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Trouble Will Find Me is easily one of the best albums of the year. Good choices. :-)

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So I've been using the #Minumm  keyboard for a few days. I have to say it's excellent for a lot of reasons.

- Excellent screen space while typing
- Great UI design and gesture controls
- Predictive / Auto-Correct Text is rather accurate and customizable (this makes it really great for fat fingers)
- Correcting mistakes is easy and will automatically try and place punctuation and spaces appropriately (which is super awesome)
- Landscape Mode is really excellent compared to how most keyboards are terrible like this

- Quite a learning curve
- Overwhelming trying to write long messages at first (as most strange keyboards are)
- Getting some special characters, such as *, are out of the way
- I haven't seen much control for easily writing smiley faces :-(

I enjoy it. I'm going to play with it some more and see if it knocks down #8pen  as my favorite weird keyboard! 

I've been playing with #Halo  on my PAC Rom. I'm in love with it!

Email: "You've reached your free listening limit on #Pandora mobile."
Me: "That's unfortunate."
uninstalls Pandora installs Spotify Fixed.

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It's a little buggy, but this is such a cool idea! 
Turn your Android into a Mouse? There's something we never thought we'd publish!

What would you turn your Android device into in your dreams?


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All I want for the holidays. :)

Finally got in on #Ingress . Thanks +Joe Philley! :)

How do I get an #Ingress  invite? :(

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Humbling. But it also make me want to re-play Mass Effect...
What do 100,000 stars look like? 

The new Chrome Experiment “100,000 Stars” tries to answer that by visualizing Earth’s immediate stellar neighborhood using WebGL, CSS3D, and Web Audio. Take a tour through the neighborhood, or zoom around on your own, and marvel at the vast scale & beauty of our galaxy. If you’d like to read more about this experiment, head over to the Chrome Blog:

Check out "100,000 Stars" here:
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