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The two users of Blackberry products in Pakistan are reportedly irate. 
The Canadian company has taken a stand against demands for "backdoor" access to it services, including encrypted email and messages.
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A neat little Easter egg found in Fallout 4 may connect Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic open-world [...]
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Google+ is super popular - report.

The Globalwebindex issued a report saying that about one quarter of all Internet users in the world use Google+.

The US tech press has completely ignored this story and falsely believes the ignorant echo chamber BS because 1) journalists love Twitter and hate any social network that competes with Twitter; and 2) North America has the lowest usage in the world, according to this report.

If US tech journalists know anything it's that if US journalists don't use something then nobody does.

Here's Globalwebindex blog post on the news:


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They've been saying it's dead from the beginning, and yet many of us have been consistently using it. I've met far more interesting people from around the world on Google+ than on Facebook. It's simply a better platform in that regards.
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For the record, terrorism has a definition: politically-motivated violence by non-state actors. While some shootings are aptly described as terrorism, not all fall under that umbrella. Muddle the two definitions and you'll have problems understanding national security issues vs criminal justice matters. The two have some overlap, but their areas of responsibilities are not the same.
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"Leaders of the European Union and Turkey were set to sign an agreement on Sunday offering Ankara cash and closer ties in return for help in stemming the flow of migrants to Europe, draft conclusions of their summit showed."
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OPM, you've got some competition for biggest data breach! Well, almost...
Hong Kong-based electronic toy maker VTech shuttered its Learning Lodge app store after a hacker made off with over 4.8 million records of parents and over 200,000 records for kids. When the two sets are linked, it exposes kids' identities as well as where they live.
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You can tell a lot about a culture by observing how it treats certain classes or groups of people.

"Youssif Z. Omar was at the school and noticed a 14-year-old female family member was not wearing a hijab, a traditional headscarf that some Muslim women wear. Omar became irate, Stroer said, grabbed the girl “very violently by the hair” and pulled her outside and down a flight of stairs."

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It's Chicago!!! That's like closing school because it's wet in Seattle!

Federal counterterrorism officials told the university that "an unknown individual posted an online threat of gun violence" against the school.
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Seems about right...
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There are only three circumstances in which it is acceptable for a grown man to take a selfie. One would be midway through some sort of extreme activity, such as mountain climbing or skydiving. The second would be when in the company of a lady friend (sentimentality is cool if kept at a minimum).
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The study, by the University of Notre Dame, examined black widow spiders kept at Potawatomi Zoo, also in Indiana. But a slightly modified technique could also be used to identify DNA from any web, even if a researcher isn't sure what kind of spider made it or what kind of prey the spider ...
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Amazing tea! :) I just moved to the area and was delighted to find this gem!
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