My goal is to create the list of inspiring and interesting photographers.

2) I can't use the +mention for all photographers because G+ has a limit to the number of people you can tag in a post. This is why there are the old-fashioned links in the list.

3) I'm sure I've missed some interesting names, and I'm eager to hear your recommendations. Please don't recommend users who just created their G+ profile, but they have no posts published here, yet.

4) The Google plus photography community is very dynamic, so I'm going to update the lists daily. Do you want to be notified about the updates? Add me +Jarek Klimek to your circles.
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Thanks for the inclusion Jarek. I found some new people I wasn't following yet
Awesome list. Finding these very useful to find new people to follow
I think +Hal Schroeder should be on this list! He is a awesome wedding photog :) 
I would absolutely love to be added to this list, always looking for new friends. I'm a Music Photographer as well as getting my feet wet in Fashion/general portraiture stuff. :)

Great stuff here.
+Miami Tom - Maybe with all your years of experience you don't need/want to see "Recommendations" of photographers such as this but I for one find them quite welcome. Great list Jarek
Was clearly just missed by mistake and not because I'm rubbish ;)

Overall rating
Nicely done assembling this list in a categorized fashion.
Very good list of interesting photographers Jarek
Thanks for creating this post.
I'd like to thank you for including me in your list. It's quite special to be counted in with such illustrious company.
Thanks Jarek! great list :-)
feel free to add me to the website founders...ePHOTOzine...10 years old this year!
Thanks for the include Jarek, it is appreciated. Good list!
done !! Thanks you
thank you so much for this list jarek! very much appreciated. how i'm spending more time here than flickr these days i'll never know. oh yes i!
Thanks for amazing feedback! I watch closely your recommendations, and I'm sure I'll add some interesting names.
I love finding photographers to follow and taking photos.
Great list, and thanks for including me! (Today's stuff includes a couple posts related to photographing... bicycle racing!
If that Haboob can't get me on this list, nothing can :)
+Sarah Vasquez I am a huge fan of Brooke Shaden. I don't think she is on here though (is she?). I think this is a list primarily for photographers who are active on Google Plus. If she isn't on here already, she really needs to be! Her work is out of this world.
Jarek, this is a terrific list, and thanks for including me.
Great list. Thanks for sharing it!
some real talent on that list, nicely curated.
This list is awesome! Thank you! Although I am missing more inspiring fashion photographers!
Awesome list. I found many familiar names on it...but more importantly, I found some I had missed! Great work.
you might consider adding me to the street photographer list :-)))
+Vivienne Gucwa , I am an idiot and JUST realized that these were all linking to G+ profiles. Ignore my comment. I need a nap. ;)
ET chen
Thanks, how do we create a group photo_grp and include all of them?
Being a photographer myself, Can't thank you enough...great list of people. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks Jarek :) Your post is just what I was looking for to populate my Photographers circle :)

Tip for everyone: add 5 of your favourite photos to the "Scrapbook" album in Picasa so they're highlighted at the top of your G+ profile eg: like mine
Ivy Fu
thanks for sharing; also add you to my circle
Great List, Jarek - wondering if you might consider adding my profile to the list, thanks! I'm a professional landscape/wildlife photographer and photo tour business owner based in Alaska.
Very nice list! Some of them were suggested to me by Google algorithms, but about half of them I would miss without it. Congratulations everybody on the list here, your photos are really amazing. A bit too shy to ask to be added here, but wildlife list seems very short, so maybe? ;)
Epic, thanks for pulling this together.
Thanks +Jarek Klimek! I'm inspired every day by a lot of the people on this list, so to be in it is an honour.
You are very welcome miss +Lisa Bettany - It was my pleasure to... umm... I guess I really didn't do anything.

But I will take the thanks where I can get them. Specially when they refer to me by "Yee" I'm pretty particular about that. :)
(Specially at 2am)
Thankyou +Jarek Klimek Quite honoured to be on this list. I have a passion for photography and enjoy sharing my photos. Thanks for all those who have followed.
Thanks for putting this together, I'm looking forward to working my way through the list. I'm not sure whether my photos make the cut or not but +Romain Guy definitely should be on this list too.
+Scott jarvie - I could tag only six names yesterday. I changed 17 names to tags today, and I'm receiving the error message again.
Thanks! Followed all the mouseovers and will follow the rest soon! Thanks for putting it together.
nice list. love to see some more architecture photographers
+Mark Stagi is a wedding photographer/Blogger with a LOT of useful tips for people in the photo community.
Oh and +Michael Mellon is a GREAT photo assistant in Milwaukee!! Any photographers coming to the midwest should definitely give him a call!
thanks, anybody got a list of music phtographers?
Great list, thanks for sharing!!
Thanks for sharing. I'd love to be considered for this list!
Thanks a lot for this list of inspiring photographers!
It would also be lovely if you could mark the new ones from day to day. --Ole
Inspiring all!.... now we just need an aspiring list... :)
Thanks for mentioning my name in the short list of wedding photographers! It's a great list. Rock on!
Thanks to all for your feedback!

I'm stunned how fast is the list spreading. The shares-counter for this post has stopped on the magical number several hours ago and it is clearly broken, because the users are still sharing the post.

I'm glad that the list has found its way not only to Google servers, but also to Google offices. Let me quote:

Natalie Villalobos
Community Manager for the Google+ project
Loving this list! Adding all of them to my photog circle... Thanks Jarek Klimek!

Brian Rose
Google+ Photos Community Manager
Epic, thanks for pulling this together.

Now the bad news.

I'm not able to edit the list. I've tried it several times but the only result is the red error message, and I can't save the post. So, I'm not able to show you the new names I've prepared for the list. I'm also not able to move Lisa Bettany to the G+ Photography Celebrities section. Shame on me!

Please be patient, I'm working on it.
Okay - NOW following all of them... hehe - man I had so many tabs open... almost had to reboot!
I just got back from a week (mostly) offline while in Yosemite, and was at once delighted, honored, and humbled to be included on this list with so many other fine and talented photographers. Very much appreciated +Jarek Klimek
This is a great list +Jarek Klimek . I have created a site to make these lists a little easier to manage. It can be found at Whilst I already have a photographer list which people could add others to, if you like I would be happy to create smaller lists as per your categories above. Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think.
Nice list-- crazy that it's been shared over a thousand times.
+Jon Deisher is one of my favorite photographers.
Your list has been very successful. You're going to have to move some people up into the celeb category before long :)
Now how does one get on the list. Foodie photographer here.
great list - Wedding Photographer Philippines (Cebu City)
Thank you for sharing. Great list!
Wooaahh, that took a while to go through. would love to be considered for addition to the list as well Jarek mate.
awesome list! Thanks for sharing!
It seems very odd to me that Google still promotes the same couple of dozen photographers who arrived on G+ while it was in beta during June or July, completely ignoring the 30-40 million people and many thousands of photographer who have joined and contributed to Google+ since.
Google Suggested User List:

Comparing similar groups of photographers on and off Google's list, you see some interesting trends develop over time:
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