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My response to the new app icons in Android 7.0

" of the tricks of opportunity [is that] it has a sly habit of slipping in by the back door, and often it comes disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat."

- Napoleon Hill

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Google will block apps from getting a list of running processes in Android Nougat. Google can collect this data themselves but now users won't be able to use third-party apps to know what processes are running on their own devices.

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I just bought something on Amazon that went on sale after my purchase. Using the logic from this app review, Amazon owes me money.

A young man once asked God how long a million years was to Him.

God replied, "A million years to me is just like a single second in your time."

Then the young man asked God what a million dollars was to Him.

God replied, "A million dollars to me is just like a single penny to you."

Then the young man got his courage up and asked: "God, could I have one of your pennies?"

God smiled and replied, "Certainly, just a second."

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I finished re-writing my font installer app. It was the top font app on Google Play for many years. Over the last two years HiFont and iFont have been more popular. However, since updating the app, I have surpassed iFont in the rankings. I believe that now it is the best font installer for Android.

I renamed the application to "FontFix". The app is now able to install fonts on the majority of non-root devices. Of course, changing your font on a rooted device is still supported.

Download the app and then choose, download, and install your favorite font.

#android #androidapp #androiddev #root #fonts #fontfix #materialdesign

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Google creating this little video for me (no edits). I was flying my #DJI Phantom 3 yesterday at San Onofre.

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Working on my Font Installer for Android. I was hoping to release early this week but I got the flu. It's getting closer to being ready. Thousands of more fonts and root will not be required on all Samsung devices. 

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Current apps that you can sign up to beta test:

FontFix ― Install Free Fonts:
Busybox for Android:
BuildProp Editor:
ROM Toolbox Pro:
ROM Toolbox Lite:

Message to ROM Toolbox beta testers

As of March there is no beta version available. ROM Toolbox is a huge app and other apps will be updated and beta tested first. Please sign up to beta test other apps (they will eventually make it into the ROM Toolbox update).

This post will be updated when new apps are added.

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