Indicate Your Best Shots to the Plus Extract Algorithm!
A search in Google+ is now available in the G+ API. So you can tell our algorithm something like this: Hey Plus Extract, this is one of my best shots. Please pay attention to it!

Include this hashtag anywhere in your post: #PlusPhotoExtract

Should you label all of your photographs?
You should use the #PlusPhotoExtract hashtag only for the shots that you consider the best.

Does the #PlusPhotoExtract hashtag placed in the post guarantee that the photo will be featured in the Plus Extract TOP?
No. But it helps us to find the great photographs faster.

Is there any other way to mention in the post that it contains the TOP G+ photos?
Yes! Go to the end of the latest daily TOP, find the supporter section and learn how it works.

New here? Read the Plus Extract FAQ:
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