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10 TOP Google+ Photographs for May 22
The next #PlusPhotoExtract DAILY TOP will be published on Tuesday, May 29.

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Do you wonder what the TOP photos published by Google+ photography enthusiasts on May 22 were?
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FANTASTYCZNE, az krzycze, doskonale zdjecia.
Hello, I really am having a hard time getting noticed, I would really appreciate a little help if you feel I am worthy. I would like to submit this for consideration; I am not even sure I am doing this right. Thank you
+Camille Lopez I believe you may have mislinked what you intended to link, it was a link to the regular stream page
Shahiz Almonte yes I believe your right ,however I still am not sure what I am suppose to do.Ah well I guess it is not meant to be. I am too stupid to figure it out
I don't even seem to know how to high light someones name so it turns blue.
This submission for #PlusPhotoExtract was captured on an early April evening in Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia. It seemed appropriate for this Memorial Day.
*****Gr8 Bro +Jarek Klimek ...will i ever get my fav.dolphin shotlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah in there...xox
+Jarek Klimek Thank you so much!!!
Unfortunately I cannot see the picture on the site ... it seems to be missing.
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