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8 TOP Google+ Photographs for November 9

YOUR photo could be in the SUPPORTER SECTION in the next daily Google+ TOP!

How? It's easy:

1) Share publicly this G+ post

2) Choose one of the best photographs you have published on G+ and leave a comment with a link under the original G+ post:
Jarek Klimek will manually choose one of those photos and place it in the supporter section in the TOP for the next day!

Indicate your best photographs to the Plus Extract algorithm:

Plus Extract FAQ:

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Wes Lum
+Jarek Klimek can you please explain how one gets their photo in the top section?  Not the supporter.  I've been posting pictures for over a year now, and tagged a few with #plusphotoextract, none have been selected, which is okay if my pictures suck, but I'd like to know if they are even being looked at.  Thanks!
+Wes Lum I think everyone would love to know the answer to that one. It's got me stumped. Goodluck getting an answer ;)
+Wes Lum You have to submit your picture throughout the website form! All submitted photos are set as "Day 1" (which mean you can nominate the ones you like the most). The ones with the most nominations get featured.
Head on to

for the nomination page. If you see the top 8 photos, then it's too late in the day already!
+Jeff Noël That's just if you want to get featured in the magazine, the plus-extract works differently: "It's your DAILY dose of TOP Google Plus photographs, which were chosen by an algorithm that combines automatic steps and manual curation.

This means that the DAILY TOPs are NOT based solely on popularity, and users with a small number of followers have a chance to be featured in the TOP.

We use Google+ API for the automatic steps; Jarek Klimek is responsible for curation and communication with the authors."
I had 11 nomination in my recent uploaded photo, i guess the nomination alone isn't enough to be featured... = ( anyways i'll keep trying and maybe +Jarek Klimek will pick my photo someday..
+Wes Lum Your pictures are on my radar, and I don't think your pictures suck. However, I'm trying to keep  my bar really high. In the other words - keep trying and please be patient.
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