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World's eight richest people have same wealth as poorest 50%
A new report by Oxfam warns of the growing and dangerous concentration of wealth: In a report published to coincide with the start of the week-long World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Oxfam said it was “beyond grotesque” that a handful of rich men headed by the Microsoft founder Bill Gates are worth $426bn (£350bn), equivalent to the wealth of 3.6 billion people.
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Jardins Florian

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Many years ago (back in July 2011) we interviewed +EdGillespie from +Futerra Sustainability Communications and he explained his "insultancy"​ (vs consultancy) concept which is so necessary nowadays!!!

Question: "What are the benefits of “heretical innovation” (+Andrew Winston) in communicating sustainability?

Ed: I usually joke about our work being “insultancy”.
It is sort of being strategically rude to clients not in an offensive way but in a proper challenging way to say “look your business model is being undermined”.

If you have any interest in the state of the world, this 2011 full interview is a MUST-READ. Ed was so good and accurate ... still relevant in 2017!!! 
To wet your appetite we have decided to insert this TED video featuring our guest. Watch it after reading the article or sample it before to discover Ed's ene
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"Luxa x2 cups", which works similarly to the Bialetti Moka Express

Now it is uploaded and ready to be snapped :)

Great condition and working perfectly!
Price: £60 + shipping fees

This is a fantastic vintage Italian coffeemaker, 1970s, made by GB (Guido Bergna fonderie), an ancient Italian factory of coffee makers.
It has a metal body with a black plastic element Size 2 cups. Complete with the little basket inside.
The coffeemaker works similarly to the Bialetti Moka Express:
fill the bottom vessel with water and fill the funnel shaped filter with coffee.
Screw on the top portion and place cups on the stovetop.
In minutes watch as the espresso brews up from the spouts and into two espresso cups.
In the base is written: “GB - MADE IN ITALY - ALL 99,5%”.

It is in very good vintage condition, with light scratches due to use and time.
Please note: THE CUTE CUPS ARE NOT INCLUDED ;) You wish!

For ITALIANS who know how rare these items are:
"Mini caffettiera Luxa moka per due tazzine
La caffettiera riprende la caldaia della classica Moka ed è caratterizzata da un originale erogatore che serve il caffè direttamente nella tazzina, che viene riscaldata durante la preparazione."
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Our inspiring friend +Andrew Winston writes about luxury for the 2nd time & it is very much worth reading his thoughts.
However we feel +LVMH & other big guys are definitely behind for the very reason described in the article: "As usual, short-term pressures on financial performance are a concern, and change takes time. Environmental exec +SylvieBenard comments that changing behavior can take a few years, and you have to keep hammering home the message and “find the right moment” to act."
Moment to act is always NOW! If not yesterday
And a butterfly won't change that even if +PositiveLuxury initiative is definitely, well, positive and goign in the right direction :)
Via +Harvard Business Review
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Sincerely, it is totally scandalous that we did not publish anything about Paris on this blog during our first 5 years (we celebrated our 5 year-anniversary a few months ago) so "Midlife In Paris" (by Kevin D.) has been chosen to make up for that, with an original twist!

At times tender, at times simply lucid, at times deliciously ferocious, Kevin offers a very colourful and vibrant take on Paris streets and we are definitely addicted to the comments he pens down... Enjoy!
Paris Street Photography Slices of life from the City of Light.

Images & captions by @midlifeinparis K. Doolan.

Kevin short bio: Writer, Photographer, Bon Vivant, Autodidactic Polymath and Flâneur Extraordinaire. Sharing Adventures And Observations From The World's Most Seductive City.

🇫🇷 #streetphotography #streetphotographer #KevinDoolan #expats #AmericainaParis #AmericanInParis #flaneur #Parisian #midlife #midlifecrisis #bestofparis #paristories #visitparis #FrenchLife #visitfrance #livethefrenchdream #instagood #instapic #instaparis #picoftheday #wander #photooftheday #iloveparis #instadaily #igers #instalike #instamood #livethedream #igersparis #ExLawyer 
Editor's note: Sometimes Instagram is definitely a great way to meet new designers or artists. That's exactly what happened with Kevin, the photographer and wri
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Jardins Florian

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The Microlino with its range of 100 kilometres and a maximum speed of 100 km/h is designed for use on 95% of average trips, unlike conventional cars whose design only considers the remaining 5%.
This could solve so many problems, and do most of what everyone needs in a car.
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This Unique Pair of super cute WHITE leather Porselli jazz lace-up shoes is ready to be SNAPPED <3
This sample model is absolutely new and there is only 1 pair available in size 41 Italy / FR 42 / UK 8 / US 11 (see the sizing chart below).
The heel has been doubled as compared to regular jazz models (0.5 cm) so here there is a nailed-on leather heel of 1 cm.
Can fit both men and women.
These soft leather Oxford shoes constitute a genuine and wonderful street version of the original Porselli jazz dance slippers.
#JazzShoes #Porselli #Porsellijazz #Porsellishoes #Porsellilaceup #bespokeporselli #porsellibespoke #porsellishop #porsellionline #buyporselli #porsellistore #jazz #jazzshoes #laceupshoes #jazzlaceup #danceshoes #madeinmilan #milano #milan #Italy #Italia #madeinitaly #craftsmanship #flatshoes #gainsbourg #repetto #scarpine #jazzdance
#ballerine #France #Italy #Portugal #MadeIn #traceability #luxuryshoes #sustainability #traceability #durability
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Sunday nights sometimes allow for some quiet time to work in the background on our next surprises...
A newsletter is baking, some cool sneakers Made in Italy are in the making... and much more!
And meanwhile we re-discover old tracks that are both groovy and cool, yet forgotten <3
via Gnarls Barkley
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Jardins Florian

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We read the following article and posted the below comment:
Discounting is a joke... But the luxury industry has become trendy and fashionable so it produces too many seasonal items and is working on artificial/inflated margins... Time for a reality check.
We never ever ever discount as our products are manufactured with best materials and skills available, final products are as traceable, sustainable and durable as we can.
So our products are not seasonal, they sell when they sell, period.
Disposable products and products with built-in obsolescence (hello +Apple!!??) are truly a shame!!!
Time for everybody to work towards sustainable design so that customers think twice before purchasing and then cherish their items throughout the product lifecycle. Eventually they can re-sell it, re-use it, recycle it etc.
Everybody should read the "Cradle to Cradle" book, it is a mind opener <3
Discounting is on the rise in the luxury sector, as retailers strive to make up for slowed spending by cutting prices. The annual post-holiday sales are currently on, promising price cuts of up to 80 percent. While discounting may drive traffic and sales, is the hit to retailers' positioning and profits worthwhile?
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Jardins Florian

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QUIZZ (Design/Architecture/Photography)

Who said: "Everything is permissible as long as it is fantastic"?

That is, you should not use google to find out ;)

Hint: he was the first artist to be presented in our "Photography Without Words" blog series <3

#architecture #italiandesigner #italianarchitect #artisticnude #nude #naked #carlomollino #casamollino #downhillskiing #erotic #eroticphotography #nudephotography #interiors #furnishings #polaroids #racecar #racedriver #models #torino #turin #cameraoscura #mollinophotography

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Petrolicious' peek inside Bamford Watch Department's collection, a.k.a Bamford Auto Department, now live on
The Bamford family has owned some of the most #legendary cars in #automotive history.
#Petrolicious gets a ride in some of these fab cars!
Here #GeorgeBamford is seated in a heritage Porsche 1973 3.0RS.
#TedGushue: "Bought spanking new originally by your father Antony, sold to you, and now driven in anger around Oxfordshire."
📷: Ted Gushue

FULL article

SHOP our exclusive BWD Rolex Explorer II here:

#DriveTastefully #bamford #porsche #vintage #vintagecars #collector #bwd #rolex #limitededition #blackrolex #watches #luxurywatches #luxurycars
The Bamford family has owned some of the most legendary cars in automotive history. Here George Bamford is sitted in a heritage Porsche. Shop our exclusive BWD Rolex Explorer II here:
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Dear One & All, Dearest Friends, Dearest Colleagues,
Please welcome our 2017 Wish Card which we have designed with care and love!

"Wishing you a vibrant and conscious 2017 <3
Consume less, Live More, Be Joyful"

Once again, for our Wish Card, we have sourced talent from our beloved colleague and illustration artist: Sergio Casado​
Please follow him on Instagram​

With Love from:
Florian Gonzalez (head gardener/founder) & all the ants working hand in hand
Visit us at |
Design House, Online Store and Magazine
with a passion for Humanity, Craftsmanship and Innovation |
Contact us at |
We are open 24/7 and we ship worldwide, welcome to our Gardens |
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We are a Design House, online store and magazine, with a passion for humanity, craftsmanship and innovation.
Jardins Florian is a Design House, Online Store and Magazine with a passion for humanity, craftsmanship and innovation, that launched officially in September 2011.
As a modern day Maison, we are dedicated to developing products that are distinguished also by their purpose and functionality. We aspire to serve creativity and humanity, with a true art de vivre and dolce vita spirit. While learning from all cultures and drawing from universal values, the roots of Jardins Florian are quintessentially French and Italian in terms of style and refinement.
Some of our core values are collaboration, poetry, surprise, humour and sustainability. Our essence goes way beyond commerce or products. Our Maison appeals to enlightened, discerning and refined customers, who seek to combine the art of living well with the simple pleasure of being more responsible. As we strive to be a sustainable enterprise, we thank you for supporting this journey.
These are your gardens, a space of surprise, sharing and discovery.

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