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BlahCade September Tourney
It's done. Bram Stoker's Dracula is a horrid game for me.
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Ha, 483m (top score on my device) and top loops too. What was I thinking before :-) Thanks for the encouragement, now to read the instructions :-) 
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When your child says "When I grow up, I want to be an Astronaut", little do they know how courageous that statement is...

Spontaneous Disassembly...
Earth orbit isn't so much "high" as "fast." The ISS routinely passes closer to my house than Los Angeles; it wouldn't be a terribly far commute. The only problem is that, if I were to travel in a straight line those 249 miles up to touch it, I would then simply be 249 miles above the ground, and what would happen next is technically known as "falling."

Things stay in orbit not by being high up, but by moving fast enough that they continually fall towards the ground and miss. Draw a line between yourself and the center of the Earth; gravity is pulling you along that line. Point your nose perpendicular to that line, and go: your normal straight-line motion is moving you away from the Earth. The art of orbiting is simply the art of keeping those two things in balance, so that you're moving so quickly through space that you're losing altitude through falling at the same speed that you're gaining it through hurtling.

Of course, you have to be going kind of fast for this to work. The ISS travels at a steady speed of 7.6km (4.76 miles) per second. 

This is why spacecraft don't simply fly straight up; they fly up about 26,000' to get out of the thickest part of the air, then turn 90° and thrust for speed. (This post talks more about why that makes more sense than taking off horizontally like an airplane:

It probably won't surprise you that when you're flying at this speed, running into things is not a good idea. The picture below is from a test run by the ESA (the European Space Agency) of a "hypervelocity impact." The block is made of solid Aluminum, and was cut in half after the test to see what happened. The pellet is not the one that was used in the test; you can see parts of the pellet used in the test in the form of those smears along the inside of the crater. At 6.8km/s, the impact blew the crater you see into the block of metal, and the shock wave in front of it opened up that second cavity at the bottom.

Note that the speed here was only 6.8km/s. Oribtal speed is a function of altitude alone; anything flying at the ISS' altitude will be going at 7.6km/s. But it might be going the other way, which means that collisions with random debris in orbit could happen at speeds as high as 15km/s. Meteoroids coming in from elsewhere in the solar system could be flying as fast as 72km/s.

The ESA's page ( about these hypervelocity impact tests is full of wonderful understatements. An impact of any 10cm object against any spacecraft would "most likely entail a catastrophic disintegration of the target." (I should say that space travel includes phrases like "hard start" for what happens when fuel and oxidizer accumulate in a rocket engine's chamber before the engine ignites, and "spontaneous disassembly" for what happens if the airframe is separated into multiple pieces on an unscheduled basis. For those outside the field, those translate as "the engine explodes" and "the spacecraft explodes," respectively)

The thing I keep thinking about when I see this picture is imagining being aboard a spacecraft – especially something big, like the ISS – and hearing a loud "bang" resonating throughout the ship. That's all you would know at first: something, somewhere aboard, just caused the entire ship to shake.

Space travel is not for the faint of heart.
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I think I personally dissuaded my little sister from wanting to be an astronaut by telling her about all the many gruesome ways you could get killed.
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Hur hur hur!
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It's Father's Day here, so I'm not only allowed to tell dad jokes, but factually incorrect ones as well!
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This doesn't work so great on tablets, unless you use a keyboard. But it is a heck of a lot of fun when you do.
Remember the Spirograph 'toy' from way back when?  Remember painstakingly creating a pattern only for a cog to slip when you were nearly done, leaving a pen-trail of doom across your otherwise immaculate art work?  Well now you can relive the good bit without the bad bit all using JavaScript!
A digital replica of the classic Spirograph toy. Written in TypeScript, using D3.js.
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Devs wanted!
Any talented Android developers interested in contributing to Cabinet? I don't have enough time to keep up with the issue tracker (, so it'd help if another person (or people) could help.

There's no pay, obviously, but you'd get your name listed as a contributor in the app and Play Store description. There wouldn't be any contracts or anything, but you'd have to promise not to share the code with others.
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Get all private with Win10.
I don't use Windows 10 but this looks like a useful resource for anyone who does.
If you're an Windows user and you're using the default settings, each time you start typing in search box in taskbar (to open an application or search for a file on your computer), your local search terms and location are sent to Microsoft, some of which advertise to you.
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Before and after the #bnestorm
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Wow x 2
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Hey +Shifty Jelly 
I've sent a few email support requests through the app over the last month or so, but something must be happening to them when I send them.

I've had this issue with how show notes on the +BlahCade Podcast have been formatting in-app. The podcasts are hosted on ShoutEngine.

For some reason, all the formatting is being stripped out of the show notes and the text is running into itself. 

I can only assume that the style info is being stripped from the content, or the RSS feed from ShoutEngine is dodgy.

Any tips on how I might go about correcting this issue?
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BlahCade August 2015 Tournament is done for me. Good luck other #blahcaders
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👍Pentatonix are releasing an album of original works. 👍
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GitLab apparently offers unlimited private repos. This may interest some folks...
Wow, I'm surprised I hadn't heard about +GitLab​ before. It has a very nice UI.
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Have him in circles
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  • Milton State School
    Primary School, 1985 - 1991
  • Toowong State High School
    Secondary School, 1992 - 1996
Geek, Technical Writer, Pinball fan, scooter boi, father.
Hi, I'm Jared (or jaredmorgs on most social media and forums I frequent).

Here's what I like, and why I'm using Google+

What I like
  • Learning about Android shenanigans, 
  • Pinball (both IRL and simulated),
  • Scooters, 
  • Beta Testing Android apps, 
  • Contributing to Android App documentation. 
Why I'm using G+
  • Facebook is becoming a freemium network. Promoting your posts for a cost: how about "no thanks".
  • Twitter is good for quick updates, but not for expressing what you really think without committing crimes against grammar.
  • G+ is a "rich experience". 
  • You don't have to beg for access to a person's profile so you can see what they're about.
  • Public posting is the norm, not the exception. 
Bragging rights
Built a Subwoofer Amplifier from Kit
Technical Writer
  • Red Hat
    Technical Writer, 2009 - present
  • Absolute Data Group
    Office Manager, then Technical Writer, 2001 - 2004
  • Intec
    Technical Writer, 2007 - 2009
  • Boeing Australia
    Publishing Systems Operator, and Technical Writer, 2004 - 2007
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My personal website, where I share things about Android, Technology, Pinball, or anything else that takes my fancy. Come along for the ride!

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...where I share things about Android, Technology, and Pinball, or anything else that takes my fancy. Come along for the ride!

Was isolated from 1999 to 2006 with a 486. Built my own late 80s Operati...

EDIT EDIT: I didn't expect this to get so widely recognized, but I'd like to also clarify a few things: First up, as many have pointed out,

15 rules for communicating at GitHub » Ben Balter

Asynchronous communication through high-fidelity mediums like issues and chat eliminate the endemic 'you had to be there' aspect of most cor

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Has earplugs. Not well featured on Google Now searches.
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I'm a pretty regular visitor to Blue Infusion. Namely because this cafe really caters well for family outings. We treat our kids to a babycino (free) and a small treat (usually under $1) from the cake cabinet. The cakes are all baked on premise, and they have a distinctly English theme. Cakes like the Almond and Rhubarb Bakewell Tart are a highlight for me. You can get a cake and coffee deal for about $6.50 at the time of writing this review. Great for groups of people, individuals wanting a great coffee fix in North Lakes without the crowds of Westfield, and parents wanting to feel normal and go out for an outing.
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Good for most things, but if you need Cold and Flu "old formula" you need to get a script and they will order it in next day.
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I took my wifes' rings to Gold River to get them Rhodium Plated again after a long, hard married life on her finger. I have to say they look jeweler shop new after getting them done. I was told that some jewelers in North Lakes only immerse the rings for 10 seconds in the solution (and charge around $130 for the privilege) :(. These guys immerse the rings for 3 minutes. At the standard rate of $65/ring, this is *fantastic* value. We did have an issue with a slipped stone from the ring when we got it home, but this was quickly rectified by the jeweler for free when we informed them. The jeweler also puts the ring through the ultrasonic machine before the plating process, which is what caused the stone to dislodge. When I returned, the on-site jeweler did a check of the entire setting and did notice a few other stones that were loose. I wonder if this check was done on the other rings we got re-plated as well? I would have thought the setting would have been checked either post-ultrasonic treatment, or before putting them through the machine. Maybe change this part of the process to ensure this doesn't happen to other customers.
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Stocks pseudoephedrine products like cold and flu tabs. You need to go in person with photo ID and request the product.
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Do not pass Taylor Street Coffee Shop without trying the Taylor Street Hash. Sweet mother of FSM, this stuff is an addiction I won't be able to get out of my head for a while. The queue can sometimes be a bit long, but if you decide to wait in a queue of 5 diners, you should be able to get a seat in about 10 mintues. Food is reasonably priced, and service is super fast.
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reviewed a year ago