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10 TOP Google+ Photos for March 12

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Do you wonder what the TOP photos published by Google+ photography enthusiasts on March 12 were?
André Roßbach's profile photoSettle Photography's profile photoPaulissa Kipp (Certified Peer Specialist)'s profile photoSimone Linke's profile photo
Sometimes I get excited thinking maybe some of my photos could make the cut and then I go through your daily choices and get discouraged.
Some great photos, I put up my photos here every time I put it on redbubble, or you can have a look at my website :) I started advertising my photos in January, I also have a fb page and have allready sold 5 prints......... but I have to say havent got notice much on google...... :)
As always enjoying my day with PhotoExtract. com. Thank you +Jarek Klimek for your tireless work in this lovely project... :)
Do you want honesty or politeness? Pictures of cats suck. Every newby takes one and thinks it is great. None of them are.
+Settle Photography Seems a little harsh don't you think? If people wanted a critique, they'd likely ask for it. I could make the same point about dog photos and it wouldn't make me any more correct. Rather, it would just make me a pompous ass.

Yet when I see the same folks in the extract, I wonder if there is a place for those who are less established but still do good work. The algorithm seems a total mystery to me.

+Paulissa Kipp, yes there are also less established folks in there. If you check the comments/+1s/shares, there are regularly pictures that have like ten +1s or no shares etc. I've found some interesting people on there (I've also had one of mine in there a while ago, and I'm not even a professional photog). Don't get discouraged but see it as a challenge. And you too, +J Smilanic! :-)
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