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This just came across my aural feed. Seemed somehow...appropriate. ;-)

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So, thanks to the Doodle I discovered the utter joy in Yma Sumac's music...and also that while I did not know her, I have enjoyed her music for decades.

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Better late than never!


Had fun at my third first game, pretty sure this one is going to stick!  Thanks, all!  Wish I could make afters; hopefully I'll get things straightened out again soooooon.

What weekends are usually Requiem?

So, for mostly personal, organization-related reasons I think I'm going to not play MES stuff...probably ever...and many of my game days are now D&D, but!  I do want to come out to Cheshire Hall and play again.  I think I finally have a Vampire concept that I do want to actually play. :-)

How well are the Lords represented in the Requiem game?

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This is important.  This means something.

Requiem OOC/Looking for Ties

Greetings and salutations! I'm looking to bring a new character to Requiem...hopefully (but very probably not) this Saturday, but more likely at the following game, and would like to get at least a few ties so I'm not just showing up as a complete stranger with "uhh...hi."

The basic idea is an English aristocrat doctor (an Oxford Man) embraced in the early-mid-ish 18th century. Ventrue (of course), very successful "hypnotherapist" who's moved around much of Europe and the New World (after the Colonies' dreadful rebellion)...about every three or four decades so as not to raise suspicions amongst the Kine. It is entirely possible that that time table has been sped up a few times for...reasons. Like, say, a sudden onset case of fire burning down the office.

I'd really like a couple of frienemies, and maybe an actual enemy or two. (Because after nearly three centuries vampires who think they have friends are...well...)

Again, I'm not sure I can be there this weekend; I'm seeing my doctor Thursday and I'm not sure I'll be up to speed by Saturday, but I should be able to make it to the first March game. Thanks!
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