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I'm everywhere!

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Wewt, Fiber today ^_^

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Hehe >:D

Back to normal ^_^

Ugh. So, I'm going to be getting my tax return to finish paying off things soon, so I was considering getting a phone and get back into the world of communication.

That said, AT&T, Tmo, and Sprint all have massively annoying and confusing sites and are severely hindering my desire to sign up with them.

All I want is a no-contract, bring your own device plan where I can use a Nexus 5 with 4-6GB data, unlimited texting and a few emergency minutes. 

I don't need data share, or any of this other BS. Where the hell do I find this?

Woot, got my custom URL :D

Tis arts day :D 

I should totes check this more often O_o
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