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Jared Frasier
Web Marketing Specialist based out of Bozeman, MT
Web Marketing Specialist based out of Bozeman, MT

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Hannah said that "God made this rainbow yesterday."

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Now if only we could get this set up for service pros...
Giving people an incentive to review you on Yelp is against the rules. But you can give them an incentive to check-in to your business on Yelp, which indirectly prompts them to do a review. 

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 Hey +Google Ads , I just left you a note about a practices violation (MAJOR) by a supposed +Google Partners member: +Local Verifications .  Attached are messages that they sent to me after I left them a 1-star review for them constantly cold-calling my parents at their home and claiming to be from Google.  They repeatedly said that they worked for Google and would not remove my poor folks from their call list.

Then, their owner harassed me on Facebook in a private message.  These are the screenshots.

Please take them out and warn others about scams like this.  He claims that they are a $7million company.  I wonder how much of that was given to them because honest people actually thought he worked for +Google .  It gives legitimate folks like +Yext , +Moz & +Raven Tools a bad name.


#seo   #scam   #harrassment  
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When you have a HUGE project looming in the future, you start your work as early as possible and take manageable steps towards completing it - with gusto.
For the last few years, every January, I've set aside time to hunt out relics from 1918 for use in +Frasier's Plumbing, Heating & Cooling 's 100 year anniversary...which is still 3 years away.
Check out what I found on Public Domain today (as well as footage of lumberjacks on the Wisconsin River from the same year).

#skiing   #old   #video  

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Ladies and gentlemen:  The definitive 2015 Social Media art size cheat sheet.

2014's last all of 3 weeks, but, hey - we can hope for a better year.

#socialmedia   #infographic   #seo  
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