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Even our "national treasure" NPR is getting some punches in:

"But after 2013's clunky Elysium and the even less inspired Chappie, he's looking more like the next M. Night Shyamalan[...]"

This doesn't bode well for the director of the next film in the Alien series. :(
Both a rehash of Robocop and an attempt by director Neil Blomkamp to recapture what he put into District 9, Chappie feels like an unsuccessful cloning attempt in more ways than one.
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Jared Givens

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Für den IS sind offenbar auch immer mehr Deutsche im Einsatz. Das geht aus Zahlen hervor, die Bundesinnenminister Thomas de Maizière am Donnerstag in der Talkrunde von Maybrit Illner nannte. Demnach seien inzwischen 650 Dschihadisten aus Deutschland in den Irak oder nach Syrien ausgereist. Im Juni vergangenen Jahres habe diese Zahl noch bei 320 gelegen. Die Anzahl derer, die aus Deutschland für die Extremisten in den Dschihad ziehen, hat sich in ...
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Jared Givens

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Jihadi John and other British-born jihadists had their crosshairs set on recent Victoria Cross recipient Lance Cpl. Joshua Leakey and dubbed him a "top prize" if captured for the Islamic State.
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Jared Givens

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Couldn't the Seven Dwarfs have donated A COUPLE diamonds to charity?
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Jared Givens

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"If you must see this, don’t bring the kids." Because in America, you have to tell people the obvious: R-rated films are not for kids.
"Short Circuit" meets “RoboCop" — with asides to “WALL-E," “E.T.," “The Road Warrior" and many other better movies — in “Chappie," an interminable, violent, incoherent and wearying R-rated sci-fi a...
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Jared Givens

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Iran’s involvement in the Islamic State fight could further divide Iraq.
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Jared Givens

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But what about big pharma conspiracy?! 
Although we currently do not know the precise cause of autism, the prevailing idea is that both genetics and the environment play a role. However, the relative contributions of both have been difficult to establish.
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Jared Givens

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W00t! :D
Sigourney Weaver promises that the "Alien" franchise is in good hands with "District 9" director Neill Blomkamp, and she's looking forward to returning to her signature role of Ellen Ripley in a ne...
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I'm a software engineer in the defense industry.

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