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Ultimate Google Now / Touchless Controls Cheat Sheet

With the launch of the Moto X and the latest Droids on Verizon Wireless, +Motorola Mobility introduced something called Touchless Controls. They allow you to harness the power for Google Voice Search and Google Now by simply saying ‘ok Google Now’ followed by your command. The microphone is always listening, your screen doesn't need to be turned on. So what exactly can you say to your latest Motorola phone? Here’s a list of useful popular commands and examples.

Table of Contents:
Time and Date
Maps and Navigation
Calculations and Conversation
Web Navigation
Notes and Reminders
Contact and Communication
Image Search
Flight Schedules and Statuses


General Commands:
- “Search for <subject>”
- “What is <subject>”
- “Who invented <subject>”
- “What is the meaning of <subject>”
- “Who is <celebrity> married to”
- “Capacity of <a renowned place>”
- “Show me the stocks for <stock symbol>”
- “Author of <book title>”
- “How old is <subject>”

“Search for Google doodles”
“Cause of Princess Diana’s death”
“Meaning of paramedic”
“Synonyms of visages”
“Show stocks for G O O G”
“What is the net worth of Bill Gates”
“How old is Michael Douglas”
“Population of Brussels”
“Who is the CEO of Google”
“How tall is Kobe Bryant”


Time & Date Commands
“What time is it in <location>”
- “When is the <special> day in <year>”
- “When is the sunset in <location>”
- “What is the time zone of <location>”
- “Time at home”
- “What are my plans for <insert date>?”

“When is the father’s day in 2014”
“Show me the time and date”
“When does sun set in Vancouver”
“What time is it in Sydney”
“What are my plans for tomorrow?”


Weather Commands:
- “Show me the weather”
- “Is it going to rain tomorrow”
- “Do I need an umbrella”
- “What’s the weather in <location>”
- “How’s the weather on <day> going to be”

“Is it raining in Chicago”
“Will it rain today”
“What’s the weather in Colombo”
“Is it raining outside”
“Is there any rain expected for Friday”
“Weather forecast for Wednesday”


Maps and Navigation Commands:
“Map of <location/place>”
- “Show me the nearby <amenity> on map”
- “Where is <place> situated”
- “<point of interest> in <location>”
- “Navigate to <location> on car”
- “I am hungry” (shows all nearby food points on map)
- “How far is <place> from <location>”

“Where is the statue of liberty situated”
“Show all hotels near me”
“Bookstores in New York”
“Take me to the convention center on foot”
“Coffee bars in Madrid”
“How far is the motorway from my current location”
“When does the next train arrive”


Calculations & Conversions Commands:

“How much is <number> times <number>”
- “What is <number> percent of <number>”
- “Square root of <number>”
- “<number> <operator><number><operator>…..<number> equals”
- “What is the numerical value of Pi”
- “Convert <value> into <required unit of conversion>”
- “Temperature of the sun”

“How much is 57 point 78 minus 22”
“65 plus 135 into 20 minus 18 equals”
“Convert 36 degrees Celsius into Fahrenheit”
“How many gallons in 1 kiloliter”
“Convert 100 hours into minutes”
“What is the 75 percent of 1 point 5 million”


Sports Commands:
“<sports> points table”
- “Who won the last match between <team name> and <team name>”
- “<team name> scorecard”
- “schedule of <team name> games”
- “<name of the sportsperson>”

“Great Britain Olympics 2012” (shows Olympics activities for GB only)
“Did the bulls win last night”
“Scorecard of last Blue Jays match”
“Olympics medal table”
“Roger Federer”


Web Navigation Commands:
“Go to <URL>”
- “Open <URL>”
- “Show me <URL>”
- “Browse to <website>”

“Open addictive tips dot com”
“Show me C N N dot com”
“Go to my files dot co dot uk”
“Take me to feedly dot com”


Entertainment Commands:
“Listen to <track>”
- “Play <song>”
- “YouTube <video title>”
- “When was the first episode of <show>”
- “<actor> movies”
- “Who acted in <movie name>”
- “Who is the producer of <movie>”
- “When was <movie> released”
- “Runtime of <movie name>”

“Play Radiohead”
“YouTube Daft Punk Get Lucky”
“What’s the cast of The Avengers”
“Movies of Leonardo Di Caprio”
“Who produced Avatars”
“When was the first episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”
“The Shawshank Redemption runtime”


Notes & Reminders Commands:
“Remind me to <task> at <time>”
- “Wake me up in <time>”
- “<action> at <time>”
- “Self note to <message>”
- “Set alarm for <time>”
- “My reservations”
- “My purchases”

“Water the plants in one hour”
“Set an alarm for 2 hours from now”
“Remind me to call Bill in 45 minutes”
“Pick up kids from school at 3 P M”
“Note to self <message>”


Contact & Communication Commands:
“Call <contact>”
- “<contact name>” (shows the contact card)
- “Call <contact/place> in <location>”
- “Send a text to <contact> <message>”
- “Email to <contact>, B C C <contact(s)>, Subject <subject>, message <message>”

“Send email to Aatif Khan, Subject, post fix, Message, I have completed fixing my own posts”
“Call KFC in Brooklyn, New York”
“Send SMS to dad mobile please call me A S A P”
“Call help center”


Image Search Commands:

“Images/photos/pictures of <subject>”
- “Photos of <location> at sunset”
- “Images of <subject> <verb> <subject>”
- “Show me the photos of <subject> at <location>”
- “Logo of <subject>”
- “Show me my photos of <person, place, or thing>”

“Photos of a sleeping cat”
“Images of the Earth from moon”
“Pictures of Eiffel Tower at sunset”
“Emblem of Bahrain”
“Show my my photos of the beach.” (Will use your Google+ photos.)


Flight Schedules & Statuses Commands:
“Flight Status of <airlines>”
- “Has <flight number> landed/departed”
- “When will <flight number> land”
- “Is my flight on time?”

“Status of B A 215”
“When Is Emirates 230 going to depart”
“Air Canada 760”

“Post to Google+ <post>”
- “Post to Twitter <post>” (Requires official Twitter app.)

“Post to Google+ Loves me some Android”
“Post to Twitter The Moto X is a pretty damn good phone”


Miscellaneous Commands:
“Do a barrel roll”


Be sure to check out +Jean-Louis Nguyen's video from last year here: How to impress your friends: 40+ voice searches on Jelly Bean While over a year old, it still includes some great examples at just how amazing it can be to have the power of Google just a voice command away.

If I missed any major  commands or functions, let me know in the comments and I'll get this list updated.
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Jared Williams

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Cloud Printer ...uses helium and soap bubbles. When it rains it also cleans all the cars and buildings :)
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Nice work, definitely need to adjust to this change but that's not anything new :)
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Instant loading web apps are possible with Service Worker & an Application Shell architecture Go go Progressive Web Apps!
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Lots of new features in Chrome 45 Beta including New ES2015 features, improvements to Service Worker, Media Controls, Changes to Push, additions to Touch API and much much more. 
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Cool data viz
A small place to discover more about the usage of programming languages in GitHub.
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Great article by +Paul Lewis about optimizing your code do have better performance while using Polymer 1.0
I'm building a small web app at the moment, and so I've taken the opportunity to give Polymer 1.0 a proper test drive. The question I was asking myself: can I get all these goodies without making users pay a huge performance cost?
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Great food.
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A bit pricey
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Take the tour and visit the museum. So much information I didn't know
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